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Bletizens speak on Baekysha’s new body

Recently, blexo member and resident loud mouth Baekysha Byun has showed blexo stans a new side of him. He surprised fans by debuting his hardwork and strict diet in the form of a new, muscular, body. While this recent exposure caused blexo stans to wild out, they aren’t the only ones with big reactions:

[+200/-25] damn bih, he went from “where my hug at” to “get these hoes off me”

[+300/-15] When will i ever bruh

[+176/-9] I bet Taeyeon missing that old thang right about now lmaooo

[+109/-30] Kings, remember that there is more to you than your bodies. instead of exposing his body to the world, he should’ve exposed his mind to knowledge. A man’s body should only be seen by his wombman. Remeber kings, open your third eye not your shirts #ankh #africa #realtalk

[+250/-13] Hardwork and determination got him where he is now. Baekysha set a personal goal, and achieved it. what y’all gettin mad for??

[+90/-26] I want my slim thicc back :(  #eatacheeseburger 

[+305/-7] Thicc, skinny, chubby, swole, i don’t give a fuck. he was fine as fuck then and he’s fine as fuck now. Baekysha can still and ALWAYS get it


Among the things that make me feel better, is working on komubak aus. And I don’t say dgm aus, because in all honesty, we’re only in it to find different ways in which komui and bak can fall in love and be disgusting forever.

One of your picto box quest shots is snapping a photo of the handsome rito mailman gazing at the tiny, angry, and loud rich resident of windfall. Go into his house and break all his expensive vases to hear him scream.

The Unexpected Arrival: Part Eight

The Unexpected Arrival: Part Eight

This story was inspired by Acid/C2ndy2c1d (http://c2ndy2c1d.tumblr.com) and her undying loyalty for one of my favorite cartoons, Courage the Cowardly Dog. And since she’s shown so many wonderful drawings to help sate my cravings, I thought I would write something in exchange.

This particular scenario is inspired by her awesome comic:


Rating: K (for Katz~)

Summary: After Muriel and Eustace’s passing, the Middle of Nowhere finally seems too empty for Courage. But some familiar, frightening faces will soon change all of that.


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