loud at soundcheck

Imagine Izzy Being Nervous When Asking You to Move In With Him

//requested by anonymous//

You were standing in the parking lot next to the row of buses; the band and the crew members dispersed throughout the area. Everyone was overwhelmed by mixed emotions, being that the last show of the tour was tonight. You and Izzy had been dating for a few months now, and you were beginning to question what would happen once the tour was over.

In the short time that you were together, you had never felt more excited and optimistic about a relationship in your life. Izzy was astoundingly passionate about his band, and whenever he raved about music you couldn’t help but find his energetic attitude to be significantly attractive. Maybe you were a little caught up in the ‘honeymoon phase’ or whatever it was people called it. That didn’t matter, though. Izzy had completely won you over, and the thought of what the future had in store for the two of you was incredibly thrilling.

“Izzy!” You called out, your head tilting to the side as you gave him a goofy smile.

Turning around and grinning back at you, Izzy jogged over and beamed, “Yes, babe?”

You pulled Izzy in by the collar of his shirt and kissed him, making him laugh at your spontaneity. Breaking the kiss, you giggled and looked down briefly as your cheeks burned red.

“Someone’s happy I’m here,” he chuckled.

“I wanted to see you before you left,” you admitted, brushing your hair out of your face as a gust of wind went by.

“Leave? Baby, I’m not going anywhere,” he flirted, a confident smirk growing on his face as he stepped forward and held your hips.

“Leave for the show you idiot,” you laughed, then added, “anyway, I was thinking about heading home for a bit afterwards… I don’t know if I’ll get to see you later tonight,” you said, pouting your lips.

The last stop of the tour was LA. You weren’t quite sure what would happen after the show. Usually you’d join Izzy on the bus until you reached the next city, but tonight you were in your hometown. Was it expected of you to go back to your apartment and Izzy to his? What if he didn’t think of you the same way you thought of him? Your train of thought was brought to a halt and you were soon interrupted by a loud voice.

“Soundcheck, boys!” Announced one of the crew members.

Izzy softly caressed your cheek with his hand as he left a quick kiss on your lips, then spoke, “I’ll meet up with you later, ok? Don’t leave right after.”

Heading down the hallway towards the side of the stage, Izzy caught sight of the rest of the band warming up.

“Hey man, did you ask her yet?” Axl asked.

Izzy too, had been thinking about what would happen after the show.

“Not yet. I’m asking her after the show,” he responded, picking up his guitar.

“You better not chicken out, or I’ll ask her to move in with me instead,” Axl joked, lightly punching Izzy’s arm.

“Not a chance in hell,” Izzy retaliated, his mind rushing to formulate how he would ask you.

It was time for the guys to go on, and as usual, the crowd erupted into a frenzy as they screamed and chanted. You watched them from the side of the stage, completely mesmerized by their performance. They never failed to exude such intense energy; the band ecstatically captivating everyone in the arena.

The show ended and you hugged Izzy after he walked offstage, not caring that he was completely drenched in his own sweat.

"You were amazing, babe, but you already knew that,” you complimented as you kissed his lips.

“Yeah, but I never get tired of hearing it from you,” Izzy smiled.

He grabbed your hand and looked around for the exit, then said, “Let’s go somewhere more quiet.”

You snuck outside, doing your best to avoid any lingering fans. Izzy led you into one of the buses and the two of you sat on the couch. You were beginning to jump to the conclusion that something was up with Izzy because of his hesitance to make eye contact with you. Oh God. This is it. The tour’s over and he’s breaking up with me.

Izzy took a deep breath and looked at you, his body language practically screamed that he was skittish. The only time he ever felt anything close to what he was feeling right now was before a show, and this was much worse than that.

You felt Izzy grab your hand and you looked down as his thumb rubbed across the back of it. He opened his mouth and was about to speak, but instead he looked away and let out a nervous laugh. Your eyebrows scrunched together in both fear and curiosity as you wondered what exactly he was about to say.

Izzy let out another sigh, and finally spoke, “I wanna ask you something and it’s fine if you say no, or think this isn’t really a good idea and I understand completely if you don’t wanna but-”

He paused as his eyes finally met yours. His rambling brought a small smile to your face, and you squeezed his hand before asking, “Izzy, what’s going on?”


He was interrupted by the door of the bus opening. In walked Axl standing on the top step, grinning at the two of you. The rest of the band slowly trailed behind him, pushing Axl and complaining when he wouldn’t move. Izzy’s eyes nearly blew out of his socket as he tried to signal him to leave.

Axl caught on, and laughed, “Oh! Shit man. Sorry!”

He pushed the rest of the guys out and closed the door. Running his hand through his hair, Izzy tried to shake off his agitation.

“You were saying?”

He focused his attention back to you, and replied, “Right! Ok, like I said before, it’s fine if you don’t want t-”

Starting to become impatient you whined, “Izzy!”

He chuckled as he stared down at the ground. Slowly lifting his head up to meet your eyes, he smiled, and asked, “Will you move in with me?”

Your eyes widened and your eyebrows rose to the top of your forehead. Move in? And to think you were afraid of him breaking up with you. Izzy waited in anticipation for your answer, and although it took you about two seconds to respond, it felt like two hours to Izzy.

“Izzy, I’d love to!” you proclaimed, and pulled him in for a kiss.

His smile was so big it was almost impossible for him to kiss you back. You leaned your forehead against his and he inquired, “You really want to?”

Laughing at him you said, “Yes, I really want to!”

He pecked your lips and you added, “By the way, you’re really cute when you’re nervous,” you teased.

“Shut up,” Izzy remarked, sticking his tongue out at you.

You were overjoyed by the fact that you would be living with Izzy. Sure, you already had an apartment that was perfectly fine, but moving in with Izzy wouldn’t just be moving into a new apartment; it’d be the place you and Izzy would call home.