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2, 8, 18, 33, 43? :) Oh and also 3 because I love this kind of question ^^

Thanks so much for asking! *hugs*

  • 2) If you could meet anyone on this earth, who would it be?

Oooh tough question! I’d love to meet my faves but I’m afraid I’d be far too nervous. 

  • 3) Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 23, give me line 17.

“…as the next male heir had inherited the German duchy.” from Victoria by Daisy Goodwin. It’s the book I mentioned to you ^^

  • 8) If you are outside, what are you most likely doing?

Walking to the post-office [I sell my unwanted clothes on Ebay]. Walking to the shop. Walking to the bus-stop. Walking always walking!

  • 18) What’s a sound you hate; sound you love?

Sounds I hate: Scraping, ticking clocks, noisy eaters, loud music…I hate noisy environments full-stop. Sounds I like: Wind in the leaves, rain, and waves

  • 33) What’s the last thing you purchased?

£10 mobile bundle. Very exciting!

  • 43) What’s a song that always makes you happy when you hear it?

National Express - The Divine Comedy. Ba ba ba da. Ba ba ba da!🎵️

Meet the artist thing I did!

I saw a bunch of these floating around and wanted to do one for myself. I think it’s pretty accurate to me honestly. I even drew my glasses, which I hardly ever so since I get lazy about it. I’ve always got my hair pulled back in a messy bun, dark circles under my eyes, and just me.

I added things I liked: ~My dog Tiki (the absolute light of my life, heart and soul) ~mac and cheese ~pizza ~fanfictions ~Dragon Age ~Transformers ~drawing (etc…there’s a lot of things I like)

Things I don’t like: ~early mornings ~loud breathers (this includes eaters) ~meeting new people (I’m just not very social) ~conversations (that’s really anything in general unless I REALLY like you. Which I will let you know if I do)

I’m 5′1″ and full of anxiety! I’m also on the heavier side, and have two amazing best friends. Amber and Chance..where would I be without them honestly.?

LOOK at my cute pup. He’s a little chihuahua by the way, long haired. Super adorable. Pain in my ass. Just the best.

1. How old? 21
2. Current job? barista and makeup artist
3. Dream job? working as a MUA of television and film overseas
4. What are you talented at? watching 10+ hours of television straight?? playing minesweeper??
5. What is a big goal you are working towards/have achieved already? i want to go back to school and do a science degree
6. What’s your aesthetic? red lipstick, winged eyeliner, boxing gloves, books, heeled boots
7. Do you collect anything? not really. at least not for the sake of just collecting.
8. What is a topic you always bring up in conversations? probably whatever crime show i’ve been watching
9. What’s a pet peeve of yours? inconsideration and lack of basic respect, customers who fucking click their fingers at me, loud eaters
10. Good advice to give? i really don’t have any - maybe try and live not regretting anything? just reflecting and improving?
11. Recommend three songs or more: No Good - Kaleo, Gemini Feed - Banks, Lover, You Should’ve Come Over -  Jeff Buckley, Bulbs - Van Morrison, Fucked Up Blue - The Snowdroppers

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3, 18, 33

  • 3) Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 23, give me line 17.

I’ve been asked this one already so I’ll choose another book nearby,

“…of the Laches is intended to be a real disproof of the thesis that courage…” It’s from a chapter on Platonic argument in one of my textbooks. It’s one of the chapters I found the most interesting but annoyingly I didn’t have the option of writing an assignment relating to the subject. 

  • 18) What’s a sound you hate; sound you love?

Sounds I hate: Scraping, ticking clocks, noisy eaters, loud music…I hate noisy environments full-stop. Sounds I like: Wind in the leaves, rain, and waves

  • 33) What’s the last thing you purchased?

£10 mobile bundle. Very exciting!

Imagine being Tig’s old lady and he learns that you never had an orgasm in your life.

SO SO SORRY< i wrote this and then realized I kinda lost track of the request.. I guesssss the story goes where the story goes hehe, the request was anon, so I hope you’d still like it, kisses baby’s. 

Warning: Smut, drinking.

Filip! It’s you and me tonight!” you slurred your words shouting at him from the bar to the pool table, trying to be heard over the loud music. There was a party tonight at Samcro, a big one, Tacoma was in town so there was booze everywhere, music way too loud and crow eaters were out of job because there were to many of them. Your old man wasn’t there tonight, he had promised to take Fawn to dinner and a movie, he hadn’t seen her since Dawn died and you had convinced him to reach out to Fawn, tell her everything and just simply be with her, so he did. 

You had done one to many shots with Chucky, you were ready for another one when he just passed out, now sleeping on the floor. You had looked around and saw Chibs wasn’t in any crow eater business, yet. “Allrigh’ lass, come over here then” you chuckled at how thick his accent could get and stumbled your way over to your friend. 

“Chibbyyy, I’ve missed you and stuff” you giggled as your leg slammed into the pooltable. “Had a bit to much to drink girl?” You shook your head “nah, I feel just fine Chib” you took a chip from the chips bowl on the pool table and threw it at him, thinking that was the funniest thing. “Aye you’re a clever little gal aren’t ye?” Chibs laughed and put the chip in his mouth.

After a couple of hours you hadn’t sobered up a bit and Chibs had only gotten more drunk. The two of your were sitting in front of each on top of the pool table. You had been talking and talking, Chibs told you all about his life, his happy live before Jimmy'O had come and ruin everything. And how he had gotten here, in Charming, and how he was happy here again. Every time he would say the word Happy he would point at Hap and thought that was the funniest shit ever. You started talking about your life and about how you had ended up with your old man Tig. 

You didn’t remember how the two of you got to the subject but you were talking about sex life’s. Chib’s sex life was rather exiting, telling you weird story’s about the crow-eater’s kinks and what not. You talked about how you and Tig did it and laughed with Chibs at the thought of Tig fucking a sex-doll. “Lass the man must give ya the best orgasm’s with all his kinks and shiet” he laughed but you didn’t this time. You looked down at your hands “n.. no Chibs, I, I’ve never had one in my life


“Y/n!, you awake?” Tig yells from downstairs waking you up. “I am now you shit head” you had shouted back and laid back down, trying to fall asleep again, you had the worst headache ever from last night and you weren’t ready to face the real world yet. “Stay in bed I’m coming up in a few” you rolled your eyes, then why did you have to wake me, you thought to yourself not having the energy to yell anymore.

“So my little girl is a bit tired” Tig laid down next to you placing a hand on your face. You opened one eye and simply nodded. “How was everything with Fawn yesterday?” you still looking at him with one eye opened. “Ah no, we’re not talking about me we’re talking about you, or us, just like you were yesterday to Chibs” you quickly got up, sitting down on the bed. “Tig I… I, was drunk, very drunk” you looked at him, he was still lying down. “Come here, little girl” you hated it when he would call you little girl but you guess you had deserved it, talking shit about the two of you to his best friend. As you went to sit down on top of him he ripped all your clothes off, with in ten seconds all your clothes where on the ground. Now sitting in only your panties. “We’re going to change that.” You giggled at him. You took his clothes of and he laid you down on the bed. His hand massaging your breast, teasing your nipples, you felt his beard tickling your belly as he was leaving bites and kisses. You let out a loud gasp as he suddenly ripped off your panties. “I liked those baby” he laughed a bit “Yeah me too” he opened up your legs and started kissing your thighs, his beard tickling all the right places, making you squirm underneath him. His fingers slipped inside you and did some magic wonders you’ve never experienced before, his mouth starting on your clit. Your moans where getting louder and louder, he was so focussed on letting you cum you felt this feeling you never had before, it was building up as your hips started working the same rhythm as his fingers and tongue, the feeling got more intense and your started to tighten, you could feel it. You lost control of your body, screaming his name as you came for him. He slowly crawled on top of you and kissed you passionately. “Ready for round two baby” he said breaking up the kiss resting his forehead on yours, now letting him slip inside you. You looked up at your old man who looked at you so proudly of what he had just done, it made you smile at him. “I love you Alex”

  • Sirius: What's with the hand move? D’you see that? Does that, like, mean somethin’?
  • Remus: It's code. I think it breaks down to "choo-choo." [mimics pulling a train whistle]
  • James: It probably means to follow him. That, or wait here for him.
  • Sirius: Hey Mad-Eye! What's the [Mimics gesture] all about?
  • Moody: It means "yell real loud, so the Death Eaters who don't know we're coming will have a sporting chance."

koalaatea  asked:

23-31 (didn't read them, I just picked them-sorry!)

23. fear(s): spiders, closed spaces/feeling trapped

24. height: 5′3

25. role model: umm…probably my mam? idk, i don’t have any role models
26. idol(s): same applies
27. things i hate: being ignored/left on read, LOUD eaters/drinkers, rude people, being made to feel stupid, being made to feel like i don’t matter, bullies, my ex :) :) 
28. i’ll love you if…you make me tea, play with my hair and stroke my lower back until i fall asleep…or if you have a dog
29. favourite film(s): pretty woman, hairspray, bridge jones, lots trilogy, a few good men
30. favourite tv show(s): friends, downton abbey, the thick of it, tvd, gossip girl, PLL, the oc, mr selfridge, the us office…lotsss
31. 3 random facts: christ…1) i only have one dimple on my left cheek 2) i can say the alphabet backwards in under 15 seconds and 3) i definitely like your dog more than i like you

thank you my love! x

Soul is such a dweeb, he probably made a music playlist of sexy songs that is specifically to be played during sexy times with Maka. He had full surround sound speakers installed into their bedroom with this specific intention in mind. Ambience music is extremely important to him during Maka loving time.

In Class: The Loud Eater

“Chomp chomp chomp,” goes the inconsiderate jerk sitting behind me. I can’t pay attention to the lecture I paid 40 dollars for because every other word is interrupted by the earth-shattering, Dorito-induced sonic wave expelled from his mouth. Is that really necessary? Class may seem like forever, but in real time, it’s not that long. There’s like 20 minutes left and the convenience store is right across the quad. What’s even worse is the fact that he thinks he’s being stealthy by timing his bites to coincide with the professor’s sentence-initial words. I CAN HEAR EVERYTHING I’M RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU. Sporadic chomping is even more unbearable when I’ve caught onto your rhythm and can predict every fucking bite.

I understand that class can be boring and boredom can sometimes inspire hunger. I get that all the time. But please have the courtesy to choose a snack that won’t mistakenly trigger a Nam-style flashback to the poor 60-year old veteran sitting in the front who’s just trying to get that English degree he always wanted. How about a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? Or….a Snickers bar. Actually on second thought…candy wrappers also piss me off. You know what’s the worst? Celery. Fuck celery.