loud fast

I wanna give a shout out to autistics that aren’t super quiet and nonverbal and hidden

Shout out to autistics that stim fast and loud and in public

Shout out to autistics that are hyperverbal, can’t stop talking and don’t know when they’re aggrivating The Neurotypicals

Shout out to autistics that love textures and sounds and smells and feel their emotions very loudly

I see you and I love you









hey, is there anyone that lives in the slc utah area or anywhere in northern utah that can take me and my cat in for the night?

I can’t add too many details because i can’t really think straight right now, but my roommate is threatening to hurt me and kill my cat (who is my emotional support animal) and I need to leave this house as soon as possible. I promise to not stay longer than a night, I just need to have somewhere safe to stay for now until i can figure out what I’m going to do next.

the signs as guys cumming

ARIES: loud grunting, not a lot of cum but it shoots far as fuck

TAURUS: deep sighing, low grunts, wants to whisper in your ear as he cums inside you

GEMINI: cums loud as fast, will shoot a load anywhere available, preferably your face

CANCER: silent as humanly possible, may whisper a curse word or two. cum usually drips down their dick

LEO: loud grunting, lots of cursing, cums hard but not that much, wants to nut on your ass or back

VIRGO: cursing ALOT, panting and grunting, will ask where you want them to nut on you

LIBRA: whispering curse words, panting. cums gently spills out their dick

SCORPIO: LOUD grunting, maybe even screaming. will shoot a really thick load in any hole

SAGITTARIUS: cursing and praising God at the same time, not a lot of cum, probably jacked his dick to cum everywhere

CAPRICORN: silent like Cancer, but shoots a thick load all the way across the room, will want you to suck the cum out of their dick

AQUARIUS: Lots of moaning, oohs and ahhs. will probably shoot small load on himself

PISCES: takes a long time to cum, a lot of moaning and cursing. will want to shoot a thick load on your titties and tell you to rub it in.

The Secret (9)

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Baekhyun could feel his heartbeat pounding hard against his chest, loud and fast as he slowly weaved through the chairs towards you and a shy Zoe. He’d never felt this nervous for anything in his life, not even when he debuted and performed at his first showcase with the rest of EXO. He didn’t want to mess this up: his daughter was too important and this was his chance to make up for the years he’d lost.

He introduced himself cheerfully, trying not to let his nerves shine through his voice. He flashed his daughter a bright smile that he hoped would comfort her a little. On the inside however, his stomach was doing somersaults.

“I’m your dad.”

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soocutelucifer  asked:

So what kind of relationship has lucifer with Michael?

Anonymous said:What kind of relationship is between Lucifer and michael?

They’re either at each other’s throats (which gets very loud and rough very fast) orrr they are completely at ease and in tune with one another.

Chuck learned very early on not to get between them when they start rolling across the floor in a snarly mess of feathers, but sometimes a startled other angel will try to. They usually only do it the once, because as soon as these two little shits see someone is going to interrupt, they immediately focus on the intruder and, as one, turn on them, omg.

So, it’s a-okay for them to antagonize each other, but pity the fool who tries to like, pick a side and join the ‘fight’ because that’s SO not on.

Second rehearsal with this pit orchestra. Maestro still hasn’t asked my name or addressed me as anything but “you.” Been putting up with his garbage conducting for about three and a half cumulative hours and I’m still sight reading like a champion. We get to a new part in the score that I haven’t yet played. It’s fast, loud, accented. Cool. Maestro looks at me BEFORE I EVEN PLAY and says “it’s ok if you can’t quite get it right, it can sound a little messy and it’ll be fine.” I’m sorry, what? I pick up my horn, nail it the first time. Get out of my face.

  • Evan: (fast) Well—Well, hey, I meant to tell you before we had a meeting with the Connor Project before. I think we have a great strategy for raising money for the orchard—
  • Zoe: (interrupts) Can we talk?
  • Evan: (mumbling) Shit.
  • Zoe: What?
  • Evan: No—It's just your breaking up with me, that's why you came over. So—
  • Zoe: I'm not breaking up with you!
  • Evan: (talking fast, loud) I know like how presumptuous can I get? I don't even knowing if we're like (in air quotes) dating officially or whatever—Which isn't even—it's cool—Don't worry you can tell me, I'm not gonna cry and start like breaking things
  • Zoe: I'm not breaking up with you
  • Evan: ...Okay (lightly touches Zoe on arm)...Thank you.
  • Zoe: (imitating Evan) Don't mention it.


I know this one’s kind of ironic but I still love the colors. 


(minor flashing/loud/spoilers)

a summary of the fandom during the last few chapters

junko, please have mercy

Two of His Worst Nightmares

Warning: Small hit

Request: Heyyyy so I saw the Young Bruce Wayne request thing. Can you do one where Bruce has a nightmare and maybe some violence?? I don’t know your amazing Liza, you’ll figure it out.

Originally posted by edngyma

Slowly your eyes opened hearing a loud and fast heartbeat up against your ear. And then you felt nothing at all, sitting up Bruce had rolled over. He was sweating horribly, his white shirt looked like someone had thrown water all over it. You could see his spine and back muscles coming out of his shirt. Rubbing your eye you shook his shoulders and tried to wake him up saying

“Bruce, Bruce.”

No reaction. His face tensed up and you touched his hair trying to calm his down in his sleep. It was soaking wet, you wiped your hand on your pillow. Then you shook him again.

“Bruce come on wake up, Bruce.”

He continued to not respond other than mumbles, crying, and rolling. You reached over and turned on the small lamp on the nightstand. Now, you could really see him. He had scratched his own arm during one of his more violent movements. Ready to try again you put your hand on his arm. He shot up and hit you directly in the nose. Gasping you put your hands on your nose, as he looked around with tears on his cheeks. Your nose began to bruise a bit where the initial hit was. Then he turned his head at you. Quickly you took your hands off your nose and wrapped your arms around Bruce’s shoulders lovingly kissing his neck. And of course making sure he didn’t see your nose. He hung his head and kissed your hands. Then he decided to pull you into his lap. He saw your nose and completely stopped. He stared and then put his face in his hands.

“Bruce it’s okay. You didn’t mean it.”

He sat up and just started madly apologizing, gasping for air as fast as he was talking. You tried to shush him and calm him down. Bruce finally chilled out a little bit and looked at you. He refused to talk.

“I’m gonna clean you up.” You smiled and touched his cheek.

You got up and retrieved a dry towel, a cold towel, a shirt, a new pillowcase, and a first aid kit. You took the dry towel and wiped off his face, took off his shirt and wiped the sweat off his chest and back. Then you gave him his shirt and he put it on. Then you wiped his face off, kissed his head gently. Lastly you put the cold towel on his arm where the cut was and then put wrap on it. You reached over turned off the light and rolled into Bruce’s chest. His chest tensed and you pulled him closer.

“It’s okay Bruce.” You whispered.

You took his arms and wrapped them around your waist. He eventually pulled you closer…