loud r5


Hey R5 Fam, 

I’m here to give you guys a chance to get a special message to R5! I have bought my tickets for a show and the meet and greet, and I want to do something special for the band!

If you guys could send me little messages for each member of the band, also Ryland, that would be amazing! My plan is to get all of your messages, hand write them ALL on small slips of paper, put them into envelopes to the specific member, and give it to them at the meet and greet! It would be amazing to get a ton of small messages to pass on to them. 

As for details on how to get your messages to me, please send them to my personal inbox here! As for the messages, if it could be 140 characters, so basically a tweet, or less, that would be greatly appreciated! Also, please attach your Twitter, Tumblr, or Instagram username with what you send me so they can find you on social media! But, please send only one username. 

As for longer messages, I will be creating a book full of stories from fans and longer messages from fans as well! This book will include every member and won’t be separated. If you would like to share your stories about how R5 has changed your life in any way, send an email to r5bostonmeetngreet2017@gmail.com and like the smaller notes, send a social media tag so I can add it to your note! The longer messages will be copied and pasted into a word document, formatted, and printed to be put into the book. Also, if you have met them before, feel free to send a copy of your picture with them too so I can add it to the book! 

The deadline is Tuesday June 27th, 3PM Eastern Time! Don’t hesitate to send something! ALL SUBMISSIONS WILL BE INCLUDED TO THE BOOK OR BAND MEMBERS ENVELOPE!