mckenziehawkins_: I’m not usually the one to do sappy posts, but I can’t help but brag about how truly amazing these two women are. To be able to say I met them is one thing, but to be able to say they’ve mentored me and are my friends is another thing. The way these ladies helped us and made us into better artists is truly indescribable. For them to take the time out of their lives and not only teach us such incredible things, but bring us together as family is so amazing. I’m so blessed to say I was a part of this experience and I’m even more blessed for all the new friends I’ve made. I couldn’t possibly thank these ladies enough for what they’ve done for us! But thank you so very much💕 I love y'all :) @schullerinc @louteasdale

X- Black Heads

X- Start a Skincare Routine 

X- Lets talk about ACNE 

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X- Facial Mask 

X- Applying Foundation Basics 

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X- DIY Skin Boosting 

X- Cleanser for Every Face 

X- Moisturizer For Everyone  

X- How To: Go To The Dermatologist 

X- DIY Foundation 

X- DIY Serum 

X- Before You Sleep Checklist 

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X- How To Properly Wash Your Face 

X- Oily Skin 

X- Map Your Facial Acne 

X- Activated Coal and it’s Benefits 

X- Shaving Your Face

X- Natural Alternative to Beaded Cleansers 

X- DIY Make Up Pads 

X- Turmeric Mask 

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