One of the best things I’ve seen about the Lebanese Civil war is a 4 part Al Jazeera documentary on it. It was in Arabic, but I think you can find it with subs. It was pretty thorough and spoke to almost all the main actors of the civil war, who are now the political leaders of Lebanon. It was called Harb Loubnan if my memory serves correctly.

I sail with my ship
flying towards my home
my soul is heading fast
my heart leads me
my eyes seek for the coast
to long I have it missed
already I can smell
the scent of my land
of it is so full of history
the ancient walls it tells
survived all the emporers
living still the way it has
for many decades since
I remember now there
the olive trees under that
we have spent so much
of beautiful time
with our family all
squeezing the lemons
in hot summer days
eating the fruits
of our country fruitile soil
The fragance of the flowers
spreeding even in night
our cultures dance
we take our hands and move
and though I return now
my soul never left
the land of my anchestors
the beauty in the middle east

I sail with my ship
flying towards my home
my soul is heading fast
my heart has led me
I am at home after long
I missed you deeply
ya Loubnan!

—  - I got inspired to this, after I found and listened to a very beautiful Nasheed. And I saw the coast of Lebanon by that! - Janet, November 2010
Watch on safisb.tumblr.com

(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dMhS2BSc3yU)

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Watch on safisb.tumblr.com

(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=naWoW8dMwfM)

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