loud shoes

horoscope aesthetics

based on people I know

Aries: red, fast car, black shoes, loud and deep voice, large biceps, simple outfits, sexy outfits

Taurus: florals, primary colours, favourite singer/band/movie characters, food, sleeping in bed, music, hidden talents

Gemini: gossiping, health concerns, books, openly pens thoughts on social media, high-pitched voice

Cancer: cardigans, home-cooked food, comfort food, warm bed and blanket, stout body, pouting

Leo: revealing clothes, skinny or broad shoulders, strong opinions, fashionable

Virgo: potted plants, glasses, excel sheets, binders, healthy food, messy head but neat room, beady and darting eyes

Libra: unique fashion sense, memorable smile, gossiping, social justice talk, instagrammable food, cartoons

Scorpio: simple clothes, dark clothes, kind eyes, thinking about money and personal business, smirk, doing well in school yet not giving a shit

Sagittarius: laughing, positive snapchats and instagram feed, tussled hair, shorts, traveling, wide smile, insulting others for fun

Capricorn: real talk, honest opinions, part-time job, either really cheap or really expensive clothes, study time

Aquarius: snapchat, glued to phone, honest laugh, distant eyes, candid pictures, trendy clothes or nerdy clothes

Pisces: flower crowns, teary-eyed, trying hard to be positive, simple things in life, being in the moment

The Taste of Italy

Request:  #38 w/ got7 jb
38 - Pasta Sauce

Pairing: Jaebum X Reader
Genre: Drabble, Fluff
Words: 723
Summary: Italian food may or may not be the best option when feeding seven idols.

Originally posted by l-sj

The sound of squeaky shoes and loud music became apparent as you stepped carefully down the stairs towards the practice room. You were carrying two large bags full of food and a large pizza box, enough to feed an army. Or seven hungry men. You opened the door to the practice and stepped in, almost colliding into Youngjae.

“Oh-ah! Sorry Y/N I didn’t know you were coming,” he stopped his aggressive dance practice to hold open the door for you. You smile at him and look around the practice room. Almost all the members stopped dancing when Youngjae stopped to help you, save for Yugyeom and Jaebum who kept dancing to the song. Jackson ran towards you,  yelling “Y/N-ah!” as he helped carry the food in your arms over to the break room table. 

Jaebum looked up when he heard Jackson yell out your name, his eyebrows raising in surprise as he loosely continued to dance. When the music stopped, the maknae collapsed on the ground as Jaebum walked towards you, happy but confused.

“Hey babe, I wasn’t expecting to see you until later today,” he said, holding your arm as he kissed your temple. 

“What are you talking about?” You blink up at Jaebum, “You were the one who texted me to bring Italian food for the boys.”

“What!” Jaebum’s grip on your arm hardened as he swung around to look at the members separating all the dishes. They all paused for a few seconds when he yelled before going back to choosing what to eat.

“Yah, which one of you took my phone?” All the boys looked up at the leader with innocent eyes, Jinyoung discreetly pointing at Yugyeom. “Yugyeom-ah, was it you?” 

His eyes turned to slits when the youngest shook his head, slapping away Jinyoung’s accusing finger. You sigh, loosening Jaebum’s grip on your arm as you replace it with your hand. “It’s okay, oppa,” you smooth out, “Let them eat, you should eat too.”

Jaebum grumbled but gently swung both your arms, his thumb rubbing against your own. “You must have paid a lot of money though-”

“Exactly!” You cut him off, lightly giving his jaw a kiss. “You can repay me when you win an award for your song.”

Jaebum instantly relaxed after your kiss, pulling you towards the table to pick up his meal. “Alright, let’s eat,” he says, sitting both of you at the table. “You shouldn’t have bought Italian, these kids get very messy.”

You smile at him, but your focus now turned towards the food. You take your container filled with pasta and slurp it up, listening to the boys talk about video games and answering questions when they asked for your opinion. It was a mostly silent lunch, until Bambam let out a squeal.

“Ah, this is my favourite shirt!” A red line of pasta stained his top, the young man pouting as Mark gave him tissues to clean up. Jaebum shook his head beside you, muttering “I knew things would get messy…”

The boys ate very quickly, cleaning up their mess as they returned to the practice room. Only you, Yugyeom, and Jaebum were left eating the last bits of food. You were starting to feel a little full and sleepy. You didn’t realize how sloppy you got until the now-cold pasta sauce dribbled down your chin.

“Aish,” you grumble, looking around for a napkin but Jaebum beat you to it, gently tilting your head towards him as he wiped away the sauce. You grinned when he let go of you, sweetly saying “Thanks, baby.”

“No wait, I forgot to clean over here.” He scoots closer to you and gently turns your face towards him again, smiling a bit before kissing your lips. You kiss him back, your eyes closing as you enjoy the feeling of his tongue teasingly poking your lips. 

“Ah! At least wait until I’m gone!” 

You both separate in shock, blinking at the youngest you both forgotten was still in the room. Yugyeom picks up his empty dishes while cringing, one hand shielding his eyes from you and Jaebum.

You find your breath again as soon an Yugyeom leaves the break room, glancing at Jaebum as you both let out soft chuckles.

“I told you things would get messy,” he grins, leaning over to kiss you again.

Earning the right to call him “Noct”

The meeting finally concluded several hours overdue, yet two members of the committee continued to chastise him about his declining grades right there in the hallway. He was the prince, but the prestigious high school will not accept him easily if he did not show extraordinary potential.

Impatient, Noctis extracted himself gradually but persistently, walking backwards and offering curt nods to indicate his farewell, promising that he will ‘definitely do better’ throughout the rest of the semester. He dropped the act the moment he rounded the corner and escaped their judgmental watchful eyes, and made for his private quarters.

There were no new messages on his phone, but the digital watch on his wrist blinked the time 11:53 PM. It was super late at night, he only hoped his last appointment wouldn’t suffer from the unexpected delay. 

Ignis would wait for him, wouldn’t he?

Every step came quicker than the one before it, his shoes knocked loud against the polished marble floors of the royal wing, Noctis all but jogged to his living room and barged in, with only his key card buzzing to undo the lock and a dying apology on his smiling lips.

“Sorry I’m late!” He announced not even halfway through the door, but the vast room ahead was silent and dim; empty.

The persistent wheezing escaping his slack mouth filled the silence, and then the door eased closed with finality. He yanked on the uncomfortable tie and undid the top button of his lapel, dejected.

His downward gaze caught on a piece of paper left on the entrance table, the handwriting elegant and crisp. “I had to leave after forty minutes. Scientia.”

The sigh that escaped his burning lungs was interrupted by a knob rattling open, and then one Ignis Scientia walked out of the wash room. “Oh, My apologies.” He said simply, “I had to use your facilities.”

Noctis stared, “The paper said you left.” and showed it to him before tossing it back onto the table and placing his hands on his hips.

“Yes, I had intended to leave immediately after writing it, but I have a long ride ahead and couldn’t afford to be late anymore than I already am.” He adjusted his glasses and studied the young man currently fighting to regain some breath. “Is something the matter?”

Noctis opened his mouth to say something, but the sight of his busy advisor focused solely on the screen of his phone made him reconsider. “Everything’s fine.”

“Are you sure?” Ignis typed a short message and slipped his phone back into his pocket, “Your message said you had something to talk about.”


Pressed for time, Ignis shifted his weight to the other leg and fixed the boy with a lengthy gaze. “You had me wait forty minutes over nothing?” He waited for a response but there was none, “Couldn’t you send me an indication that I could proceed to my next appointment? I hadn’t begun my drive and I’m already late.”

“My bad.” Noct shrugged and turned to look out the large windows overlooking the city, the night view cast golden lights on his stiff silhouette.

“Well, then. Excuse me.” Ignis bowed and made to the door, remembered the suit jacket he forgot on the couch, and made to grab it before leaving.

Hearing the door close shut, Noctis allowed his shoulders to drop and his frustrations to come bursting out. “I just wanted to see you…”

“Excuse me?”

Noctis turned in surprise, hair flying everywhere, face noticably flushed. “I thought you left!”

“I forgot my jacket…” Ignis said slowly, “Are you… crying?”

“I’m not!” Noctis snapped and turned his head back to the window. “It’s- It’s nothing.”

The straining in his chest didn’t sound like ‘nothing’ to Ignis, his phone vibrated again, the King’s advisor was getting impatient.

“Hello, this is Scientia.” He said to the secretary on the other end, his eyes fixed on the defenseless back of his ward. “I’m afraid my business holds me longer than anticipated, I cannot make it to tonight’s meeting. Yes, I do not know when I will be able to, so i must reschedule. I understand. You have my sincerest apologies. Have a good night.” 

Noctis watched the exchange through the reflection on the glass, and only turned to look directly at him when the phone call ended. “I thought it was important.”

“It was.” Ignis admitted with a sigh, “But you are more important.”

The phrase was meant to put the young prince’s mind at ease, but it only seemed to upset him more. He whipped his head back to the sleepless Insomnia below and tightly crossed his arms.

“What did you mean you ‘only wanted to see me’?” the kindness in his words did nothing to fill the cold silence that followed, it was uncomfortable for both of them. “Prince, please explain. Have I done something to upset you?”



“It’s nothing.”

The conversation had reached a dead end. Ignis had been here on several occasions; the prince would put up his walls high and mighty, and there was nothing anybody could do to get through to him, not even the king himself.

It was the first time Noctis had put up his guard because of him, though, and that left a bitter taste in his mouth. usually he’d let things run their course and when the mood started to look up again, he would sweep in and comfort Noctis with whatever he could offer. Sometimes it was baked sweets, other times a road trip to the nearest arcade, he was supposed to be the fixer-upper of any disagreement. 

Now, though, it almost felt like there would be no returning from this.

Noctis was shutting him out personally, and it was almost… maddening?

“I thought you were my friend.” Noct sighed, admitting defeat. “I just wanted to hang out… Nothing serious. But… You’re so busy and I’m… so…” He released another shaky sigh and brushed an annoying strand of hair off the back of his neck. “I won’t bother you again.”

“Nonsense.” Ignis approached and laid a comforting hand on the shorter one’s shoulder, drawing his attention to look at him directly. “I’m honored to be your friend.”


He smiled, relieved that this skinny nerd was upset over something so trivial it never crossed his mind. “I apologize for not addressing your insecurities earlier, but I consider you a dear and irreplaceable friend. The only one for whom I would ditch a private dinner with the King’s advisor, in fact.”

Big blue eyes watched him speak every word with growing relief. “Then why the heck were you being a jerk about it!” 

“I am under a lot of restraints as well!” He busied himself with undoing the prince’s badly knotted necktie. “With your grades and health fluctuating this last month, the grown ups are becoming anxious. Everybody needs me to tell them what they want to hear, and i could not possibly burden you with my rants when you’ve barely begun to recover from your last bout of flu.”

Noctis watched with furrowed brows as his right cuff link got undone, and then the other. “Still, lately you’re treating me less like a friend… and… more like a burden.”

Ignis couldn’t help but flinch at the sharp words, from the one person whose opinion meant the world, nonetheless. “I never meant for it to be that way; I only assumed my presence would stress you more in these trying times and made to reduce my presence in your private space.”

“Yeah, no, don’t do that anymore.” He shook his head dismissively, and actually reached up to undo Ignis’ bow tie. “Now that it’s cleared up, I have a request.”

“Yes, your highness?”

“Stop calling me ‘your highness’ when it’s only us.” He ordered with a small smile, his face slightly flushed from the awkwardness of the whole ordeal. “Just call me Noct.”

“As you wish… Noct.” He was the first person to have that honor be bestowed upon him, at least for a little while. “Now that my schedule is cleared, would you like to watch that tv show I kept recommending?”

The prince scrunched up his nose, “You mean historical documentary? Ehh… sure, why not.”

“You mean: Why Noct.“


It would only be another semester before Noctis joined Ignis in his public high school, having been rejected by the first royal option because of his mediocre grades (it was on purpose) and only then did they meet another freshman who would join the small circle of actual friends who were allowed to call him ‘Noct’.

Protect You

Request(s): Hey :) Could you do a Finn Collins imagine where the reader is his sister and the grounders kill her instead but before they do, they torture her in front of everyone and they keep Finn tied as he watches and before they kill her she tells Finn that he’s the best brother and when they kill her they release Finn and leave. as soon as Finn is released he goes to his sister and hugs her to his chest and hummes her favorite lullaby and brushes her hair as he cry?. Some happy flashbacks maybe? THANKS

a/n:this was fun to write, thank you. I haven’t seen Finn’s death scene yet so I improvised , I hope you still like it though :) I also REALLY loved writing this, and I’m super proud of it so…

pairing: Siblings!Finn/Y/n

word count: 1,600

tags: @theonehundredimagines @the100imaginesblog @whatever-the-hell-we-want-1-0-0 @the100imagines @the100imagine-s @the100fandomsss @the100oneshots @heda-murphy @imagines-all-day-everyday @imaginingthe100 @octavia-marie-blake @justauthoring @all-things-the-100 @beautiful-chaos-blake

sorry if you don’t like being tagged, I just am really proud of this imagine and thought I’d tag some people




Your brothers name hung in the air.

You were trapped, and tied to a metal pole. You had no idea how long you’d been here, but it felt like forever.

The camp didn’t know where you were. Your brother didn’t know where you were, but you thought if you kept hoping he’d show up then maybe he would.

The door from your cell room opened with a click, light streaming through for the first time. Your eyes shut closed, as your heart thudded in your chest.

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We're a secret 14 b

Summary: After a year in another country, you met someone and instantly fall in love with him, the only thing is he isn’t allowed to have a girlfriend but love is stronger. Although things suddenly take a turn.

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x reader

Warnings: angst !! , sadness, swear words, shit talking people



we’re a secret 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 There is also part 12 a and b and part 13 😅 sorry for not linking it yet.

Sebastian POV 

He sat at his table being unfocused and confused. He couldn’t hear any of the questions being asked as he was in a train of his thoughts.

Your friends statement made him rethink all the events of the past few days. 

He felt horrible and ashamed. What was he thinking ? How could he let you go so easily? How could he even be such an asshole ? He blamed himself for everything that happened and it made him feel incredibly bad. 

He didn’t pay attention to anything until Chris nudged his arm looking at him in concern.

“Seb ? Are you alright?”

He looked over to him a bit startled and shrugged the question off “yeah , yeah I’m great” he stated in a mumble, drifting off a bit, unaware of the situation as if his mind wasn’t there at all, looking back onto the table after he answered.

Chris rested a hand on Sebastian’s shoulder making him look up to him again, glassy eyes, dulled from the sadness and market by sleepless nights looking at him in sadness and pain. 

Chris smiled down at him and gave his shoulder a light squeeze. “Go” he said making Sebastian look up in confusion, which was quickly replaced by a tight smile as he shot up from his chair and rushed out of the room, leaving everybody else in confusion.

Your POV

You arrived at work only moments ago and already managed to set your mind of anything else but the papers and contracts laying infront of you. It felt good to finally distract yourself and be free of worries and doubts.

Until someone made you regret coming here in first place.

Until she walked in, confidently, her heels clicking on the floor as she rounded the corner and made her way to you.

The loud sounds of her shoes on the floor made you draw your attention away from all the papers and look up into her green eyes.

That’s when she sat down onto your table with a shit eating grin formed on her lips.“Hey (y/n) long time no see”

You shifted uncomfortably under her eyes, feeling intimidated and even a little insecure but didn’t want to let anyone notice though.

“Hello Jill” you sighed.

“I heard you are pretty crazy” she blurted out as if she just talked about the weather. A smirk dancing around her lips.

“I heard you are a bitch” you snapped not wanting to let her fuck with you.

She scoffed before beginning to chuckle sarcastically and leaning in. “You should keep your friend under control when you tell her about your dates.” She said before a shitting eating grin plastered her face again and she leaned back.

You just stared at her wide eyed and speechless not knowing what to do, your anger rising up.

“How insane are you (y/n)?” She taunted. “You must be pretty sick to just come up with that out of nowhere. You want me to get you a shrink?”

“Hey what are you bitch doing here” you heard an exaggerated yell coming from a very familiar voice making Jill groan and turn around to your best friend. You on the other hand were more than grateful.

Next thing that happened made you feel dizzy once again. Gasps were heard through the whole office making you look up in confusion to see Sebastian standing in the door way.

You looked back down and around the room somehow getting slightly angry about the fact that he had to make everything so much more complicated once again.

(Y/b/f) stood there with a wide smile on her face, Jill with wide eyes that growled in anger and hate and everybody else couldn’t believe their eyes.

But Sebastian didn’t care for any of this, everything he could look at was you.

“(Y/n) … Can we maybe go out for a talk?” He faltered.

You considered all your options, sitting down for a moment before pushing yourself up and out of the chair to go out of the room.

You exited the office angrily, walking past him, without even looking at Sebastian making him walk fast to catch up with you.

Both of you went outside and you sat down on a bench waiting for Sebastian to talk. He sat down next to you leaving a gape and looked down to the ground, until he catches all his braveness and went to look into your eyes.

“(Y/n) I’m so… So sorry. I’m sorry I didn’t believe you.”He blurted out.

“Its fine” you answered softly “I am just happy that we could clear things off and that I know now that all of this was not a serious thing.” You didn’t look at him once just took a sips of your coffee, being surprised at your own confidence.

“But it was a serious thing, it is a serious thing”  he urged making you look to him.

“No its not.” You stated “I just needed another man to play my game on” you implied still a bit hurt about what he said.

He looked down ashamed with a deep sigh leaving his lips. It felt like a sting in his heart to think about how he treated you.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t thinking. I shouldn’t have said that I know you are not like that. I’m so sorry”

You looked at him his eyes still not meeting yours. “It doesn’t matter now, its over Sebastian.” You mumbled with a tight throat.

(y/n) please don’t do this. I love you” He whined.

“And I’m trying to forget you” you stated coldly. “It didn’t look like love three days ago. And even if I forgive you, it wouldn’t change anything at the situation. You still have your contract, you have to travel around the word very often, you are going to fly to los Angeles tonight, it would all stay the same.” you added as you stood up from your place on the bench and looked down at him.

“ goodbye Sebastian. ”

“(Y/n) please, I know we can make this work ! I love you ! please don’t throw this away. I’m so sorry.” He begged urgently, his voice filled with sadness as he stood up now too.

“Me too” you said coldly before turning around and going.

Leaving him alone to look after you in desperation with tears in his eyes.

Not wanting him to see the tears that rolled down your cheeks now as well.

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Notice Me (Nygma x Reader x Zsasz)

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  “Yes, she loves you.” He says rolling his eyes.
  “Well she likes me more than you.” He says smirking, “I mean look at you. You’re an assassin.”
  “And you’re a riddling freak.”
  “No one can love the loveless.”
  “And no one wants to love somebody who killed their last lover.” He shows a quick grin then continues to straight face him.
  “Well I, unlike you, know how to find my way into a girl's’ heart.” Nygma says smirking. Zsasz raises his eyebrow,
  “You? I highly doubt that.” He says, almost laughing, “Yes, of course. Nygma the love expert.”
  “Are you guys still fighting over my cousin?” A female voice says. They turn around, finding Tabitha in the doorway, “You realize she doesn’t like, let alone, know either one of you. I highly even doubt that she even knows you exist.”
  “Ha. Ha. Ha.” Edward says, “Very funny Tabitha.”
  “How about we place a wager then?” She says, smirking., “Who ever she notices first this week wins. And if she notices neither one of you at all. I win.”
  “This should be easy.” Edward says, “If all we have to do is get her to notice us. How-”
  “What’s on the line?” Zsasz asks, “What are we betting here.”
  “Simple.” Tabitha says as she pulls out a folder.

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of all the hearts in all the universes in all the realities, he jumps into mine. (shlav)

for: @celestalvoltrontrash, @holy-triangles, @deerdelmar
read on ao3

Slav was walking outside his castle, the brisk evening air mingling with the soft din of the gala inside. Slav had left the party early, finding the entire ordeal far too overwhelming for 86% of his sensibilities. In about three hundred forty-six other realities, he’d be having the time of his life, but then again, those three hundred forty-six realities wouldn’t have such slippery flooring or pointy shoes or loud, eardrum-bursting music.

So he scurried along the cobblestone pathways of his castle garden, avoiding the cracks that would almost certainly break his the back of his mother, the queen.  He was far from ready to take the throne just yet.

As he moved further and further away from the castle, the raucous noises of the party gave way to the pleasant natural tones of the night.  The trees far overhead his small, noodly body rustled in the soft wind that caressed his chin antennae.  The nearby pond lapped gently at the shore, while crickets chirped their midnight song. A lone frog croaked bleakly against the nighttime chatter, and Slav found himself drawn to its weary cry.

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A Two-Shoes Gang Holiday Greeting

Let the Two-Shoes Gang brighten your holiday spirit, now with Joey Felt, AP and Lincoln Loud joining the group.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Jimmy Two-Shoes © Edward Kay and Sean Scott
Wander Over Yonder © Craig McCracken & Disney
Camp Lakebottom © Betsy McGowen and Eric Jacobson
Atomic Puppet © Jerry Leibowitz and Mark Drop
The Loud House © Chris Savino and Nickelodeon
Artwork © MK45x


Varlen Lavellan 

“So… You want me to go with you to the Winter Palace? Seriously? Don’t you remember what happened the last time I spoke to a noble here at Skyhold? They asked if I was a servant… 

… Then they demanded a different one.”

soft lizzington headcanons
  • drinking coffee and doing the sunday crossword in their pajamas as they share a grapefruit and wait for agnes to wake up
  • red making an old family cocoa recipe only for lizzy to ruin it by dropping a candy cane in it and then laughing at his disgust
  • red letting agnes paint his nails and shooting the next criminal who makes fun of it in the foot  
  • spooning.  most nights, red is the little spoon because he likes the security of having elizabeth “octopus” keen hanging all over him, but every now and then, lizzy is feeling insecure and asks to be the little spoon and red can deny her nothing  
  • saying ‘i love you’ in different languages (and teaching the phrases to agnes)
  • picnics in the park or in the mountains or off hiking trails
  • massages. red gives the best foot massage liz has ever had and she always sneakily finds a way for him to give her one. (like, coming home and sighing as she takes off her shoes just loud enough that he can hear it.  and then sitting at the kitchen table and propping her foot in his lap.  wiggling her toes when he ignores her at first and then poking him with her toes until he grabs them and tickles her.  only then will he rub her feet.)
  • red makes these elaborate dinners for lizzy until she’s finally like “please can we just get take out like i cannot handle any more five course meals i just want noodles lol”
  • red tucking a blanket around liz on the plane cause he knows plane air makes her cold
  • he also keeps bottles of lotion cause he knows the air makes her skin dry
  • trips to the farmers markets in the summer to get fresh peaches
  • red keeping bananas on the kitchen counter at all times because he loves to watch lizzy eat them the dirty old pervert
  • liz installing hooks by the doors of every safe house for reds hats
  • making sugar cookies once a month and letting agnes decorate some and taking them to the post office (aram loves them and samar thinks they’re endearing and harold always compliments the ones that agnes decorates and ressler never says anything but he eats like three times as many as anyone else cause he has a terrible sweet tooth)
  • red and agnes doing puzzles lol
  • red just like touches lizzy all the time like he cannot keep his hands to himself. it’s not like hugs and stuff but he’ll rest his hands on her shoulders and like hold her hands. when they’re on the couch he encourages her to put her legs on his lap so he can hold them. she always takes advantage by angling for a foot massage
  • liz isn’t totally into all the touching but will straight up hold his hand when prompted. and she’s like proud of it too.  he initiates but when he tries to let go she’s like “nah we’re in this now handholding or bust” and he just goes with it.
  • they share a body wash lol. liz starts out with her normal body wash but runs out and just uses reds instead. he’s totally into the fact that she smells like him that he buys bottles in bulk and is just like “we have so much lizzy why do you need to buy more” and she’s just like “fine whatever” but she totally loves it
  • she steals his button downs all. the. time. he wants to be mad because certain shirts look best with certain suits and it never fails that she’s lounging around the house with the one he needs but every time he’s like “i need that shirt” she’s like “well come and get it then” and then neither of them can wear it cause it’s suddenly missing buttons
  • red buys her things like all the time. books he thinks she’d like and clothes he knows she would look good in and albums from artists he hears in little clubs he frequents all over the world and too expensive jewelry that she always scoffs over but he catches her looking at the pearl earrings he brought back from greece and she has this tiny smile on her face
  • red loves to play with liz’s hair and she’s fallen asleep more than once to him running his fingers through it
  • red’s even worse though cause he just about purrs when she scratches at the short cut of his own hair
Auston Matthews - Part 8

Here we gooooooo

I quickly let go of Auston’s hand once I get my feet on the ground, he slowly drops his back to his side. My fingers still tingle as I wait for the seamstress to return with her supplies.

               “Thank you for staying with me, I don’t think I want to ever step foot in here again,” I say shyly, glancing up at him, even with the heels I’m still just a touch shorter than him.

               Auston lets out a small laugh, putting his hands in his pockets and shrugging his shoulders.

               “That’s what Alex thought, and it’s no bother. I prefer to stay out a bit when I get out of practice, it’s a bit boring living alone,” Auston replies. He pauses a minute and takes another look at me, his eyes going from my head to my feet, not at all in a disrespectful way, but it still makes my cheeks flame. I’m pretty sure he now just thinks my cheeks are always red.

               “You really do look beautiful,” he says gently and gives me a full on pretty boy smile that renders me absolutely speechless.

               “Thank you,” is what I try to say but it only comes out as some throaty noise. Luckily, the seamstress chooses to make an appearance at this time, carrying what looks like a sewing kit, a large footstool and another pair of shoes. I eye the shoes warily, all strappy and shiny, a beautiful death trap.

               “Switch out shoes first, these look much better,” she barks at me and I know I have no choice but at the same time I have no idea how I’m supposed to change my shoes in this dress, I look around a little helplessly and hear someone snap their fingers.

               “Put leg up here,” she orders me and I pull the dress up to my knee and bend my leg, propping it up on the stool. I hear Auston make a noise beside me but when I look up at him his eyes are on the ground, his cheeks a faint pink.

               I then realize that I just bared my leg in front of him and before I can even be embarrassed, I feel excitement in my stomach where butterflies had currently been.  I wait patiently as the seamstress switches out my shoes, out of the corner of my eye I see him glance at me a few times, always looking away quickly when he notices me watching him. I bite my lip to keep from laughing out loud.

               Once my new shoes are on and I test them out, Auston holds out his hand without me asking, his other at the small of my back, careful to not touch my skin I notice, and helps me up onto the stool.

               After the seamstress gets to work Auston takes a seat on one of the chairs and watches her. I’m facing opposite him but can still see him in the mirror before me and I can’t help but stare. He only looks at his phone once when it buzzes in his pocket, typing a quick reply and then putting it back in his pocket, he doesn’t look at it when it buzzes again.

               I try to think of something to talk about but he beats me to it.

               “You’re meeting is tomorrow morning right?” He asks and my stomach drops, I hadn’t even thought about it all day.

               “Yes, I have to be there at eight,” I reply, dropping my gaze to my hands at the base of my belly.

               “I can drop you off in the morning before I head to the rink, if you want,” Auston says and a strange comfort takes over my mind, blocking out the nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach.

               “I would appreciate that,” I say, looking over my shoulder at him and smiling, however my small movement makes the dress move around my ankles and a pin scratches across my skin and I let out a small yelp.

               “Well quit moving, girl,” the seamstress scolds and quickly wipes at the scratch with a towel before it starts to bleed.

               I huff and face back to the mirror and catch Auston’s eye, rolling my own at him. He smirks at me and sticks out one finger before tapping it with his other, signaling a reprimanding. I giggle but quickly stop when I get a glare from the seamstress.

               “Oh! I almost forgot, can you grab my phone in the dressing room? I have to send my cousin a picture of the dress.” I ask Auston, who obliges and stands, making his way into my dressing room and my thoughts quickly go to the bra I left in the middle of the room. “I think it’s in my pants pocket,” I call out and a moment later he emerges with my phone in hand.

               Auston holds the phone up to me to unlock but I just shake my head and tell him my passcode.

               “Just take a few pictures and send them to Melissa, she should be near the top in my messages,” I tell him and stand still as he walks around me, getting all the right angles.

               “Aren’t you going to smile?” He asks, now standing in front of me, a grin on his face.

               I flush and look down at the floor.

               “Oh come on, give me an all American girl smile,” Auston prods, camera still aimed at me.

               I turn my head and look skyward, biting my lip to keep from smiling.

               “Don’t ignore me!”

               I can’t hold it in anymore and drop my eyes back down to him, giving him a full blown smile that almost hurts my cheeks. I hear the camera click once more before he lowers it down, his face kind of blank.

               “Well, uh, that was… that was definitely the best one,” he mutters and rubs the back of his neck with his free hand.

               “All done, you may get down and dressed, I will work on dress and then send it to your cousin. Yes?” The seamstress says, standing and putting her tools away, walking into the storage room before I even have a chance to answer.

               I reach out to Auston without thinking about it and his hand sends another shot of warmth to my very core. Goosebumps covering my skin I step down and to his side.

               “Thanks,” I say and motion to my phone, “let’s see them.”

               Auston swipes through the photos he took, and I can’t help but notice he took quite a few back ones than front and instead of again being embarrassed, that same excited feeling comes rushing back and my mind whirls around what it might mean.

               He finally gets to the last photo of me smiling and we both just stare. Everything in the background is a blur, like the camera was moving but I’m still in perfect focus, my smile shining through the screen.

               Auston lets out an amused sigh and rubs his face.

“Seems about right,” he mutters and I blink at him confused. When he doesn’t say anything more I take my phone and send the pictures to Melissa.

               “I’ll just get changed and we can go,” I tell him, talking towards the room and then remember my zipper. Oh no. Auston notices I stopped walking and raises his eyebrows.


               “Um, I just uh, where did the seamstress go?” I look around for moment and she’s nowhere in sight.

               “Something wrong?” Auston asks.

               “Well, uh, there’s a zipper and I can’t exactly reach it…” I trail off, my face a permanent shade of pink.

               “Oh!” Auston says, his eyes instantly drop to my dress and this time I don’t think it’s as respectful as a look as last time. “Well I can help with that.” He grins at me mischievously and I smack his arm.

               “Auston!” I exclaim. “What would your mother think if she heard you talk that way?”

               He doesn’t stop grinning at me as he replies. “She would think I’m being a proper gentleman, helping a damsel in distress and all.”

               I roll my eyes, “Because I’m sure you meant it in such a gentlemanly way,” I say sarcastically.

               “Oh, I was just teasing,” this time he rolls his eyes at me, his expression doesn’t look like he was teasing at all. “Who else is going to help you?” He asks, gesturing around the store and I scowl at him.

               “Fine, come here,” I snap and move into the doorway of the dressing room. “The zipper is on my left side.”

               “If it’s on your side why do you need help?” Auston asks, coming up behind me just outside the doorway.

               “Do you see a zipper on my side?” I ask back.

               “No,” he shakes his hand and looks back up at me.

               “That’s because it’s on the inside, so unless you can teach me how to dislocate my shoulder to be able to bend that way and still not rip the dress, I need help.” I say a little more snappily that I had intended but he just laughs.

               “Alex was right, you do have a temper don’t you?”

               “Just unzip my dress, Auston.”

               “I thought you’d never ask,” he whispers and I can hear the smile in his voice, this time I know he’s teasing.

               My smile instantly fades when his arm hand touches the bare skin of my back and I shudder slightly, more goosebumps erupting on my skin which I pray that he doesn’t notice.

               Auston finds the zipper located just beneath my arm pit, the tightness of the dress making it impossible for him to avoid touching my skin, which I’m not sure he’s trying to even do, and gently tugs it down. I audibly gulp and my eyes close on their own accord. All I can hear is his breathing behind me and every nerve in my body comes to life. Get a fucking grip!

               His hand finds the end on the zipper at my hip and I glance back him over my shoulder. He raises his eyes from my hip to meet mine, his smile gone. I feel a slight draft on my side and press my hand against my chest to keep my dress in place.

               “Thanks,” I say quietly, still not moving into the dressing room.

               “You know, you say that to me a lot,” he finally replies and I grin over at him, now stepping into the room and turning to face him.

               “Maybe I have a lot to be thankful for when it comes to you,” I say back, and decide to give him a taste of his own medicine. I trail my eyes slowly down his torso, hips and down his legs before retracing my steps back up to his face again. He shifts under my gaze, a slightly shocked expression mixed with something I can’t put my finger on written across his face as I slowly close the door behind me.

               Score Y/N: one

               Score Auston: 16


Your name: submit What is this?

In the Salvatore House:

“Damon did what?!” You asked Elena.

“He threatened Kai.” Elena replied and crossed her arms. “With you.”

“You did WHAT?!” You yelled at him. “He’s going to kill us all, you idiot!” You said and sit down on the couch.

“Well, I didn’t really threatened him, Elena..” Damon smirked soft. “I just said that he could have so much Traveler-magic he wants because we’ve the most powerful witch..” He smiled and you stood up, you were about to break his neck.

“Y/N Wait!” Stefan said behind you and grabbed your waist to hold you back. “We got bigger problems now.”

“Bigger?” Your stupid brother, told a super serial killer with 100′s of Traveler-magic, I’m the most powerful witch here.“ You hissed and he let you go. "And you said we’ve bigger problems than getting me killed? Thank you, Stefan.”

“Actually you’re.. since Bonnie is gone. Kai is at the Grill, he’s waiting for you and I’ve your not coming he’ll kill your Best Friend.” Stefan said with a worried face.

“Jeremy?” Elena asked shocked. “He should be in school, how did you know that?”

“Kai send him a message.” You said and looked to Stefan.

“How do you know that?” Damon asked confused.

“He send me one too. I can feel him.” You looked serious.

You didn't expect that he really was so strong that he could get into your head. Damon, Elena, Stefan or Caroline’s maybe but not your’s. You could feel him like he would stand right behind you and would touch your back. In this moment you wanted to ran out of the door, in your car and to the Grill but Damon stopped you.

“Y/N and me are going to the Grill, saving Jeremy and you two search a damn way to send him back to prison and get us Bonnie back.”

Stefan and Elena nodded and Damon and you went to the Grill.


At the Grill:

When Damon and you stood in front of the Grill, you couldnt see anyone around.. Nothing, it was like a Ghost town.

“If anything is happened to Jeremy, I’ll call Klaus and let him kill you, got that? I don’t care if Stefan or Elena, would hate me for that. Damon Salvatore we’re friends but then.. I really will kill you.” You said serious.

“Got that.” Damon said with his head down a bit and a quiet voice.


You walked in the Grill. Your shoes made loud noises but you didn't care. You wanted Kai to hear you, to feel you presence like you felt his .. but it happened just without you wanted it and this feeling wouldn’t stop.

“Kai you stupid son of a B*tch come out and let Jeremy go.” Damon shouted as you and he walked upstairs.

“Jeremy!” You said and ran to him.

“I love happy endings and don’t you too, Damon?” Kai smirked, held his arm up and throw Damon against a wall.

“So you’re this powerful witch, Y/N? Right?” He asked flirty while you looked to Damon who was trying to get himself up again.

“And you’re this psycho who got the traveler-magic.. If you could now please release my Best friend.” You replied pissed.

“Your Best friend? Hmm do you feel him like you feel me?” Kai asked provoked.

“What do you want Kai?” Damon asked lying on the ground.

“Isn’t that obvious? I want her magic!” He responded and laughed.

“Try it.” You said sharply.

“As you wish. darling.. but this is going to hurt.” He said and turned to Damon. “I’m megapowerful.” Kai closed his eyes and tried to took your magic.. but it didn’t worked.

“Hey Kai, doesn’t work so well, what?” Jeremy smirked as you could break him free.

Kai was so focused on taking you magic, that he forgot to held Jeremy on the chair and Damon on the ground.

“What is going on here?” Kai asked and got angry while Damon was laughing.

“I told you she’s powerful.” Damon smirked.

“Enough now.” You said and held your arm up, showed to slap him and then he fell downstairs. “Damon, Jeremy get out of here, now!”

“No I won’t let you alone!” Jeremy said.

“Damon…” You got him to understand that he should bring Jeremy out, so he did.


You walked downstairs and heard Kai laughing.

“You know, we would make a really great team.” He said while he stood up.

“Why can I feel you?” You asked confused while you were walking over to him and get him up.

“Because we’re connected!” He smirked.

“What do you mean?” You questioned and pressed him against a wall.

“Soulmates.” He whispered into your ear. “You heard of that right?” Kai smiled flirty.

“That’s not possibly.” You replied confused. “We’re no wolves.”

“It is, you can feel it right now. Don’t you?”

“Its a spell!” You said angry and let him go.

“My spells didn’t work on you, like yours cant work on me. You feel me, I feel you and since I’m here you fell, hm.. How could I say that? Complete.”

“No, no, no that’s not possible!” You said and hold your head, it was too much for you.

“And tough you’re here, with me.. but now I’ve to leave you. I need more power to kill my sister without getting disturbed by you, I’m sorry..” He took your Hand in his and kissed it soft. “We’ll see us again.” Kai said and disappeared.


Genre- Smut

Group- Former Exo/ Solo artist

Member- Z tao/ Huang Zitao

Admin- Aussi

The crunch of leaves and twigs beneath my shoes was loud in the surprisingly quiet forest but it was somehow calming. The only sound I heard other than the ones I made were a few birds quietly whistling. The scenery was beautiful in Jiuzhaigou and I was glad I decided to come alone hiking despite my friend’s wishes. It was more relaxing this way; just me, my thoughts, and nature. 

 The sounds of water filled my ears and I changed directions to look at it. This place was known for their ponds and beauty so it’s only natural I would want to check it out. 

 The pond was stunning. Leaves of all different colors drifted and rested on the surface. The colorful reflection of the trees were shown on the water, which was so clear you could see below it. My eyes grazed across the surface and stopped suddenly. I held in a cry of terror.

 A few feet from where I stood there were two brown bears sniffing the air as if they smelled food. I hoped that food wasn’t me. I slowly took a few steps back, now cringing at the loud crackle of leaves. One of the bears turned to me, it’s black eyes gazing into my own. I let out quick exhale and inhale before I sprinted. 

 The bear darted after me, it’s friend following closely behind it. I worked in an office in Tianshui and was not in well enough shape to do this for a while at this speed. I tried my hardest though, heart pumping with adrenaline. They were much faster and larger than me by a long shot.

 One of them was close to me and I pushed my burning legs to go faster yet it still got to me, biting lightly down on my ankle. But even lightly was enough to make me fall and ankle bleed profusely. I cringed at the sight, never liking the look of blood. I cried out in pain as both bears now towered over me. My knees were scraped from the ground and bled tiny splotches. I attempted the move away but my ankle made it impossible.

 I closed my eyes, at least not wanting to see myself be torn to ribbons. Instead of hearing the sounds of torn flesh I heard a thump and the roar of the bears. I huddled further into the ground, assuming the growl was them thanking they were congratulating each other for the meal. I waited as I heard the roars and thumps for a moment but still felt no pain. I opened my eyes only to see a tall man with beautifully tanned skin. He had a bamboo stick that he used to hit the bears snouts when they tried to come near. 

 After a few more whacks the bears determined him a threat and left. The pretty man approached me cautiously “Can I take you to where I live to patch up your ankle?” He asked gently, only coming closer to me when I nodded hastily. “I’m going to pick you up okay? I don’t want you to walk on that.”

 “It’s okay, you can pick me up.” I rasped, pain obvious in my voice. He helped me in a sitting position and placed his arms under my legs before lifting me bridal style. 

 He carried me to his home, a small yet cozy looking hut. He set me on a makeshift bed made with blankets. It’s floor was some moss for insulation and the hard earth. For a few minutes he disappeared into the kitchen, coming back with some sort of crushed plant. “These are plantains, they can help stop bleeding and heal injured cells. Do you have any gauze or wrap in your bag?” He asked, eyes focused on helping me.

 “I should. I think I only brought those just in case.” I said and stretched to get my bag, shuffling through it and getting out the necessary materials. The man applied the gauze before wrapping all of it up. “I’m Tao by the way.” He said softly as he finished wrapping and moved away.

 “Lì húa.” I replied, smiling thankfully at Tao. I stood up, replying more heavily on my uninjured foot. “I should go to a hotel, i’m leaving tomorrow and it’s a long drive.” 

 Tao was by my side quickly, slinging one of my arms around his shoulder and ducking down to go nearer to my height. “Put your body weight on me, it will be easier,” he led me to the cot again, making me protest “and it’s too dark to hike back, there will be even more predators out now. The wolves should be hunting too and the bears are even more awake. Just stay here for the night.” He convinced. 

 I sighed and reached into my backpack to pull out a nightgown. “Can you leave for a moment so I can…” My voice trailed off and the male’s eyes widened a bit as he understood. Tao went into another room as I changed into it. I decided to keep my bra on because the cloth was so thin. “You can come in!” I called. He came in, gulping slightly upon the sight of me. 

 We decided to just both sleep on the cot. It was big enough and we both didn’t think it was right for the other to sleep on the forest floor. We both fell asleep with ease.

Tao had woke up before I did, his body graced with morning wood. He bit his lip slightly, looking over at my sleeping figure before deciding, “To hell with modesty!” He grunted under his breath before pulling down his shorts, the tight athletic pants underneath, and his underwear. His hand finally found itself gripping his throbbing dick. He hissed at the blessed contact and looked over at me, making sure I didn’t wake up. Another wave of arousal shot through him upon seeing that my shirt had slipped down to expose my bra and a bit of my breast. 

 His hand moved along his member as he stroked it, bucking up lightly into his fingers. His hands being so deliciously calloused around the sensitive flesh that small whimpers left his mouth. At random moments he rewarded himself with swipes over his slit, spreading his precum.

 I woke up on a particularly loud moan that he couldn’t hold back. When I looked over Tao had his head back, his eyes closed in pleasure and a hand wrapped around his dick. I held back a gasp at the sight- more out of surprise than distaste. Boiling hot lust trickled down into my nether regions, my eyes becoming a bit cloudy from the desire. I gulped down my saliva before I decided to speak up, “I- I’ll h-help you,” I stuttered “I o-owe you anyways.” 

 His head moved at the speed of light to look at me. His cheeks were slightly red from being caught but his cock still thrummed in his hand, exited by the sudden attention. “Take off your panties then get on your hands and knees.” He commanded, and I complied, tossing my underwear away and quickly flipping over to get in the position he wanted. 

 He pushed my nightgown up so that it was above my bra. The position was embarrassing, the feeling of vulnerability and his eyes glued to my body, slowly trailing down it as he tried not to miss any detail. I shivered, I could feel his gaze on my skin, caressing me tauntingly. He trailed a hot hand from my shoulders the the bottom of my back, then further. 

 He nudged a long finger into my heat, making sure I was wet and beginning to stretch me. A few fingers later I was a whining mess and his fingers were drenched in my essence. 

 I reached for my backpack and pulled out a condom. My friend had been teasing me about meeting a sexy forest explorer and put it in my bag. I was grateful for her perversion for once.

 Tao ripped open the package and slid it down his length. He positioned his thick cock so that he could press into me. He fit in me perfectly, sliding in without much difficulty. His teeth clenched together from the tightness while my mouth formed an ‘O’ as I adjusted to his girth. My body clenched around him and the grip on my hips tightened.

 He lightly rolled his hips, getting more daring when he found no indication of pain. He pulled his length out before sliding back in me, “F-fuck! Ah- Tao!” I gasped, voice filled with ardor as he continued. He was fast, his moves powerful but not rough, just vehement. It was a change from everyone else I had slept with and I found that I preferred this. 

 “Fuck, you feel so good!” He growled and I swiveled my hips back in reply. The sounds of our flesh smacking against itself was loud yet only spurred us on further. Because the sound of each slap of flesh was followed milliseconds later by blinding pleasure. “Do you fuck everyone when you meet them?” He said, his head brushing against my G spot and causing my back to arch. He took this opportunity to grab my hair with a hand and tug it back. 

 My back was now fully arched back, letting him pound inside me deeper. I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole forest had our moans and pants echoing through it from how loud we were. He pulled my hair a bit harder, his lips brushing against the shell of my ear as he whispered, “Huh? I asked if you always did this.” The man repeated, his voice husky. I continued moaning as he pumped into me.

 “I-I don A-ah! Don’t, I don’t!” I whimpered, pushing back against his dick “Just fo-for you!”

 I felt him smile against my hot skin as he started to suck on the flesh below my ear and at the beginning of my jaw. A small bite to the flesh made me clench around him, cumming so hard that all I saw was white. “Fuck!” He whispered lowly, only thrusting harder.

 I continued to moan when he pressed into my sensitive heat, eyes closed in pleasure. When he finally climaxed his body tightened, muscles flexing beautifully. He then slowly pulled out of me and discarded the condom. I turned over and looked at him, panting heavily. His dark eyes still held a playful tint, lips holding a small smirk as he gazed at my body, satisfied.

 I went to Jiuzhaigou every Friday after.

[Headcanon] How Kumo really ended up with the Nibi.

Alternatively: That one time Tobirama made friends with the Necromancer Hellcat.

Because I can totally see the Nibi trolling the Shinobi world. Mito thinks it’s hilarious, and Tobirama has got to get his kicks somehow.

It begins when Mito seals the Kyubi into her navel with nothing but ink and chakra. Suddenly the whole shinobi world is gearing up, ready for battle. In the idiot-mind of Tobirama’s older brother (seriously, this naïve trusting nature of his will get him killed someday) the best thing to do is to track down the other bijuu, seal them up into nice little packages, and ship them off to neighboring countries.

‘Everybody gets a Bijuu!’ He announces over the kotatsu during dinner one night, beaming at his own brilliance.

Tobirama facepalms when he hears this.

Mito snorts, but secretly she agrees with her brother-in-law.

This can only end in tears.

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10 Prompts To Help Improve Your Creative Writing.

1) Objective writing: Describe a homeless man sleeping in the rain without using metaphors or similes. What is he wearing? Where is he? What does his face look like? 2) Subjective writing: Describe yourself or a friend without directly describing any physical characteristics. For example, don’t write ‘sharp features, brown hair’, write ‘face of a fox, hair like chocolate’. 3) Creative writing: Describe a car crash without using the words car, crash, vehicle, or accident. Think of how things look, smell, sound, feel, and taste. Ex. 'The road was a smear of black ice and wet glass, snowflakes melted on slowly cooling skin. 4) Descriptive writing: Sit in a coffee shop and take detailed notes on one of the baristas. Write your assumptions of their personality based on these notes. Think like Sherlock. 5) Emotive writing: Describe the feelings of an artist after his house is robbed of the artwork he had on display. 6) Disconnected writing: Describe a woman’s outfit without mentioning that there is a person wearing it. Ex. 'The pink hand bag jostled from side to side against the magenta slacks ’ 7) Informal, personal writing: In a public place, assign names to people based on what stands out most about them. Eg. 'The pink lady’, 'Dog Face’, 'Bubble Gum’, 'Loud Shoes’ 8) Detailed writing: Write about the sensory experiences of your next meal. Use metaphor and simile to show the reader what the meal makes you feel / what memories it conjures. Remember to describe it with all five senses. 9) Situational writing: Describe an imaginary room in someone’s house. For each imaginary object, write where the homeowner acquired it, why they like it, and any memories they have attached to it. 10) Writing out of your comfort zone: Imagine that you are an animal. Describe a scene from that perspective. Remember that animals don’t think in words, so avoid complex chains of thought. Instead, try to give an impression of the surroundings using fragments of thought. Eg. 'Cold underfoot, rain, loud and wet, swollen river.’ I would love to see what you guys come up with for these prompts. Remember that if your writing takes you off track, go with it! Prompts are guides, not rules. If anyone does these, message me and I’ll reblog them and say a few things to promote your writing!

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It's over pt2 please

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Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Finale

I’ll probably get to part 3 some day lol

Words: 1218

“I’ll drive you home.” He called after you, his shoes making the fancy clack noise against the floor. You were crying. Unable to look at him, you shook your head, shooting an arm back at him to signal at him to stop following you.

“No! I want to walk, it’s nice out…” You pushed open the door, being hit by the pouring rain. Abruptly, you stopped in the middle of the sidewalk.

“What are you talking about? Are you insane? You get sick so easily, I’m not letting you walk home. What’s wrong with you? Didn’t you just say you were feeling sick?” He stopped behind you, but you couldn’t bring yourself to look at him.

“Just go back inside. I want to walk.” You repeated, furiously wiping away the tears. The street was oddly absent of people, making you sadder for some reason.

“(Y/N) stop it, my car is in the parking lot. Look at what you’re wearing, it’s already soaked.”

Just leave me alone! Go back to your fiance.” You whirled around, realizing just how close you were. He looked over your face, expression changing when he realized you were crying.

“Why are you crying?” He brought his thumb up towards your face, but you slapped it away.

“Don’t do that, you’re the worst.” You voice got quieter, and he dropped his hand limply to his side.

“Why? Why are you acting like this?” Yoongi wondered, making you feel worse. There was no way you could tell him. He looked so concerned, it made you want to hug him and tell him it was nothing.

You turned around again, walking the exact opposite way to your house. Yoongi was so obvious, you knew if you walked his way he would stop you by a hug. He’d done it so many times when you were mad or crying, and it always stopped you. It always made you tell him what was wrong, no exceptions.

He continued to follow you, his loud shoes endlessly clicking right behind you. Yoongi didn’t touch you, or even talk to you for a long while.

When you turned the corner, he shot an arm out and you walked right into it. Stopping, he went in front of you.

“How long are you going to keep walking? You don’t even know where you’re going anymore.”

“Why do you keep following me?” You didn’t want to know why. He was going to say he cared about you, or something dumb and friend like.

“You…what kind of question is that?” He stammered, shivering from the cold. You were both only wearing t-shirts in the pouring rain. It clung against his skin, making it partially see through. You were sure your shirt was doing the same.

“Yoongiah,” you looked up at him, squinting as the rain drops hit your eyes. He put a hand up above your head to conceal your eyes. “Sorry. I don’t want to be a part of your wedding.”

You could see the question mark shoot above his head. His eyes furrowed a little in confusion. Yoongi opened his mouth at least twice to say something, but closed it again.

“I’m in love with you.”

“Stop it.” He snapped, dropping his hand to his side. Yoongi’s hands balled to fists at his sides. “Don’t start.”

“Sorry. I’m sorry. Really, I wasn’t going to say anything.”

“Why did you, then?” He hugged himself.

“Because I’m the worst. Will you leave me alone, now?”

He nodded, keeping a straight face. You knew him too well, that was the expression he gave when he was trying his best to be strong. “Yeah, I’ll leave you alone, now.”

“Take a bath when you get home.”

He walked away, and this time, you were watching his back as he walked. Yoongi didn’t stop hugging himself as he walked, making you regret being so dramatic. You still had to walk back the same way you’d come from, which was exactly the way he was going.

You decided to take the bus. When you got into your apartment building, you ignored all the stares from everyone. You were soaking wet, shivering, and crying at the same time. Yoongi would probably never talk to you again, but for some reason you were glad. Maybe because of this, you’d have a shot to get over him.

Yeah, right…

You’d been like this for years, ever since junior high. When you tried to get over him, he’s always to something to bring you back. Even without talking to you.

For some reason, you felt like you deserved him more than everyone else. You’d been there for him for everything. Before his debut, while he was trying to work as an underground artist, even since the beginning of middle school. But, still, Yoongi hadn’t written any songs with you as the meaning behind them. He’d never told you he’d loved you above the meaning of family.

You took the elevator up, even though lately you’d taken the stairs. When you got up, you slowly walked towards your door.

Yoongi was waiting there. He was leaning against your door with arms crossed and eyes closed. You walked over to the door, and began to unlock it. His hand draped lazily onto the knob, and when you looked up at him he still had his eyes closed.

Just go in without talking to him, go inside the house and close the door.

“I always get here before you.” He opened his eyes, still not even sparing a glance at you.

“Awesome.” You replied, peeling his hand away from the door knob. You pushed open the door, making Yoongi stumble away from it. Without another word, you closed the door and locked it.

“I came here to talk.” He tried the door, but failed. Yoongi began to knock furiously. “(Y/N), open the door!”

You threw your keys on your desk, trying your best to ignore him. There would be no way you would be the one to try and break up an engagement. Yoongi should be happy, so you wouldn’t get in his way. It was a mistake telling him you loved him.

“Open the door.” He was quieter this time, his knocking scarce. You were close to tears again. You’d only just stopped.

“I know where you keep the spare key. I’m going to come in, anyway.” He decided, and you froze in place. After a few seconds, you heard the click of the lock and the door opened. Yoongi came into the living room where you were, and stood there quietly.

“How can you just say you love me and then ask me to go away? I’m so annoyed.” He sat down on the sofa, looking at the black television.

You went in front of him, sighing loudly. When you didn’t reply to him, he leaned forward.

“Okay. Don’t be a part of my wedding. Don’t talk to me about anything. Let’s stop being friends here.”

You said nothing, still. What could you say? If Yoongi wanted it, could you really stop him? He stood up, not daring to meet your eyes.

“Don’t put out a spare key, anymore. I’m pretty sure half your neighbor’s heard me yelling about knowing where it is.” He dropped the key into your hand before leaving.