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mj is still a little insecure of himself and he’s not as confident of his looks as he keeps saying he is and he’s still worried about how he’ll hit his notes when he stands up on stage to sing. i forget sometimes that he’s the oldest and he can feel just as pressured and stressed as anyone else because he’s always this loud, happy ball of sunshine that lights up rooms and smiles on everyone’s faces, and i just forget sometimes that he has his own worries too. it makes me so sad and frustrated that he cant see? how much he means to us??? how i gasp and clap my hands when he hits his high notes and the way his laugh rings out brightly, and how his dumb antics never fail to pull a laugh out of anyone, be it in the same room as he is or through a screen all across the world. he shines brighter than any sun out there in all the galaxies combined and that makes him 10x more attractive than he already is, and i wish he could see that im so sad

Good morning ☀️ Nice weather out〜
Swaying around and dozing off riding the train.
I’m off.


Me when im losing my shit

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What was the exactly inspired Shikaku and Yoshino to have another kid?

There was some really good analysis on the forum, back when that chapter came out and if I can find them I’ll link it. So there wasn’t really one being point where the decision was made, as much as Shikaku and Yoshino are different people with different life experiences.

Part of it is, I guess, ‘empty nest’ with the twins being ninja now and gone a lot more. They haven’t moved out, but they’re gone for weeks or months at a time and that has to make the house a lot quieter. (And the fact that there were two kids, rather than one, probably predisposed them to the idea too.) There’s the escalating threat which means Shikaku is gone a lot too, and that the twins are in danger pretty frequently, which has to bring a lot of worried feelings with it.

Or maybe they’d been trying for a while and it finally happened.

-Silver Queen

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How would gaara, shisui, and Naruto feel about an arranged marriage? How would they treat the bride to be? How do they handle the wedding night and how is life after that?

Hooooo shit, I got so excited this became a mini-story. I’m so sorry, unless you like long headcanons, in which case it was my pleasure. I’m a sucker for the arranged marriage trope. Also sorry about the Gaara gif, but I think he would make a fetching bride. ~Admin Axel

Naruto, Gaara and Shisui in an Arranged Marriage

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Sabaku no Gaara

  • As Kazekage, Gaara is no stranger to the idea of a politically motivated arranged marriage. A marriage to strengthen the bonds between two villages or clans is an antiquated practice, but it’s not unheard of even in this day and age. While Gaara is not what I would call pleased by this proposal, he isn’t against it either if it’s in the best interest of Sunagakure.

  • Gaara is polite, but reserved about the whole thing. He doesn’t open up to or even trust people easily, so while he will always be a gentleman, he will keep enough of himself locked away so he can protect himself if things don’t work out.

  • It would be a lengthy engagement so he can gauge if he can trust her, but it’s worth it. In the end, when Gaara finally trusts his bride-to-be, he is so sweet to her. He can’t believe he got so lucky in something like an arranged marriage when he spent his whole life reaching out for someone to love and who will love him in return.

  • Gaara has a hard time concentrating during the lavish reception because he knows what he is expected to do when they are finally alone. Gaara is filled with a nervous anticipation, but he hides it well for the sake of the party. When he takes her home, he undresses her tentatively and reverently, leaving soft kisses over the skin he exposes. The first time he is intimate with his wife, he makes love to her. There’s plenty of time for rougher exploration later, but that night he just wanted to take it slow with her and learn what makes her feel good.

  • Their marriage would strengthen the alliance between Gaara’s village and his wife’s village, and in the quiet aftermath they would enjoy a peaceful and prosperous life. Gaara quickly learns to balance his work and his life at home with his wife, because he wants to enjoy this stroke of good fortune and never take a single moment for granted. Within the year, Gaara would begin talking to his wife about starting a family together.

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Uchiha Shisui

  • Most of marriages in the Uchiha clan are arranged on some level, but usually between distantly related family members to keep the bloodline pure. Shisui grew up with the idea that while he could have flings with non-Uchihas, eventually the day would come when he would have to give that up and marry a relative. The proposal doesn’t exactly surprise him, but it throws him for a loop when he finds out his bride-to-be is not part of the clan.

  • The Uchiha clan expects him to conduct himself with dignity and stoicism, but he doesn’t really care about behaving as he’s told. Although he has a humble heart, there is something about impressing a woman that brings out the competitive side in him. Shisui will talk her into sitting in at his spars with his family members and pull out all of his flashiest moves for her.

  • After a while of learning who his fiance is as a person and deeming her worthy, he is loyal to a fault. He believes that if there is anyone who truly deserves the kind of devotion he is capable of, it’s the woman who will one day have his children. He always puts the needs and desires of his bride-to-be before his own, even if it costs him.

  • Shisui fidgets through the entire wedding ceremony and inwardly curses the pageantry and long-winded speeches that the women in his family insisted on. For months both he and his fiance had to be content with lingering touches and stolen kisses, and he wants her. He wants her like he has never wanted anything in his life, and he makes that clear to her the moment he finally gets her alone. Their first time is intense and passionate and when it’s over and they’re laying there catching their breath, it’s next to impossible to stop smiling because the future looks so promising. Shisui wakes his wife several times throughout the night for a repeat performance - he just can’t get enough of her.

  • Marriage isn’t always going to be neat and blissful, and Shisui is well aware of that so he intends to make the most of the honeymoon phase. It’s not long after their wedding that the Uchiha clan starts pushing for them to have a baby, and although they aren’t against the idea of a child, they want to enjoy each other as husband and wife first. Maybe in a few years they will start trying, but for now they are content to have each other.

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Uzumaki Naruto

  • Naruto is obstinate about the whole thing the second the council decides to lay the proposal before him. Even though there is sense in arranging a marriage between himself and a seal master in case something went awry with the Kyuubi, it still rubs Naruto the wrong way. He outright tells the council he will not be agreeing to anything until he meets this seal master girl himself.

  • Even though this girl who is supposed to be his wife is beautiful, he still has a hard time accepting that someone is being handed to him like a gift. It seems wrong and unnatural. Naruto keeps the council at bay by never outright agreeing to the engagement, and uses the time he’s gained to get to know this girl. He can’t stand the idea that she is being forced into marrying him and has to know for certain that this is something she wants, and not some duty she is being pressured into.

  • Naruto is forever the boisterous, loud-mouthed ball of sunshine and he is no different around his bride to be. He excitedly introduces her to his friends, making sure that she feels welcome at all times because he knows what it’s like to be unwelcome. In rare, quiet moments when he’s exhausted himself and he’s feeling unusually pensive, he will sit down next to her with his eyes downcast like he’s expecting to be laughed at or told to get lost and ask her again, “are you sure this is what you want?” When she grabs his hand and smiles warmly at him, assuring him that she’s never wanted anything more in her life, Naruto’s smile is like the dawn breaking after a stormy night, and she can’t help the way her heart gets lodged in her throat.

  • Naruto spends the majority of the reception in good spirits, laughing at the teasing jibes of his friends as they offer the bride condolences for her choice in a husband. It’s not until a smirking Kiba nudges him and offers him some tips on how to make his new wife moan that it hits him. You can physically see when it registers in his brain that he’s about to have sex, because all the sudden he’s flushed and a little sweaty. It’s not like he hasn’t thought of it before, but it was always a secret thought of a far-away future and it snuck up on him so quickly that he was caught off-guard.

  • When he gets his blushing bride home, it’s obvious that he’s nervous from the way he resolutely refuses to look at her until she turns his head with gentle hands and smiles at him. “I don’t know what I’m doing either.” She assures him, and that’s all the encouragement he needs. He sweeps her up in his arms and carries her to the bedroom where the two of them spend the better part of the night thoroughly enjoying figuring it out.

  • Naruto is a kindhearted and cheerful but dopey sort of husband, and he spends most of his time pranking his wife. She’s his favorite girl, and there is no one he’d rather spend his days hanging out with. The two of them discuss children in the blissful aftermath of their wedding, but they just kind of shrug and decide to let fate take its course. Whenever they are meant to have children, they will have children. That comes a lot sooner than either of them expected, because he totally knocked her up on their honeymoon. Oops.

Going shopping with the baby in my arms.

Keeping an eye on the baby as I clean its room.

Carrying the baby on my back as I open the Seventh of the Eight Gates…the Gate of Shock!

Having a baby is a surprisingly serious matter.

To raise and look after a child, then undoubtedly, you need both physical and economical strength, right?”

-Rock Lee (an excerpt from Chapter 1, Konoha Hiden -translated by cacatuasulphureacitrinocristata​ )


I dunno which one Lee imagined when he was thinking of this, but I’m pretty sure it was the last photo. I love Rock Lee!

(with the special participation of Boruto and Himawari Uzumaki, by the way)

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(raises hand) excuse me can u tell a little bit about ur new story

yeah!! it’s about three nincompoops living in the fictional town of miriam beach, virginia. it started out as a human au for the d&d podcast the adventure zone, but at a certain point it kind of became its own thing

  • charlie’s whole thing is that he’s just this huge joker. his most stable source of income is as a party magician, but he also moonlights as a lounge singer. he doesn’t really seem to take anything seriously, but he has a rarely-seen political side (being gay and trans, he has a lot to say on the subject of civil rights)
  • shep is a former pastor who has a crush on colin mochrie and enjoys living the chill beach lifestyle. he’s an entertainer too—in fact, when charlie met him, shep had just left a party and he was still wearing his pirate costume. charlie and shep are really tight, like a shitty uncle and his awful nephew
  • mason is the newcomer. he just lost his spouse and he wanted a fresh start. he chose to move to miriam beach because he used to go there with his friend’s family when he was a kid. he’s a big loud sunshine man who loves dogs and unironically partakes in early-aughts nerd culture. he’s the most genuine out of the 3, although charlie and shep weren’t exactly gunning for that position

in the summers they work as counselors at camp rainbow tree and in the winters they celebrate festivus and drive themselves nuts with cabin fever

KNK Scenario - First Date w/ KNK

Requested: yes, by a wonderful anon 💕

Youjin👴~ Now everyone knows Youjin is a gentleman. He will 100% take to a nice little spot(because you know he is the search king.) I doubt he would go overboard in terms of the place you go on a date. He is a very serious person so if he asked you out he saw something in you he liked and wants to know more about you. Most likely over dinner it’ll be like 20 questions. He will try his best to break out of his shell son that it doesn’t feel like an onslaught of question. Overall I like to believe that both of you would be leaving with butterflies in your stomachs.

Seungjun🐕~ Okay Seungjun is really adorable and sweet. Everyone knows he’s crazy affectionate and loves watching movies. Now the only way I can see Seungjun asking anyone out is because they have been friends for a long time. He can watch almost any movie(except horror movies.) He’s also a foodie so concessions is his second favorite thing in the movie theater. He’s precious and so he’ll most likely want to cuddle a little or at the very least hold your hand. After everything stopping at a 24 hour convenient store to grab even more snacks. Generally, a fun and care free night like you were with a friend.

Inseong📢 ~ Oh boy, he truly is a day of sunshine(very loud sunshine.) I can see this going two ways. He is deceptively confident in a place he can control. So he’s most confident singing so I can’t see past him taking you to a karaoke bar to let you witness his talent cause he would want to impress you. He would also be silly and sing terribly so he wouldn’t make you feel embarrassed if you feel you can’t match up to him. The other place I can see you going is just a plain old Korean barbeque place. The boy loves food. He could eat until he fell asleep and I would imagine he would want someone to eat like he did.

Jihun🤗 ~ Everyone knows Jihun is not the most confident dude. Often being drown out by the other members(you know unless he’s laughing.) The only way he could possibly ask anyone out is because everyone was telling him to. He would anxious and nervous but it would instantly turn relief when you said yes. I think simplicity would be the way to go cause he doesn’t want to scare you. So a small date in the park with a little picnic. He’d buy you all your favorite snacks(he even does this for the members.) If you are able to get him comfortable enough he might even go play on the swings or play soccer with you.

Heejun👶~ Heejun, in my opinion, is the most confident member. I can totally see him taking you to carnival or park. He’d love going on rides with you and eating different foods. He’d let you lead to whatever interested you. He’s very laid back so going with the flow is comfortable with him. This smol bean is going to cater to you so I hope you don’t mind taking control. Heejun will also keep you out til late at night most likely walking and going in and out of convenient stores to grab random snacks if you so wish. There will be so much shenanigans. Whether it be singing together or running around on playgrounds. He will respect your wishes if you don’t feel comfortable doing everything and will definitely ask you out again as soon as possible so that you can become closer.

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First, I love all your​ writing. Second, the last imagine with nightmares was AMAZING, I've been waiting for US... Anyways, can I ask about next part? How nightmare would affect our poor skeles? Their reaction and action. Pretty please and thank you~

(Ahh, thank you so much (°////°) )

(I’m gonna make this a not-fluffy aftermath, like with the previous nigthmare asks )

(Ahh, thank you too (´// ∇ //`) ) (Nightmare ask here carfull gore)

US Sans: 

He is quieter. You don’t notice at first put he get’s more introverted. Which is pretty unusual for him, being the loud, exploding ray of sunshine he is. You only notice that something is wrong, when he sops touching you. 

Instead of tackling you with hugs and smothering you in affection he keeps his distance. And he stopped wearing his gloves, always rubbing his hands together like hes trying to get something of them.

Things stay like this until you both watch TV and one of those documentaries about the human body comes on. Just one of those you often whatch in bioogy class, organs and their functions. You leave it on, mostly not feeling like zapping around for long.

Then you notice him stiffening beside you, looking at him worriedly until he gets up in the middle of the show, seemingly trying to run away but his legs give out. He crumbles onto the floor, shaking and covering his ears, eyes screwed shut, begging you to turn the TV off. You crouch down with him, but he shakes you off, running away and stumbling over his feet. He locks the door to his room and collapses on hte other site.

US Papyrus

He withdraws from you….and honestly from everybody. He is very skittish around you and Sans, like he is afraid to do something wrong. He barely leaves his room, and the one time he left the door unlocked you find him sleeping on the floor.

He barely eats anything, mostly sitting outside chainsmoking. One time the ash of his cigaretts clings to his hoodie, making it covered with fine gray powder. You come outside to find him staring at nothing and shaking while rubbing maddly at his hoodie.

He doesn’t tell you what is eating him, just locking him in his room again.

SF Sans

After the morning you wake up with him clinging to you, eyes closed tigthly, shaking sligthly he starts beeing less…himself. He is less enthusiastic, tired, you often find him awake at night, just sitting next to you in bed and starring into space.

You also notice that he stayes away from the shed, always finding excuses to not get something out of it. Everytime you ask him about it, he just shreeks something and runs away.

SF Papyrus

He comes home one morning, eyes unfocused, red and tired. He drags himself past you to the couch, just mumbling something and jerking away when you try to touch him, falling asleep the moment he lies down.

He gets more apathetic, mostly just sitting around the house, not really there. He avoids you, especially if your in your bedroom. He doesn’t enter your bedroom anymore.

MT Sans

You get woried sick, so does Papyrus, when Sans suddenly disappears overnight, only coming back the next evening with a half assed excuse. He gets quieter around you, always throwing this weird looks at you whenever he thinks you are not looking.

After a few days of that he takes you aside and tell you that it’s to dangerous for you to be with him. That he may be able to protect you from others, but he never will be able to protect you from himself.

MT Papyrus

He gets very clingy, suddenly overnight. Not that he was cold before, but he usually didn’t hover around you almost the entire day. He tries not to leave you alone, always getting overly anxious whenever he gets a new job to do, opening the envelops with shaky fingers.

A few days later he messes a job up. He never missed before, his aim is perfect, that’s why hes the sniper of the gang. Sans, Undyne and even Toriel try to calm things down, and Papyrus curls up next to you, refusing to talk about what is going on.

when i think of you my heart always climbs into my throat

for caroline and lucie, because i love them both

James, I say, tell me something good. We are lying on the floor of your bedroom. The ceiling looks like it’s cloaked in stars and I can hear you breathing next to me. I am scared. I am scared because this morning Remus dropped his spoon while he was reading the Prophet because three more people have disappeared. I am scared because you are next to me in the darkness and your hand is inches from mine. I am scared because my heart is missing in this mess and I think you may have stolen it. Well, you say, I am lying in the dark with a pretty girl, and I roll over and punch you.

How did this happen to me? I wonder. You are making me laugh in Transfiguration and I am doodling in the margin of your textbook. I used to dream about your blood being in my mouth but I haven’t slept in a month because I keep tracing your name in the darkness. I remember every single time you’ve touched me, last week in the Great Hall, yesterday at Hogsmeade, today, your knee is touching mine under the table. Your fingerprints are written all over me like ink, and I want to feel your stained hands on my paper-thin skin. I’m always looking for excuses to be close to you.

You’re doing that thing again where you stretch in class and your shirt rides up your torso. I have to tear my gaze away from your lower abdomen and your back muscles that are feathering with corded veins. Something bothering you, Evans? you ask me, and I want to say yes, yes, James, you’re bothering me. But I don’t say anything, smirking into the back of my hand as I scribble down an answer to Flitwick’s question. Remus nudges my side and Sirius is grinning at me, but I ignore them. The glint in your eyes is distracting me, anyway. The wiring in my head is similar to blown fuses. I’m overrun and overwired and I can never concentrate when I’m around you anymore.

Come with me, you say, dragging me down through the corridors. Everything is bleak and uninviting until I hold your hand. The sky is blanketed in grey and the only light in the world are the watery flames of candles and the light laced in your smile. Potter, I ask you, where are we going? Your fingers are looped messily through mine, like string tied around my knuckles. We screech as we run down over the grass, and you slam me up against a pine tree. For a second I think you are going to kiss me, wild eyes and unsteady breathing and beating hearts. But then you say, wait here, and I sit down on the bank of the lake while you pace over rocks, whispering incantations into the skies. Then we’re side by side in the tree line, and the sky breaks open. You got rid of the clouds for me. It feels like we’re stepping into the sun.

My satchel is laden with books as I trudge back from the library. Something sits, waiting, seething. Five Slytherins step in front of me and they are all taller than I am. There is a charge running along my shoulder blades and my hand twists my wand in my pocket. I am not scared, I tell myself. But I am. I am very scared, because Avery is looking at me like he wants to break open my skull and pick apart the contents. Shouldn’t you be in bed by now, Evans? he jeers, snarling. Shouldn’t you be in Azkaban? I retort. He smiles. My hand is shaking. Someone grabs me from behind and I am drowning. I can hear laughing and there are fissures cracking along my spine. My wrist feels shattered where curses break from it. There are five of them. I feel like I am dying. And then someone is wrenching an immovable weight off my heart and flinging Avery into a wall and dragging me into his side. Four of them fall into the ground. I cannot calm down. The light from my wand is static where it hits Rosier in the chest. There is blood running down my face. I can taste it. Lily, you takes my face in your hands, Lily, Lily, Lily, oh my God, are you OK? I think on this for a moment. No, I say, and pass out in your arms.

Everything is sweet and heady and too much for me. I can’t be in the same room as you anymore. I also can’t be away from you for more than five minutes. Sirius makes a sign that spells sexual tension in big block letters and starts holding it up whenever we look at each other. I think I may have to kill him. Remus and I hide his record player in Greenhouse 1. He goes ballistic when he finds out. You’re a fuckface, Evans, he tells me. Don’t be such a sore loser, Black, I say. You are laughing. I want you to stop, because it feels like I’m going to implode. I want you to stop, because I know that I’d bathe in the sound if I could.

You’re shoving my arm when we’re walking down the hallway. Did I just see you smile, Evans? you ask me. Not a chance, I lie, because you’ve made me smile every day for the past year. There’s probably a burn on my bicep where you touched me. You need to stop touching me. There’s no guarantee that I won’t drag you into the broom closet on the Fifth Floor if you don’t. Lily, you say. I turn to look at you. The stone wall is crumbling and dank where I brush past it. There’s something wild swimming in your irises. James? my voice is tentative. It doesn’t sound like my own. You aren’t talking. James, I say again. You’ve backed me into a corner. Suddenly there’s a reel playing in my head of every single point that’s led to this. Your fingers looping messily around my wrist. Your hands either side of my head. Your hips framing mine. Oh, no, I think, this is now. Because your lips are on mine and your eyelashes are tickling my cheek and my heart is falling out of my mouth. I can barely breathe because your teeth are digging into my lower lip and you taste like mint chapstick. I may have said the last bit out loud. You taste like sunshine, you counter. How do you know? I whisper. You smile at me. Because I do.