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hoe ask: i have a roommate so whenever i wanna hook up with someone we just go in the woods

i love how this is your alternative

wait for them to leave? put on loud music? just be quiet?

nah. The Woods. it’s the Only Way

this is how people die in horror movies btw

gUYS i'm writing mtc's but i'm curious so

What do you think I am??
Credits to original poster since I got this on some other social media.

tall or short?
top or bottom?
extrovert or introvert?
rude or sweet?
good or bad at school?
mature or childish?
messy or neat freak?
sporty or couch potato?
loud or quiet?
funny or boring?
vanilla or kinky?

— optional bonus:

dog person or cat person?
left handed or right handed?
fancy or slouchy?
space person or ocean person?
nature lover or nature hater?

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How often do you think Harry has thought about the possibilities if he and Louis COULD have a baby. Thinking about whether they'd have louis' waves or Harry's curls, blue eyes or green, be loud and spontaneous or quiet and charming. Of course I love thinking about Harry fantasizing about his pregnant tum and being pampered and spoiled 😪

Well, for one, I think about this all the time 😰 you know he’s fantasized about their little ones running around in the yard while he and Louis sit and watch them with one hand on his bump 😰 come thru, Dr. Winston 👏🏻

This is not a love poem.
This is watching everything
around you with such intensity
because you are too afraid
to look at yourself. This is
the bareness of trees in
human form. THIS IS YELLING
ECHO. Do not mistake
this for a love poem.
I was never weak and the
sky is waiting for me–
with or without you.
—  Shelby Asquith, I was quiet once but now I am loud