loud looks


9th batch

Feat. The all new dual card.
Note: I made an exception to the “no already established characters” rule, as upon request.
Dual cards are only permitted if two already finished cards of the same tier exist and are given permission to combine.


Did a Nuke…or a Late? Whatever ship name they have. Dunno if the scene is fitting, but hey I think it looks good.

Also, @dokkenix. As a sign of my appreciation, for actually talking to me and being my doorway further into the fandom (also because you’re cool af), I present to you your two special cards.

Hope you enjoy.

P.S. I don’t know where it is you are exactly, But you gotta cut that grass boi.

More to come soon.

Got woken up by these 3 loud assholes 😡 look at them; so smug!

Spend a couple hours in the park with my reflecting legs. They are so pale 😂😂😂😂
Now it’s time to do some cleaning and meal prepping.

What have you guys been up to? 😊

UGHHH i am so sorry. JUST… i’m speechless. words can’t describe how much i love this scene



Derek didn’t want a bodyguard, but his status and wealth meant he was a target for harassment, personal attacks and even kidnapping. So, he hired one just in case – it would appease his mom at the very least. Derek was expecting a big guy wearing a black suit and sunglasses, someone who would keep quiet and stay out of his way. What he got instead was the exact opposite: a loud-mouthed scruffy-looking know-it-all called Stiles. Love ensues.

Guys have you seen the new YOI art??? Because it’s great, but there’s just one thing I’d like to point out…

Victor’s got his hand on Yuuri’s shoulder there, but hey, Yurio’s got his entire elbow on Yuuri, and… well, is that really the most comfortable position? I mean he has to turn his whole head around to look at the camera. 

But then all I could think of was… *ahem*

The hilarious, big-hearted, observant, down to earth, and adorable duo!