loud statement

something that really bothers me about tumblr is that they try to make slytherin’s the “edgy rebels.” 

the slytherin house values/stands for traditionalism. they aren’t going to be getting tattoos or dying their hairs crazy colors. they are going to be polished. wearing heels, wearing satin and lace, have freshly painted nails, wear heels the click against the pavement, wear tailored suits with ties. they are going to have eyeliner so on point and sharp that it could cut through glass.

they aren’t the type to wear combat boots, be edgy, get tattoos, or dye their hair crazy colors. sure, there are exceptions to every rule.. but slytherin’s are the type to have classy wine parties. they are resourceful because they have people skills, they know how to get what they want in a subtle way. they are sneaky and cunning when they want to be. they are polished, and they will follow the rules they want to follow. if they break the rules, it will be quietly. they won’t make a loud statement, they will only make a quiet statement that makes you wonder, “how did that even happen?”

they are a class act. always keeping people on their toes, and always making them think they’re innocent. 

they are like a snake. quiet, sneaky, and they appear cold on the outside.. when really they just want to protect their own. they are quiet, but they’re deadly. it is their mascot for a reason. all the houses mascots represent the people in those houses.

gryffindors are a lion because they charge, they are loud when crossed. they make loud statements by breaking rules or creating them. they want justice. they are like a lioness protecting their cubs when their values are crossed. they roar. 

hufflepuffs are a badger, because badgers are underestimated. they are fierce creatures and badass, but they look cute on the outside. they will be loyal and fight for what they believe in until the very end. 

and ravenclaws are eagles because eagles represent freedom. ravenclaws are all about free expression. eagles also represent wisdom. it shows that you can fly and be free, but you can also see things in the sky others can’t see. 

Self Care Sachet!

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Hello! This is a quick little guide on making yourself a self care sachet. This can be used by anyone, but is centered around aiding those with long term mental health issues such as depression or anxiety. 

They are basically a little promise you are making to yourself. Whether that be to remember to feel less anxiety over doing daily activities such as washing or brushing your teeth or just a reminder to not be so hard on yourself and to drink more hot chocolate, it’s up to you what you pick. The idea is to pick a purpose that cares for you in a positive way. I’ve been making these recently and they have really helped me. As the process is quite beginner friendly I thought I’d share!

You will need:

  • Herbs of your choice (Optional)
  • Small crystal (Optional)
  • Tissue paper (ordinary paper if you lack tissue paper)
  • scissors
  • A lighter/matches
  • Tape OR string
  • pen
  • ordinary paper/leaf

1. Write your intent down.

  • Some examples of intent: “I try my best to eat regular meals” “I am able to stay calm outside of my room” “I allow myself to enjoy a hot chocolate”.
  • Create a sigil out of your statement and write it down on another piece of paper or a leaf.
  • Read your statement out loud and will all of your energy into visualising it coming to fruition.
  • Burn the piece of paper/ the leaf and collect the ashes.

2. Gather your materials.

  • Cut a small square to make your sachet with from your tissue paper. 
  • Add each of your chosen herbs to the middle. (I chose lavender for peace/anxiety, sage for wisdom and cleansing and dried dandelions picked in beltane for positivity and energy)
  • Add your crystal.
  • Close the sachet by either taping it or tying it together with a piece of string.

3. Hold the sachet in your hands.

  • Again, visualise all of your positive thoughts and good energy flowing through your arms down into the sachet. Kiss it, if that’s your thing.

You are done! Carry the sachet with you in your pocket, put it under your pillow, do whatever you want with it. Hope you have a nice day c:

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Hi! Why do you think harry chose pink for his album? I don't think it's because "its rock&roll color" is it? In the french interview he said it MEANS something to him but hmm.... do you have any idea ?

I do have an idea. My answer involves a lot of speculation, so take it with a giant grain of salt. My quotes on the Quotidien interview is taken from this transcript. The video is here.

Stepping back a bit, I do feel conflicted about speculating on a question like this. As the interviewer said, millions of people (including me) dissect Harry’s every tic under a microscope. I don’t think I could be 100% consistent under that kind of scrutiny. Yes, he is a celebrity– and the promotion of his creative work inevitably involves revealing something of his personal life, so that his audience can feel more connected to him. Allowing access to stalkers is part of this strategy– to make him seem reachable, intimate, yet iconic and larger-than-life. They are loathsome and invasive. But they are also useful.

We’ve all been discussing the Harry Styles™ mystique: Harry’s quality of never being completely known or understood, his way of saying nothing while saying something and vice versa, his desire to separate his professional from his private life. This is why audiences are obsessed with whether he “presses the Instagram button with his own finger.” We want to eliminate a layer of uncertainty in the speculation, to know that we’re one circle closer to the real Harry Styles. 

He’s mentioned that Sign of the Times has a personal meaning to him, but explains its meaning in vague, general terms. The lyrics, while seemingly personal and urgent, are not specific to a circumstance. We circle and hover, but never get closer. 

What about Cameron Crowe’s Rolling Stone article, stating in no uncertain terms that the album is “ten songs” about “women and relationships”? Here’s what Harry says

  • I: You said to the Rolling Stone magazine that most of the album was inspired by a woman. Really?
  • H: No I think, honestly, the album is much more about me than it is about anyone else. I think if I said the album is about a woman it kind of feels like, I don’t know, I put a lot of work into this. I don’t feel like it involves around woman. It’s a lot about me and things I’ve never said before. It’s more about me.

It’s not about a woman. His first word is, “No.” Then he softens his statement by redirecting it to himself (personal life), then his hard work (professional life), things he’s never said before (a mixture of the two). In a Harry way, he circles the question back on itself– my music is about both me and my music. It’s a statement about nothing. But in saying that, it answers something– it’s not about women. 

So let’s see what he says about the color pink:

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I told you all I would do it.

Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me and neither does the song.

“You can take it if you want to, Lance.”

Lance blinks, eyes finally looking up to meet Shiro’s gaze.


Shiro smiles, a soft huff resembling a chuckle escaping his lips as he reaches out to pat the teen on the shoulder.

“The guitar you have been making eye-love for the past few minutes?” Shiro jokes, pointing with his head the guitar a few feet from them, “You can take it, we have enough gacs.”

Lance opens his mouth and then closes it right after, as if in shock. Shiro waits patiently for him, giving him the time to process the offer.

Lance turns, eyes falling once again on the guitar. It’s the first one he has seen in one of the Earth Shops inside the malls they have visited in the last few months, to say it was a surprise was understandable.

He hesitates but he still takes a step forward, fingers touching the smooth surface of the guitar. It’s a soft shade of brown, nothing like the one he left behind on Earth, also missing the silly stickers his nephew and niece used to put on it almost on their weekly visit but it’s still a guitar, a earth-like guitar and that’s enough for a lump to be in his throat.

“Are you sure?” He asks, voice lower than usual and something warms settles down his stomach when Shiro only nods encouragingly with a big smile.

“Thanks, Shiro.” Lance breaths out, an invisible tension leaving his shoulders and he laughs when Shiro ruffles his hair in a brotherly way.

“It’s no problem, Lance,” Shiro reassurance as he starts walking towards the cashier along with the brunet, taking out a small pouch full of gacs, “I just hope it doesn’t come with a cow, ha!”

It doesn’t. It comes with a dolphin.

“Not to say I don’t love the new addition to our family, I mean, we already got Matt, lovely addition -”

“Hunk, you flatter!” Matt says in the background and the teen flashing him a grin.

“We also got Thing One and Thing Two living in Pidge’s room -”

“Excuse you, their names are: Fluff and Fuzz. Treat my children right, Hunk.”

“My driest apologies, Pidge.” Hunk deadpans and yelps when Pidge’s pillow collides with his face.

“And we got Kaltenecker on the hologram field.” Keith finishes for him from his spot on the couch, eyes still on his blade as he polish it aimlessly.

“Yes, exactly, thank you, Keith.” Hunk nods, sitting back again on the ground, “Now my question here is: was it really necessary to give Miguel the Dolphin the entire pool?”

“He needs water.” Shiro shrugs nonchalantly, “Besides, it’s only temporarily until Coran finishes Miguel’s quarters. The pool’s is not big enough for him to swim around.”

“Okay, but what if I want to take a midnight swim?”

“Why midnight?” Keith asks, arching an eyebrow in confusion and Hunk shrugs.

“Why not midnight?”

“To be honest, midnight is the perfect time to go to the pool.” Pidge chips in, flopping over Hunk from behind and resting her chin on his head.

“No midnight swimming, you wild kids; midnight is for sleeping.” Shiro cuts in with a roll of his eyes.

“Says the zombie.” Keith jokes, laughing as he dodges his brother’s pillow attack and snorting when it actually hits Matt in the face behind him.



As the entire room erupts in laughter and bickering, Lance’s attention is entirely on the guitar that rests on his lap.

He works in silence as he tunes the strings just right, every few ticks playing them just to make sure if he’s going the right way before nodding satisfied every time.

It feels so foreign and yet so familiar to be able to do this again. It brings him a little bit of comfort that he can do something from Earth in the middle of space, being who knows how many galaxies away from home.

Lance shakes his head. No reason to dwell on it.

His team’s voices are still playing on the background but it does nothing to dim Lance’s excitement as he finally places the guitar right on his lap and starts running his fingers through the strings, this time with purpose.

He never thought he would miss the vibrations that ran through his fingers with every swing. It takes him back to when he had played for the first time, his small chubby hands being covered by a bigger pair, stronger and tanner than his own, helping him and guiding him throughout the entire song.

Lance smiles as his brother’s cheering from back then echoes inside his mind, how supportive and excited he had been for him when he had played for the first time alone in front of the whole family.

Words spill out of his lips before he even realizes it and suddenly he’s singing.

“Recuerdame, hoy me tengo que ir, mi amor,” Lance sings softly, lyrics old but so alive in his heart, not even missing a beat, “Recuerdame, no llores, por favor.”

God, the song sounded so much better with the right melody, the nights he used to sing it quietly under his breath in the dark of his room in his early days in space not even close to compare them to the comfort it brings him right now.

He can hear them in his mind, every single member in his family, following the lyrics as the words leave his lips and it makes his own voice crack with emotion in every verse, the memory of their voices encouraging him gently in the back of his head.

“Te llevo en mi corazón y cerca me tendras.” His mama’s voice echoes inside his head and it makes him close his eyes, allowing himself two ticks so he can pretend he’s back at home, sitting in the middle of his living room surrounded by his family.

It’s a nice thought.

“A solas yo te cantare, soñando en regresar.” Lance continues easily, back in the present as he lets out a soft breath, “Recuerdame, aunque tengo que migrar, recuerdame.”

The lump on his throat grows steadily as the words keep flowing but it does nothing to dim the bright happy smile that just keeps growing in Lance’s lips.

“Si mi guitarra oyes llorar, e-ella con su triste canto te a-acompañara,” Lance chuckles, shaking his head in disbelief when he feels a few tears sliding down his cheek and his breath hitches, “Hasta q-que en mis brazos tu estes, recuerdame.”

The melody keeps playing, even when he knows the song is pretty much over, but he enjoys the peace it brings him, setting his inside at ease and warm just spreading through his chest.

When his fingers finally leave the strings, there’s a new warm pressure holding them tight.

Lance gasps, eyes widening in surprise as he looks up and meets the rest of the team’s eyes, all of them looking at him fondly and with understanding, small smiles covering their faces.

Lance opens his mouth but there seems to be no words left in him. A soft squeeze from his hand makes him look back and this time, he meets Keith’s eyes.

Keith receives him with a smile, soft and shy, as he brings their intertwined hands closer to his mouth and drops a kiss on top of Lance’s knuckles.

“How about a duet?” he asks, arching a playful and Lance beams at him, chuckling when Keith wipes the stray tears from his cheek, “No High School Musical, though.”

The entire team whines behind him at the news, their disappointment in the statement being loud and clear, and their chatting goes back to what it was, arguing into who was going to be next and which song were allowed.

Lance limits himself to laugh, leaning forward to press a kiss against his boyfriend’s eyebrow, mumbling a soft ‘thank you’ under his breath.

Turns out he was already surrounded by family.

Neighbour! Park Jihoon

masterlist can be found (here)

disclaimer: I do not own any of the photos in the mood board or the au used
genre(s): neighbour! au // fluff
a/n: this is the 50th fic i posted on this blog!!! it came a long way for the last ¾ months and i want to take the chance to thank each and everyone of you for supporting me through liking my fics and dropping the nicest things on my inbox <3 i will keep working hard on my writing & leave me some feedback on this au if i shoud do it for the other members

“Your love was handmade for somebody like me.”

  • The smiling angel of the apartment building and is possibly the nicest and polite person you can ever find
  • Takes the effort to greet everyone in the lift whenever he goes running his errands and it’s cute bcs he remembers all their names
  • His apartment is very comfy and clean and he honestly comes off so soft
  • Round frame glasses, a black beret with a large oversize sweater and coffee in his hand, he literally looks like a living art
  • Even if his sweater has obnoxiously mismatch stripes and who even wear berets nowadays???  
  • His place has a minimalistic sort of aesthetic vibe to it
  • White furniture along with framed art pieces are hanged across his living room
  • But he has really loud statement pieces here and there like a bright red leather couch in the midst of everything or this neon green bathroom rug
  • Or how he has egg yolk yellow curtains he found at the vintage store Jisung owns
  • You can’t even tell him that you think it doesn’t match because he will tell you ‘I really like it, don’t you think it looks good?’ with that charming smile of his
  • wow the word ‘no’ suddenly disappears from your mind
  • The mothers in the building loves him cause Jihoon is the go-to babysitter since he is usually free at night and is surprisingly very good in handling children
  • All the children go from little nightmares to just teeny tiny angel when they are with Jihoon, it’s like he has some sort of superpower around them
  • He doesn’t charge them any money since he thinks it’s not really a job as he’s having fun so the mothers would figure a way to send him side dishes or kimchi, knowing that he doesn’t get to visit his parents often
  • Hence, his fridge is filled to the brim with homemade dishes
  • Also because his eating habits are not the healthiest as his cabinet is crammed full of ramen and in his fridge, it’s filled with meat along with boxes of his favourite chocolate chip cookies are on his countertop
  • Jihoon’s shelves are full of candles, he doesn’t collect them as they are all gifts from the high schoolers who live in the building and low key admires him lmao
  • “Woojin these people are so nice, look at this candle!” “I’m pretty sure friendly people don’t say they love you in notes they sent.”
  • But he doesn’t light them cause he is scared that a fire might break out LOL he just uses them as part of his deco
  • And he has a 'memory shelf’ where he keeps all the awards he won as a child actor
  • But he gets super shy whenever anyone mentions it and he’s like 'oh no that was years ago, don’t bring that up!!’
  • but secretly love the attention who am i kidding
  • Everything is always neat and in place, and he sleeps everywhere other than his bed
  • Even if his bed is the most expensive furniture he owns and takes up the biggest space of his apartment since he wanted the softest and fluffiest mattress possible
  • It’s also filled with a bundle of soft toys which is such a large contrast from the rest of the room but he absolutely loves it since it makes everything 100x comfier
  • But unlike the rest of his apartment, he will be hanging off his couch upside down to eat chips or he has a contest with Woojin to see who can do a handstand upside for the longest
  • On the other hand, his wardrobe is colourful and I’m not lying when I say you can find every colour spectrum in it
  • Each clothing piece of his is nice individually but the way he dresses makes him the gossip of the neighbours lmao
  • Neon green socks and those yellow sandals???
  • But it’s okay cause his looks make up for his very questionable taste in fashion
  • You live next door to him and you are always busy with your job so you don’t see Jihoon too often
  • The only time was when you baked some brownies for him when you first moved him and it’s not a stretch to say you sort of want to see his smile again
  • You finally had your off day in the longest time and you just wanted to spend the day in your apartment catching up with the variety shows you missed and eat tubs of ice cream
  • As you played the first episode of 'Winner Over Flowers’, you received a notification on your phone which caught you by surprise as you set your phone on silent unless one of your family members called you
  • … the worst decision you ever made in your entire life was picking up your phone
  • It was a call from your older sister who was going on a date with her husband and knowing that you were free, she wanted you to babysit her 3 year old daughter
  • Your instinct was to say no, but she droned on, threatening you that you still owe her for accidentally spilling a drink on one of her dresses
  • “There goes my day.”
  • Sighing, you mentally prepared the arrival of her child
  • She was not the worst you had encounter and you had babysat her in the past but you were way too comfy in your PJs and your bag of chips
  • You begrudgingly opened the door as she quickly settled in
  • It started off pretty smoothly as she ate her vegetables and also took the vitamins your sister instructed you to feed her
  • Thankfully, she wasn’t a very hyper child and it didn’t take too long to get her attention
  • But once you were busy washing the dishes, he accidentally bumped her head on the coffee table
  • Like any other child her age, she burst into a LOUD tantrum
  • You mentally cursed as you quickly went up to hush her down while running your hands down her back
  • But it seems to be no avail as she became louder and her tears didn’t seem to run out anytime soon
  • That was when you heard your doorbell rung
  • Was one of your neighbours here to complain about the noise???
  • “I’m terribly sorry about the noise -”
  • You bowed in embarrassment when you opened the door, your eyes afraid to look at you who the child had infuriate
  • “Hey it’s okay, I’m just here to help.”
  • To say the least, you were shocked when you saw your neighbour, Jihoon, at your doorstep
  • He had just came back from the gym when he heard baby crying noises coming next door and he was pretty concerned about what was going on when it still kept going on after a few minutes
  • You had heard praises about him when you last attended the neighbours association meeting about his ways of being with the children but still, it was a wonder when he quickly offered to help you take care of your niece
  • Hesitantly, you nodded and pulled open your door wider and let him in as you didn’t have any other options
  • You were in disbelief when you witnessed how Jihoon pretty much told a fairy tale story to her on how monsters didn’t like children who cried and did eat them up
  • Moments later, she had already stopped crying and a tiara was on top of his head as she declared him 'Princess Jihoon’
  • You were still frozen in your steps until your niece pulled your hand and told you that as the 'Prince Charmings’, we had to go and save the Princess
  • So the next hour consisted of the two of you going through 'battles’ while Jihoon was residing in his 'castle’
  • When you saved him, you niece insisted that the Prince had to give the Princess a kiss
  • Jihoon quickly shook his head, indicating you didn’t have to do it
  • But without him realizing, you placed a kiss on his cheeks which lead to you quickly hiding your blushing face in your palms while your heart was going haywire
  • If only you looked at him, you would realize how Jihoon was gaping and his face had already gone completely red
  • Your niece soon fell asleep and after you tucked her in bed and you were sad, seeing how you actually had a great time with him but this was probably the last time you would ever get to hang out as you had no excuses
  • But when you walked out of the bedroom, Jihoon beamed at you while holding up a few movies in his hand
  • “You shouldn’t just waste your free day alone!”
  • A chuckle came out of your lips as he had asked you earlier why was there suddenly a child in your place where you also explained that your free day had been taken away
  • But also was he implying that this was a date?? No one will never know
  • You quickly made some microwaved popcorn along with grabbing the tub of ice cream and cookies you had been saving and settle next to him as he showed you the movie choices
  • While Jihoon is just happy he made the right choice because you were the neighbour he thought ….. was cute … for the longest time possible
  • When you recounted what happened as you stared at his side profile halfway through the movie, you realized Jihoon was very much made of ….. BOYFRIEND material
You too?

Age of Ultron was playing earlier on TV and although this imagine has nothing to do with AoU, it was sort of inspired by the ending where Steve and Natasha were training the new team. (it just makes me all the more excited to watch Infinity War). Thank you so much for your endless support, guys! I really appreciate it and even those comments you leave or messages you give, I always appreciate them and whenever I receive them, they make me endlessly happy and often makes my day! 

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You slam your arm on the ground, breaking your fall and Natasha stands over you, shaking her head. “You are still pulling your punches, Y/N.” She tells you before holding her hand out. You grab on to it and she pulls you up. “How many times have I told you?”

“I’m trying,” You pause to wipe your sweat away from your face. This is only your fifth month training and if you compared yourself now and when you first started, you could barely land a punch on Natasha five months ago. 

Natasha shakes her head. “You are not trying hard enough, Y/N.” Natasha exclaims harshly and you flinch slightly. “The difference between staying alive and being dead is that pull.” Natasha points out and as much as you want to refute her, you know there is a lot of truth behind her words so all you could do is just nod your head.

Natasha takes a good look at you. Truthfully speaking, you are doing really well, keeping up with her intense training. Initially, when Rhodey had first recruited you in to the team, she had her reservations about you but after five months of training, Natasha knows you just need to stop doubting yourself and you would be ready.

“Let’s take five.” Natasha says as she pads over to the bench, picking up her own water bottle. You follow after her, picking up your own bottle and towel. You take a few gulps of water before placing your water bottle back down beside your duffel bag.

Ignoring Natasha’s gaze on you, you simply head over to the punching bag. She keeps telling you to stop pulling your punches. You roll your eyes before cracking your knuckles. You are going to show her that you know and can stop yourself from pulling your punches. Pulling your arm back, you gather all of the force and pound your fist away on the punching bag, causing the punching bag to swing back, exploding in midair, sending all of the stuffing flying through the atmosphere.

“Oh crap.” You stare at the demolished punching bag and you could hear Natasha chuckling behind you.

“Keep that up and you’ll be able to survive another day.” Natasha tells you, amused by your reaction.

But just as you are about to turn around to head back to Natasha, you hear someone step inside the room and a very familiar voice greets you.


You whip around and your jaw drops when you see none other than Peter Parker standing by the door, staring at you with his jaw slightly open and eyes wide in awe. “Peter?”

Natasha raises her eyebrows, looking at the two of you. Peter stumbles forward slightly the same moment you take a step forward.

“What are you doing here?” The both of you said at the same time, causing Natasha to smirk once she finally sees what’s going on. So she picks up her bottle and her own towel before stealthily leaving the training room.

“You first.” Peter hurriedly says as he glances at the punching bag you had just demolished before looking at you. Of all the places, he did not think he would be meeting you here. The two of you are not necessarily friends but Peter shares a lot of his classes with you and it would be a lie if Peter said he has never noticed you before. He has and right now, he is a little more floored and confused.

“I guess I am an avenger in training.” You shrug your shoulders – technically you aren’t wrong. You are still in training and have yet to be an avenger. “What about you? Are you an Avenger?” You honestly never thought Peter – the cute, quiet, smart Peter Parker – is a part of this entire thing.

Peter mulls over his answer before nodding his head slowly. “Yeah, basically?” He didn’t sound sure at all causing you to giggle quietly at his response. “I’m… Spiderman?”

This time you could not help but giggle out loud. “Is that a statement or a question?” You ask him before his words finally sinks in your head and you stare at him in surprise. “Spiderman? So you were the one who saved the Decathlon team? I saw video footage of that and it was amazing – you are amazing!” You gush. You respect for Peter has just shot up through the roof.

Peter smiles shyly, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly. “Y-yeah.” He meets your eyes and Peter flushes when you send him a smile.

“What were you about to do before you came here?” You finally realize that Natasha’s not in the room and you don’t know if you want to thank her for leaving you to talk with Peter together or get angry that she left you with Peter alone because now that you are with him, you really cannot ignore the small crush you have on him.

“I was supposed to do some training…” He trails off before quickly adding. “Do you think we can train together?” Peter asks you.

You nod your head, giving him a small smile. “Of course – Natasha bailed on me.” Peter looks around and lets out a chuckle when he realizes that Natasha had definitely bailed on you. “But you better not be pulling your punches with me, Peter.”

He immediately shakes his head. “Of – of course not!”

Tuesday rambles

I think the most important thing I have learnt about dogs is to respect them. I know that might seem obvious, but this has been an evolving process for me in my way of thinking and behaving around dogs.

I’ve had dogs since I was a kid and my family have been long-time dog owners. Almost all my relatives have dogs. And while they all love their dogs very much, I’m not sure that there is a lot of respect going around.

When I chose to buy Luca and bring him into my home, I made a conscious decision to not yell at him or punish him. I very firmly knew that I didn’t want to be someone who yells at their dog. Not only is it not useful, it can be the opposite of useful and make minor problems much worse. Despite having a lot of frustrations with Luca’s behaviour sometimes, I choose instead to distract or disengage.

So for the first year of having Luca, my focus was on respecting him in that sense. Yelling is a big one that bothers me because it is still extremely prevalent in dog ownership here. I used to think it was acceptable behaviour too. I still see it all the time: people on the beach yelling at their dogs for rude behaviour, people in their houses yelling at their dogs for barking, club members yelling at their dogs for doing something “wrong” during training, people I know yelling at their dogs for any kind of undesirable behaviour. So this was an easy fix for me. It was everywhere and I knew how to change my own behaviour to make it stop.

But since then I’ve learned even more about respecting my dog. It extends beyond not being overtly mean and scary to him. It’s also about respecting him as an individual. A big thing for me has been taking these Fenzi courses online. Being asked questions like, what does your dog enjoy doing in his free time? Even when I started attending training classes locally and being asked, what is your dog’s favourite treat? Most people don’t really have an answer because they assume all treats are equal in a dog’s eyes. But why should that be the case?

Respecting my dog as an individual means that I should consider him in all things that relate to him. If I want something from him, I am obligated to provide what he needs to achieve it. If I want him to learn something, I must provide an environment where he can learn it. If I want to interact with him, I need to make myself a trustworthy and pleasant person to interact with. Why should I expect my dog to adore me without offering anything in return? You gotta feed and walk your dog and not yell at him and pet him and take him to the vet. But you also have to give him agency, give him safety, give him space and offer him joy.

cynekixbakuia  asked:

May I have a scenario where Bakugou's and Shouto's (separately) shy s.o says "I love you" for the first time and after that they hug them to hide their flushed face (///^///) ♡ thank you and wuaaa someone who loves Bakugou ♡♡♡♡ Good luck with your block dear ♡

CUUUUUTE~! Also, I went with reaction headcanons since your request exceeds the number of characters for scenario requests.

Bakugou Katsuki

Bakugou honestly felt like the universe was screaming “you big idiot you let her/him say it first” when he was actually planning to tell you those words himself but it just never seemed like the right time (at least that’s what he tells himself but in reality he was a nervous wreck). He feels an enormous weight has been lifted off his chest when you confessed your love to him, but on the other hand he feels like this huge coward for not being brave enough to utter those words to you. His lips tug into a grin and he places a firm kiss on the top of your head before he tells you to look at him because he wants you to see that he truly means it when he says, “I fucking love you, too.” 

Todoroki Shouto

Todoroki stands there completely stunned and hadn’t expected you to say that you loved him out of nowhere, and even though he heard you declare that statement loud and clear he still doubts his hearing senses. It takes him a fairly long moment to let the words fully sink in and he feels terrible that he didn’t say it back right away and left you hanging, as you were squeezing him tightly and he could feel the warmth of your cheeks through his shirt. Would it be weird if he says it back now even after the silence has surrounded you two? He brushes his thoughts away and his strong arms securely wrap around your form and with a calming voice he tells you that he loves you too.

highway to hell || patrick hockstetter x reader

Request: Reader is on her way to a Halloween party and Bowers gang drives by in the trans am, wolf whistle etc. At her costume, she hurries away and Patrick decides to get out of the car to follow her? ♥

A/N: ok honestly this is really bad but i couldn’t be bothered to put more effort in it because i’ve had kind of a dry spell in my writing but now i’m up n kicking again!!!

You couldn’t remember the last time you actually dressed up for Halloween like this. You were way too old to go trick or treating, and you had been for years. You had never been one for costume parties, either (not that you had been invited to many of them where you previously lived). You had no idea how your friend Gretta had even managed to convince you into coming, or dressing up in a very tiny nurse costume, but here you were; Hair curled, lips painted red with some lipstick you had found in your mom’s drawer, a hairband placed in your Y/H/C hair that conveniently matched the red and white and short dress Gretta had made you buy. You didn’t want to admit it, but you had to say you looked good. No, not just good, you looked hot.

A slight smile played on your lips as you took one last look at yourself in the mirror and adjusted your hairband, letting out another deep sigh before turning around and grabbing your thin jean jacket. Dressing up and getting wasted on cheap beer was fine, but socializing with people from school that you barely had gotten to know yet was another thing. Most of all you had just wanted to stay home and watch a Freddy Krueger movie, but you had promised Gretta you would at least make an appearance at the halloween party hosted by one of her minions.

You cast a look at your wristwatch as you slowly walked down the stairs, involuntarily frowning as you saw it was well past 10.30. You knew Gretta was going to scold you for being late. Then again, she would probably have scolded you sooner or later anyway for how drunk you were planning to get tonight. It was pretty much the only reason why you had agreed on even going to the stupid party.

“Mom, dad, I’m leaving!” You shouted as you were halfway out the door, not bothering to check for any answer that they might have shouted back at you.

You shivered slightly as you stepped out into the dark October night, a slight wind brushing your shoulders. It was colder than you had anticipated, and the short dress exposing most of your legs certainly didn’t help in warming you up. You pulled your jacket tighter around you as you started walking along the narrow sidewalk, trying not to look like Bambi on ice in your tall heels.

It was unusually quiet and calm downtown. Not that Derry’s main street ever could be compared to Time’s Square or anything, but there were usually at least some obnoxious kids over by the Aladdin theatre, or some young high school couple walking around looking lovestruck. It would have unsettled you on any other night, but tonight you were grateful for the fact that you were seemingly alone. You really didn’t feel like attracting any more attention in your revealing nurse outfit than was necessary.

That silent wish was cut short in the next few seconds though, as you heard the revving of an engine that you immediately recognized, because no one else in your little town showed off their stupid car like that.

Fuckin’ great, you thought. Henry Bowers and his goons.

You had had problems with them ever since you moved to Derry two months ago. Not that they were mean to you or anything; Their attention towards you consisted of catcalls and making lecherous hand gestures in your direction when you walked past them in the hallways. Patrick Hockstetter was the worst; He was constantly eyeing you, licking his lips and grinning whenever you happened to look up at him. So far you hadn’t been unlucky enough to be alone with them, but that was apparently destined to change tonight.

As the blue Trans-Am caught up to you, you repressed the urge to just turn around and walk home. You didn’t even spare them a look as they wolf-whistled and shouted indistinguishable obscenities, most of them concerning your ass.

“Hello, nurse!” You heard Bowers shout in an impression of the old-fashioned catcall. You rolled your eyes so far back in your head that you were actually impressed at yourself.

“You wanna get in, babygirl?” Patrick. You could have recognized the mocking tone of his voice from a mile away. It’s not that you knew him that way, but he was infamous in school, and maybe even the entire town of Derry. If you had to be honest, the boy had always had a quality to him that attracted you almost as much as it terrified you, but you would never admit that to anyone but yourself.

“I bet the four of us could give you a real nice ride”, Henry added to Patrick’s statement, earning loud laughs from his three friends.

Keeping your eyes glued to the road in front of you, you threw your arm up and flipped the whole gang off, grinding your teeth at the same time.


You had to suppress a hysterical giggle bubbling up your throat at the derogatory word being shouted at you. Very creative, Henry.

“My girl is a little feisty, huh?” You could practically hear that shit-eating grin in Hockstetter’s voice.

“I’m not your fucking girl, Patrick!” You couldn’t help but shout back at him, annoyed at the fact that they just couldn’t leave you alone.

You couldn’t help but feel surprised when you didn’t hear a response from any of the boys. Had you really shut them up? You didn’t exactly take Patrick, or any of them, for the type to be scared off by hostility.

You dared to turn your head a little, and raised your eyebrows as you saw Belch make a U-turn with the blue car and drive away at full speed in the opposite direction.

What the fuck?

Surely they wouldn’t give up that easily? You knew for a fact that they had pursued their victims for hours before finally getting to them, always unnervingly relentless in their bullying. They had barely followed you for a few minutes, and you were an incredibly easy target; Alone on a dark street at approximately 10.54 PM, while they were in a car and could easily catch up to you, no matter how fast you ran. What was going on?

You didn’t have to wonder for long. Your heart skipped a beat when you heard the sound of boots against pavement behind you. Your brain had barely manage to register the sound before you felt a warm, clammy hand press against your red-painted lips.

Your whole body felt frozen, a panicked reaction to the sudden danger you were exposed to.  You didn’t even fight your attacker when he roughly shoved you into the backstreet behind you and shoved you up against the wall. You let out a small whine as you hit your back against the bricks.

“Hey girlie”, a low voice whispered in your ear. You resisted the urge to roll your eyes for the second time that night, despite your admittedly dangerous situation, when you saw a certain long-haired boy in front of you. Of-fucking-course he got out of the damn car to follow you. 

Patrick slowly removed his hand from your mouth and instead used it to push you even harder against the rough brick wall behind you, grabbing your wrist and pinning it to your side. A wide smile grew on his face when he saw your terrified expression. That fear didn’t last for long, however, and was quickly replaced by pure anger on your part.

“Get the fuck off me, Patrick!” You spat out, trying to wiggle out of his grip on you. but he simply moved in closer, keeping you locked between him and the wall.

“No can do, babydoll”, the boy practically sang, seeming almost disturbingly comfortable with the situation he had put you in as he slowly moved his left hand up to rub your waist, still keeping a secure grip on your wrist with his right.

“What the fuck do you want?” You were desperately trying to keep your voice from shaking, despite your whole body going weak as his hand caressed your side, only the thin fabric of your dress keeping him from feeling your warm skin.

Patrick leered down at you, raising his eyebrows.

“I want you. Underneath me. Screaming my name”, he said matter-of-factly, his tone making his answer sound like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

You swallowed thickly and tried to tell your body to stop responding to his words as you noticed the butterflies in the pit of your stomach. You couldn’t even tell if you were scared or disgusted or turned on at this point as he slowly let you of your wrist with the hand that wasn’t already touching you and grabbed your chin. His eyes, normally a piercing shade of turquoise, seemed almost black in the dark alleyway.

“You’re gonna be a good girl for me from now on?” He whispered close to your ear, letting his teeth lightly graze your earlobe, turning you on more than you wanted to admit.

“I…” you started saying, your voice betraying you as you felt Patrick’s left hand roughly grab your ass.

“What were you saying, princess?” He chuckled, noticing the way you tried to suppress the forbidden feelings coursing throughout your body.

“I’ll be good”, you said, your voice barely above a whisper as you felt him press his hips harder against you.

Damn right you will”, he almost groaned, his facial expression suddenly dark as he grabbed your face with both hands and smashed his chapped lips against yours.

You immediately responded to the kiss, moaning into his mouth as he explored your mouth with his tongue.

You surprised both yourself and your dark-haired partner when you harshly bit his lip, feeling the skin tear and blood mix with your saliva. This time he was the one who moaned, separating his lips from yours and letting them travel down to your neck instead. Your eyes fluttered close as he found your sweet spot and started lightly sucking. You normally wouldn’t let anyone leave a hickey on you, but Patrick’s mouth felt so good against your neck, his teeth nipping at the sensitive skin, that you didn’t care.

“Now everybody’s gonna see that you’re fucking mine”, he mumbled against your neck.

You felt like you were in heaven as his left hand pulled your leg up and he hoisted you up, his sharp hips grinding against you. You couldn’t even be bothered to care about the harsh pain as your back scraped against the brick wall.

That was, until you remembered the party you were supposed to be going to. And the fact that if Greta wasn’t pissed about you being late before, she most definitely was now.

As much as you hated having to do it, you pressed your hands against Patrick’s skinny chest and pushed him away from you. He looked at you, brow furrowed, his facial expression half annoyed and half confused, seeing as how you had been a moaning mess for him 2 seconds again.

“Patrick, I have to go… I promised Greta I would go to that stupid fucking party and if I don’t get there soon she’s gonna call the cops on me or something”, you whined, letting him know that you hated having to leave as much as he did.

The dark-haired boy’s expression was dark when he responded.

“Meet me here in an hour when you’re done hanging with all those little kids. And don’t make me come find you. I’m not the most patient of people.”

“What are you planning on doing to me in a fucking backstreet, Hockstetter?” You glared at him, still slightly suspicious of the boy, despite your steamy make-out session.

“I’m planning on giving you the ride of your fucking life, angel.”

Reveling in Richonne

#60: The Hug (7x10)

I love love love this moment. It’s sweet cuz R&M have been working as a team and doing impressive cool things together since long before canon but now that they’re a couple they get to smile and hug it out after a victory. Hallelu! 🙌🏾

I love how seamlessly they’ve transitioned into interacting like a couple. It just goes to show they’ve been in love way before Rick ever brought home those mints. 😊

So Rick is just feeling on top of the world today and not even an impaled hand or having to give in and “say yes" to Jadis could bring him down. 

Like even in that weird little negotiation with Jadis he is still so lighthearted. He’s so confident they have what it takes to win now cuz he’s just seen firsthand another example of what he and his woman can do.

(Side note: It’s funny cuz watching this episode back I noticed that Rick gives his first “Is this chick crazy?” look to Jadis when she tells him that walker was named Winslow. And then he’ll give her a very similar look in the finale. 😂)

After Rick makes a deal we see all the trash people release their weapons and Michonne stands in front of the other TF members as they watch all the trash people walk away. I love the staging of this cuz you can see that Michonne is ardently awaiting for Rick to make his way back to her.

Like Rick is her main focus and she’s not letting her guard down until she sees him and knows he’s okay. She steps forward and it’s just so clear that out of all the members she’s the most eager to see him turn that corner.

And then, after awhile, Rick hobbles over to TF with his bloody hand and he has the biggest most proud smile on his face lol. 

You can tell that he’s happy to finally have a W after all this time. But I also think his smile is because he’s very proud of the teamwork he and Michonne just accomplished and, now that he’s facing her, they can more properly celebrate it together.

I love the way this whole scene is shot. Like he walks out and looks so tore up from the floor up but he’s so happy. And then they cut to the queen, Michonne, and she’s just smiling with so much love. 

Like she’s so relieved he’s okay and that he’s smiling. The smile she gives him just screams "That’s my man!” Like he’s a dork but he’s her dork lol. 😋

I love that she finds it humorous how hard he’s cheesing and the joy from both of them is infectious. As he limps towards her she walks towards him and they proceed to give the new cutest hug I’ve ever seen. 😍

Don’t get me wrong their cell hug was precious but this one was something else. I don’t know how they always top themselves with this stuff but they do. 👏🏽And I adore all that is conveyed in this hug.

Like one; I just love that they hug at all because this is Rick and Michonne! Like these are the baddest of the bunch and now they are a couple and hugging and truly in love for all to see. We’ve come so far and it’s amazing. 👌🏽

Two; She’s so glad that he’s okay and he’s so happy that he has her and this hug just spells that out so beautifully. And I love that everything about this hug just seems so natural and instinctual for them and they really bask in this moment.

Three; I love how overwhelmingly happy they are right here. Like they hug and then she’s buried into him and he leans into her and I appreciate that he gives her this big hug while still being mindful not to get his bloody hand on her lol. 👌🏽😂 Also Michonne’s glowing in this scene. #melaninpoppin. 👸🏾

Four; I adore the smile he gives when he leans into her cuz it’s the smiles the other doesn’t see that’s often so meaningful. Like anyone can smile to your face, but when you have someone smiling about you, without you even seeing it, that’s how you know it’s the real deal.

And idk why but this hug just reminded me of a high school football captain hugging his cheerleader girlfriend after the big win lol. Like it felt so youthful in the best way. 😋

So this hug was adorable and I was so happy that we got this moment. But then…we got the cherry on top when Rick kisses her on the forehead. 🙊

Like, as if this hug weren’t enough, Rick had to nearly take us out by giving Michonne a kiss on the forehead as they stayed interlocked in the hug. 

Y’all that was beyond precious. 😭 I seriously suspect that they do some of that stuff specifically to just see how many of us they can knock out lol. 😂

That forehead kiss was so sweet and intimate and happy. Like this couple can take such small moments and still make it such a big expression of how deeply in love they are. 

And what I love so much is that they are also in love with so much more than just the physical of each other (as much as they appreciate that too lol). Like that forehead kiss truly was an "I love this human being in my arms” kiss.

I know Rick was fully aware that Michonne is once again why they are here and winning and you can practically visibly see his gratitude for her radiating off him.

It’s awesome because since the physical was the last step in their intimacy it’s like their bodies now just naturally reach for each other because they’ve wanted to do that for a while now and it just makes sense. Like that hug and forehead kiss are so clearly just what felt right in the moment for them to do. 

And I love knowing that these characters who are so worthy of love are now being loved so fully by the one they’re meant to be with. Like it’s so equal and they both feel so fortunate to have the other. 🙌🏾😊

It’s super sweet that they don’t break away from the hug. They just walk off still together and the whole world can know exactly who they are to each other. And it really is like they’re leaning on one another. 

Plus it’s interesting cuz, as they walk away, this is the first time you can kind of see that Rick is still very much physically injured rn but because he’s on such a high it’s not affecting him as much. He’s whole in every other way in this moment cuz she’s right there by his side.

I also love how Michonne smiles as they walk away. Again, this is that smile that’s so meaningful cuz it’s not at all for show, she’s just genuinely so happy to be back in the safest place in the world for her; Rick’s arms. (Only Richonne could made me this gushy lol 😋) 

It’s cool that it’s just been happening to work out where some of my most favorite moments end up being standout numbers like the cell scene being the 50th post. And this being the 60th is so fitting cuz I really adored this moment. 👌🏽

I love when everything Rick and Michonne feel for each other is so visibly on display. And this sincere joyful hug was a loud and clear statement of why Richonne is everything. 😊👏🏽

anonymous asked:

I support Nessa wearing a pretty, possibly slightly revealing, blue dress on Oliver's birthday and then denying even knowing that it was Today, let alone dressing up in his favorite color for it.

He doesn’t know why she insists on acting coy when he’s perfectly aware she is about as subtle as a rock. Oliver is a quick learner, and he’s caught onto the fact that everything Nessa does is a statement of some sort. He watches as she prances into the parlor with a book tucked under her arm, very obviously pretending not to know he is here.

She sits herself down on the window seat and arranges her skirts as if to cover them, only revealing more of her skin in the process. Oliver watches her with amusement and suspicion. She’s wearing a blue dress the color of a distant mountain, her braided hair loose and threatening to spill from its pins. She shifts again; the strap on her dress falls down her shoulder and her bust swells beneath her bodice. 

No, she’s not subtle at all.

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How To Break Up an Engagement in 5 Easy Steps
by, Sherlock Holmes

It’s not Magic – It’s Science!

First, and while maintaining assured clear distance from your intended subject, begin a casual conversation by acknowledging how much this person means to you. To achieve maximum results you must say this out loud. Statements such as, You saved me and You matter the most are perfectly acceptable and renders the subject temporarily stunned, mute and unable to think clearly.

Before your subject can regain her sensibilities, move in swiftly and address the elephant in the room: The Engagement. Do not, I repeat, do not mention the small, cheap engagement ring that’s more than likely cubic zirconium. It’s unimportant and will only illicit defensiveness, with a potential slap across the face. Instead, offer your subject a simple congratulatory remark, along with a slight smile. If you have dimples, make sure at least one is present with your smile. Subjects like this. I don’t know why.

This phase is critical, for your subject’s response will determine your next course of action. If the subject beams with sincere happiness and pride, you lost. Accept your fate, return to your home and contemplate on the fact you are a complete idiot. However, if your subject presents anything remotely suggestive of sadness, regret, disenchantment and disappointment – proceed forward. Be aware that your subject may attempt to convince you of their happiness by presenting a list of why they have selected their subpar human. Note this is simply the brain’s attempt to reorganize the cognitive, neural pathways that were previously stunned. No matter how much you want to tell your subject to stop talking about this idiot, you must remain silent and attentive. Subjects like this. I don’t know why.

This next step is what I like to call the Dead Drop. Keeping your hands behind your back, move your body into the subject’s personal space. The closer, the better. Whilst doing this, you must gaze upon your subject with a deep, soulful longing in your eyes. The greater the intensity the better. This gaze must be held until the subject meets your eyes with equal fervor, and mouth slightly parted. These physical indicators lets you know that, once again, your subject has been stunned, rendered mute, and unable to think clearly.

While stunned into acquiescence, lean in slowly and sensually kiss your subject on the cheek. It is imperative that this kiss is placed along the lower jaw, next to the ear. Subjects like this. I don’t know why. When the kiss is complete, notice if your subject’s eyes remain closed, along with a smile on her face. If so, Congratulations are in order! You have been successful in breaking up a false and specious engagement. As an added bonus, you can offer one more soulful look, with a dimpled smile, before leaving. This prolongs the effects of being stunned, allowing for a expedient departure.

Bonus Material

As you leave….For God’s sake, whatever you do, do not demonstrate any outward signs of your victory. No high fives, no punching the air, although adjusting one’s coat with a forlorn look is perfectly acceptable as it adds to the mood. At this point, it’s enough to know that you have maintained your position as Supreme Ruler of the Universe and all things Molly. Err, I mean subject. Yes.

~*~ Coming soon ~*~

My God This Is Tedious: How To Maintain Engagement Breakup Over Seven Long Months, or A Guy Named Shezza.

Chapters include:

How I went from this:

To This:

The One With The Trust Issues

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warnings: Angst, fluff

Word count: 996

A/N: This is my entry for @girl-next-door-writes celebration challenge! My song prompt was ‘Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours’- I love both Steve and that song so much and it also made me think of another member of the team (Have a guess who that might be)

(Gif not mine)

Sometimes, relationships aren’t easy. It certainly hadn’t been for Steve and you. Sure, being the partner of Captain America was difficult at times, with him being gone on missions most of the time, but you had known that before you had agreed to go steady. At first, your relationship had been smooth sailing. Steve was a total romantic and an old fashioned guy, but you loved that about him. He never pressured you into doing anything, he was always ready to wait for you, always patient. But he never opened up completely to you. When you had confronted him about it, after finding him crying in his room, he had refused to talk about his feelings. Later that same night, he had told you that he wasn’t quite sure if your love for him was strong enough. You hadn’t exchanged the “I love you’s” yet - mainly because the two of you had decided to take things slow and because you were focused on gaining Steve’s trust before shocking him with any sudden declarations of love. Therefore, Steve doubting your feelings for him hurt you quite badly, already you tried to hide your inner turmoil from him. You promised to show him, that your love was strong enough for him, but he insisted on taking a break.

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Originally posted by royalyeol

Rated: Smut, Angst

Pairing: JaehyunxReaderxYuta

Summary: The story of secrets, deceit and greed. Three characters with unlikely alliances and one common goal; power. Jaehyun is stuck between his own thirst for power and his need for the one thing that could take away everything. Yuta has ambition growing from an unlikely alliance and convinces himself to do anything to protect it. Between both of them is her, ambitious but with one weakness, she does all it takes for Jaehyun, even if it’s putting herself aside. But how long can she hold up her own fragile games?

(A/N): Say hello to (Y/N) lol. I’m so indecisive don’t hate me. 

Mini Masterlist

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Lyra Erso and the red of enlightenment

This post will discuss events of Rogue One; beware spoilers.

Lyra Erso, the wife of scientist Galen and mother to daughter Jyn in Rogue One, appears on screen for only a few minutes. Very little is known about her beyond roughly sketched out roles: mother, wife, geologist and cartographer (known only through ancillary media), rebel-sympathiser, believer. Jyn’s journey is driven by her relationship with her father - then later the adoptive father substitute of Saw Gerrera - with little acknowledgement of her mother despite Lyra’s desperate self-sacrifice in a vain attempt to protect her family. As a result, Lyra’s most lasting impression is of her faith and trust in the Force. This aspect of her character, and its influence, is expressed primarily through (surprise!) costume.

L: Lyra Erso from Rogue One: The Ultimate Visual Guide, this unseen costume is slightly different from the costume seen on Lah’mu. Her more severe hair paired with the coat of her overrobe and overskirt both suggest that this was a scene set earlier - possibly shortly after the Ersos fled the Empire - that was cut. C: Lyra Erso on Lah’mu as seen in Rogue One. (Unfortunately I have not been able to find a clear full-length shot.) R: Erso Family version 2a detail, Glyn Dillon. Here Lyra is shown with a red headscarf to match her sash and overskirt.

When we meet Lyra she is living with her family on Lah’mu, eking out a farm life as they hide from the Empire. Lyra’s clothes are rough and well-worn and generally unremarkable, except for their explicit mirroring of Jedi robes. The layering, though practical in this environment, evokes the layers of the typical Jedi robes, most obviously in the crossover of her tunic and skirts. The high-necked underskirt calls back to Ben Kenobi in A New Hope - a man surrendered to an alien environment, hiding from his history and true identity. Not entirely unlike Lyra and her family. With a kyber crystal necklace that she passes on to Jyn, it is unmistakeable that Lyra believes in the Force and follows some tradition akin to the Jedi Order even if she is not a Jedi herself. (In early drafts of the script, Lyra was a one-time Jedi which would have pushed the precise implication of this costume in a slightly different, more heartbreaking direction.)

In a wider level, there must be loads of people who just believe in the Jedi and believe in the Force and have been affected by it. If it’s a really ancient religion, as Obi-Wan Kenobi said, it’s got to exist in thousands or millions of people in the galaxy.
- Gareth Edwards [x]

Lyra’s colours are soft and earthy, not unlike those favoured by the Rebel Alliance, blending with the dark landscape. Except for the bright slash of red in her overskirt. The Ultimate Visual Guide describes this as a ‘red sash of enlightenment’. Worn over a heavy padded underskirt and trousers, this overskirt and sash are a statement rather than practical, and given that at one point it was layered under a darker overskirt it is a loud and emphatic statement. Given Lyra’s actions when Krennic comes to abduct her family, she is a woman tired of hiding. 

This over skirt is similar to the hakama worn by Japanese Shinto miko or shrine maidens: a pleated skirt overlapped and tied at the waist. Today miko perform typical temple duties, but at one point they performed shamanistic roles not unlike the Ancient Greek Sybils: entering trances to communicate with spirits of the dead, elements or land in order to learn, purify and share divine revelation. In a less literal sense, this could translate to Lyra as a geologist, a scientist that has learned to understand rocks and the land; to let the world speak to her, even if it is not directly through the Force. Faith and science combined to allow a greater understanding and an open mind.  A similar garment is worn by Chirrut Imwe, a Guardian of the Whills, though his overall costume appears to be more inspired by a fusion Chinese hanfu and Buddhist robes. 

L: A modern miko or shrine maiden wearing the red hakama. C: Chirrut & Baze concept art, Glyn Dillon. ‘Baze is like a combination of all your favourite elements of star wars characters. the partial armour, the boiler suit, the cool gun, the backpack. Gareth really responded well to the red, so we put some red in Chirrut as well.’- Dave Crossman. As principal heroes, Baze and Chirrut’s looks will have been in development long before Lyra’s. The presence of this red and its importance is something that may have been seeded through the production’s costumes from this starting point. R: Chirrut Imwe in Rogue One. Note the layered skirts and sash akin to Lyra’s.

Although it is not stated if Lyra is in anyway connected to the Whills, or if she follows some other related faith, the similarity in these garments implies that either she has had some association or it is a widely adopted colour. On Jedha we see a very great many pilgrims, priests and guardians wearing this same shade of red in a number of different garments.

Red is a colour that typically holds Dark Side connotations in Star Wars,  though has also appeared in association with ambiguous but self-serving Night Sisters. Here, however, it appears to be a positive expression of connection. In China and India red is a colour of good fortune. In Buddhism, a real world influence on the Jedi Order, red is considered to have been a colour that emanated from Buddha when he achieved enlightenment, and a colour of protection against evil, a belief shared by Shinto. Red being used by these faith-based Force religions shows a difference in approach - a multitude of approaches - to the Force, to understanding and engaging with the Force and the wider galaxy.

Top: Nightsister concept art from The Clone Wars Bottom: Silvannie Phest, ‘Part of a colony of Anomids that have recently converted to become disciples of the Whills,’ Star Wars Ultimate Visual Guide. One of many disciples and pilgrims of the Whills seen on Jedha.

We see Lyra Erso once more in Rogue One - briefly, fleetingly in Jyn’s dreams, shrouded in shadow when she doesn’t have her back to the camera (and Jyn, as this sequence is shot from Jyn’s perspective.) A clearer image of this costume appears in the Ultimate Visual Guide (above.) This costume appears to be a fascinating intersection of Republic and fledgling Imperial fashions, a blending of styles and regimes. This short scene - a memory, really - took place roughly two years after the fall of the Republic. In that time Palpatine, a terrifyingly savvy and aware politician and Sith, would have implemented changes and redirection in fashion and textiles industries with effects rippling out from Coruscant and the core planets. Just like all other industries, fashion is a tool to be utilised and maximised to ultimate efficiency and reward, but in this case to control and manipulate the populace.

Lyra Erso on Coruscant, approximately 2 years after the fall of the Republic. In an early concept painting of this sequence, Lyra was depicted wearing a sari.

In 1930 Mussolini stated, “Any power… is destined to fall before fashion. If fashion says skirts are short, you will not succeed in lengthening them, even with the guillotine.“ In both fascist Italy and Nazi Germany, boards were formed to promote and enforce national fashions, to propagate conformity to their respective ideals: fashion was recognised as a key lynchpin for rapid social and cultural change. In Germany this led to a promotion of traditional and subdued wear, a push for modesty away from the extravagance and vanities of the French, idealising history. In Italy, however, it was the avant garde and modern that was hailed in fashionable circles, architecture and fashion shifting hand in hand. There was a search to control, measure and literally shape the body to achieve the Italian ideal future by fusing science and fashion. Imports and influences from other countries were banned in order to elevate purely Italian lifestyles.

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Calm [Simon D]

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Artist: Simon D | Word Count: 1.622

Hey there anonn! Sorry this took super loong, and I hope it’s just the way you requested it:D Hope you’ll like it<3


Everyone was tired, bits of their energy was drained from the long plane flight from the other side of the Earth. AOMG have just finished another world tour, and the plane you all boarded arrived in Seoul around twelve in the afternoon. But Jay and Kiseok said there was an important meeting that everyone needs to attend. So without being able to fly protests at the two CEOs, all of the artists lounged at the AOMG building while waiting for the two bosses to come out of their office.

Mintaek was conversing with Jukyung and Wegun, as Sunghwa was taking over the piano while Chase and Hyukwoo sang in weird and off note voices. The DJs were off sleeping at the sofa while you talked with Hyunjung, trying to hold yourself from sleeping by chatting near the window. The sunlight was effective enough to prevent your eyelids from closing, although yawns still successfully escape your lips.

“They’re taking too long,” Hyunjung sighed, brushing her hair to the back, “What are they even discussing about?”

“Beats me,” You huffed, “I am Kiseok’s girlfriend, but I don’t really know what top secret things he talked about with Jay. It’s probably some serious talk between CEOs.” Hyunjung nodded, silently agreeing to your explanation.

The soft sound of the piano kept on buzzing from the other end of the room, and you felt yourself slowly being lulled into sleep when a loud shout was heard, loud enough that it reached the room everyone was in.

“Is that what I think it is?” Jukyung muttered, glancing up to the stairs that led to the office and studio.

“Shit.” You cursed under your breath, dashing upstairs and following Sunghwa and Chacha who had darted to the office sooner than you.

Kiseok and Jay must’ve had a clash again, you thought, picking up your pace as you didn’t want the fight to turn even uglier.

“But we can’t have any more artists now Jay!” Kiseok argued, slamming his fist against the wooden table, “We already have too many artists and making their comeback time as even as possible is already hard enough. We would have a hard time organizing song and album release if you recruited someone.” Jay’s knuckles were formed into a fist as well, his rage boiling inside of him.

“But she’s a really good rapper! We have too much male rapper. And by bringing her in, we could have a fresh vibe and all the money we spent on her debut would return back to us when her song hits the charts!” The younger CEO didn’t waste any time to prove his point, as Jay believed that recruiting a new female rapper would be a benefit for AOMG.

“But we’re working on Hyukwoo’s album! And Jukyung said he have a few songs ready for his album that should be released after Hyukwoo’s. You’re going to postpone an album that has a higher success rate to focus on releasing a new artist?”

"That’s it! I am recruiting her and this is my full decision, and you cannot interfere with my decision, Kiseok.”

“But that’s unfair! I am the CEO as well and I’m trying to stop you from recruiting more artists because it’s a reckless move! You’re being plain stupid now.” The argument just grew more heated as Kiseok finds it hard to believe that Jay have turned into a hard headed person, unlike the Jay he knows.

“This is my final decision Kiseok. You can-” A punch flew to Jay’s face, stopping his speech as Kiseok’s knuckles hit his jaws. Jay was sent tumbling down the floor, and now he was staring at his co-CEO fuming with fury.

“You little-” And the fight broke just like that, jabs and kicks thrown everywhere as their faces turns ugly in just a few seconds.

Sunghwa was fast enough to break through the door, quickly getting a hold of Jay and dragging him further away from Kiseok with the help from Chase. You entered the room and grabbed a hold of Kiseok’s right arm, while Jukyung helped you hold onto his left arm.

“You little shit! You should consider my opinions first before making decisions!” Kiseok screamed, his deep voice booming and dripping with fury.

“Well your eyes are fucking blind about the future, Simon! I’m predicting more success to AOMG and here you are ignoring my wise words!”

Sunghwa and Chase gave you a look, trusting you to calm Kiseok down while they both dragged Jay out of the room, turning the door shut. And after they disappeared, Kiseok was still trying to free himself from the grips that were holding him down. Your boyfriend was like a ticking bomb during these times, just waiting for the right time to explode.

“Oh my god I fucking hate that bastard!” Kiseok shouted, “Let me go! I need to get to him and kick his ass for being so fucking disrespectful.”

Jukyung was giving you a confused look, clearly not knowing how to calm down his boss. You then motioned to the door while Kiseok was throwing his tantrums, signaling him to go out and guard the door while you calm Kiseok down. Although he was hesitant at first, Jukyung reluctantly went to the door, leaving you alone with your boyfriend.

“Who does he think he is? That fucker doesn’t even have much experience than me, yet-”


“He’s ordering me around? We’re supposed to be working together, not alone! What age does he think he lives in? Does he thinks himself as a king who absolutely owns the-”

“Kiseok!” This time it was your high-pitched voice that snapped him back to reality, as Kiseok finally got to calm down and get a good look at your tired form.

“(Name)…?” Kiseok trailed, suddenly feeling so lost staring at your relaxed eyes.

“Kiseok, look at me,” You didn’t hesitate to cup his face and let him lean his forehead on yours, “Calm down, and take a deep breath. I know Jay was stupid for saying those things, but this conversation wasn’t at the right time. You guys were tired yet you both decided to pinch in a little work before going home.” You stared deeply into Kiseok’s hazel eyes, your thumb caressing his cheeks as you gave your best attempt to put his temper down.

“I say why don’t we talk about this the next day? When there’s not jetlag, with enough sleep and rest, and with a full happy tummy. That sounds better, right? This all happened because it was at the wrong time and situation, that’s all.” By now, Kiseok have regained his normal breathing, his eyebrows were not furrowed anymore and his muscles weren’t as tense, as the anger roaring in his heart have disappeared slowly.

Kiseok gave a smile towards you before pulling you into a tight hug, snuggling his head at your shoulders and leaning some of his weight onto you, since he suddenly felt immense tiredness hit him. Maybe it was the jetlag taking effect, Kiseok thought, although he was quite content sleeping in your arms just like this. You raised your arms and circled them on his waist, gently rubbing his back.

“The magic you can do on me is amazing, (Name),” Kiseok sighed after letting you go, “Thank you for stopping me from doing even more stupid thing.” You beamed at Kiseok seeing your boyfriend have regained his normal mood back.

“It’s alright, but you owe me a cuddle session at home because you and Jay held me back from sleeping, alright?” Kiseok burst into a laugh and nodded, grabbing your hand on a firm grip as he guided you out of the messy office.

Jay was waiting outside, eyes casted down to the floor as his right hand awkwardly rubbed his nape. And Kiseok lets another sigh escape his chapped lips, not having the guts to face Jay.

“Come on guys, go and apologize,” You pushed Kiseok to take a step forward, “Quickly apologize and hug it out so we can all go home!” Your statement earned snorts from the other artists as Kiseok and Jay’s face burned in embarrassment.

“Look dude, I’m sorry for what I said earlier. That was so not me and so not cool, so let’s just put that in the past and discuss this some other time, alright?” Jay said, sincerely apologizing to Kiseok.

“I’m sorry too Jay. I guess we discussed this at the wrong time and situation. Let’s forget about this, okay?” They both accepted each of their apologies, and then hugging it out in front of the rest.

“Alright! Drama’s over, so let’s go home.” Everyone laughed out loud hearing Pumpkin’s statement, but everyone quickly walked downstairs to pick their luggage.

“Get home safely and have a good rest guys!” People exchanged goodbyes as they went to their respective ways, and you were the only one left with Kiseok as he locked the building.

The taxi was still going to arrive in a few minutes, and the sleepiness have hit you again as you leaned against Kiseok, closing your eyes for a moment. Without you noticing, Kiseok had leaned in to press a kiss on top of your hair, since that was the furthest he can reach.

“What was that for?” You ask, peeking in on one eye to see Kiseok grinning widely at you, with love and warmth radiating from his eyes.

“I don’t know. I just feel grateful that I have an amazing girlfriend by my side.” These times where Kiseok was clingy and being a hopeless romantic was a sweet memory, as his sweet words would always make your heart beat faster without fail.

“I love you too, you big idiot.”