“You’re being selfish. It’s like you’re trying to ruin everyone’s fun and make us feel guilty.“ 

This was in response to asking someone to move their very very loud and distressing show to their bedroom. I live in a 900sq apartment and have sensory processing disorder and auditory processing disorder along with hyperempathy. Loud sounds give me anxiety and also demands my attention. I can’t have a loud tv in the same room and understand talking, reading, or music as well. Having a loud tv on is like gripping me by the head and forcing my eyes towards the tv no matter what I want. My sister watches grey’s anatomy all the time and the pained screaming on it has repeatedly triggered panic attacks. Asking her to move or turn it down is met with hostility. If I wear noise cancelling ear muffs I’m "guilting” whoever put on the tv. My house is too small to escape the noise and no one cares at all. It feels like the tv is more important than I am.


so pretty. 

@buckysbackpackbuckle replied to your post:

I hate that everyone is deleting Peggy from something that was obviously Peggy-centric

i assume you’re referring to that clusterfuck of so called commentary that’s taken over one of my peggy gifsets. 

sadly, it’s not the first time this has happened. it’s quite common that my lady-centric posts will be hijacked by people who would be rather be talking about cis white dudes.

i’m too tired to fight them anymore. there’s too many of them.

maybe after i’ve had a nap




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@dont-forget-the-pie-bitch I laughed so very hard when I saw this response as I had no idea what it meant & then realized that’s why it fit that drabble so perfectly. ;)