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it takes $0 to not be a dick

I’m fed up

I keep seeing these rudeass anons pop up like weeds in this community. Regardless of whether it’s just one asshole intent on harassing ask blogs or multiple, the amount of negativity these anons are spreading is absolutely sickening. Listen up.

Don’t go around policing other people what they should or shouldn’t do. The entire premise of having an ask blog is purely based on you. On doing the shit you want to do. 
The ask blog platform is ideal because it’s a medium that conveys your ideas in a fun and interactive way. And granted if you’re looking to make an ask blog just for the sake of being popular or getting notes, you’re going to have a bad time. I may not be in the position to say anything as one of the alleged ”””popular””” blogs, but if you enjoy your au and feel passionate about it, people are bound to feel it too. And they will enjoy it. It’s part of being part of a community that enjoys seeing each other’s content.

It’s not a competition.
Like my last point states, the idea of having an ask blog is not built on the foundation of ‘who has the most followers’ or ‘who can draw the best’. An ask blog is a process and ultimately the culmination of a person’s strengths and creativity. Yes, art happens to be one of the main appeals in an ask blog, and yes, it can also be a reason to start an ask blog, whether it’s for your own self-improvement or something of like, but art isn’t everything. It’s a person’s care they put into writing and culturing their ideas for their desired alternate universe. We don’t look out asks and immediately think ‘yes answering this will get me lots of attention’. We are selective in what we answer for the reason of having the inspiration/perfect idea to execute an answer. Like I said it’s a process.

At this point I’m repeating myself but I want to make it very clear. While I may say art isn’t everything, I can say that most of us here started our blogs with the drive to improve our art. Our ask blog is fundamental for our creative process because the messages and prompts you send feeds us with the ideas and motivation needed to even create art. We don’t fucking burst out of the womb like the baby from Alien making these drawings on a whim. At the end of the day we’re all still practicing- testing out new techniques, everything of that sort. If you berate those that intend on improving their craft, you’re only discouraging them from making the improvements that you want to see from them. 

We do what we do not only to satisfy the expectations of our ‘audience’ but because we love it. Your enjoyment comes first and foremost in a platform like this so don’t feel pressured to change if it’s not to your own consent.

my gf is playing fallout 4 at the moment and we were chatting about how the game had lots of possibly cool things but wasted its own potential (i feel) because of 1. railroading and 2. pacing problems.

take the intro segment of the game for example. (spoilers for those who haven’t played i guess). you start off by customizing the couple spoken of in the intro of the game, a husband and wife, one of which will be playable by you. but, you get the chance to customize them both, which in turn changes your baby’s appearance.

that’s really cool!

what isn’t cool, however, is the lack of ability to name your own partner or child. you only get to name the player character.

to add to that, the game expects you to, after little interactions with barely any choice, to be bonded enough with your spouse and child to be upset when they’re taken from you and invested for the rest of the game in finding your baby and avenging your partner.

it just kinda falls flat to me.

what i feel would’ve had more impact would be if the module that thawed out the pods was remotely accessed from outside or from the very beginning of the vault. this would’ve meant that, when the player is woken up along with their spouse and child, they have no clue why or what is waiting for them.

the player could then have some time to learn more controls and get situated in the game by traveling through the falling-apart vault with their partner and kid in tow. maybe make choices, like if they should interact with others’ pods. who carries the baby. searching for staff assistance or means for self defense.

once you make it to the exit of the vault, you’d find the elevator isn’t there. confused, you could begin trying to call it down, only it’s already on its way down.

just as the elevator stops, the player is faced by the institute, on their way to steal your baby. maybe you get a dialogue choice prompt here, decide to try to take your baby into safety yourself, or tell your partner to flee, or just try to attack the institute members. in the end, in the scuffle, your partner gets fatally shot (along with anyone you let free from pods), your baby taken, and you get dragged back into stasis.

if you’d had the chance to actually play a part of the game, a stage, with these other characters i feel there could have been some more legitimate attachment and drive to doing something about it later on.

Let’s talk about Wash learning about Junior.

Caboose shouting with excitement that he couldn’t wait to see Junior again, but Wash was too confused to ask who Junior was. Not that he got to see this stranger anyways. Which for some reason everyone seems upset the others. Not his place to ask though. How is he alive again?

Wash finds Tucker up early one morning baking a cake, but when Wash asks who the cake is for Tucker doesn’t say. Instead he just reminds Wash that they always celebrate birthdays. The rest of the Tucker vanishes into his room.

Wash finds an old Blue team flag and wants to throw it away. Caboose asks Wash not to throw it away, but when Wash asks why Caboose starts talking about Doc. Tucker sees the flag in the trash and starts a fight with Wash. “Don’t touch what isn’t yours dude!”

Wash catches Tucker whispering to about Junior in his sleep. Wash thinks its a past lover and feels hurt.

On their way home Tucker can’t stop talking about this Junior and how excited he is to see him again for the first time in forever. Wash is hurt and worried that this Junior will replace him.

After the crash Wash finds Tucker one night screaming to the stars that the world is shit and promises to see Junior again soon.

Wash finds that ripped up, old, dirty blue flag again in Tucker’s room. He wasn’t snooping though. He just needed a pair of socks.

After being reunited on Chorus, Donut getting excited talking about their past in BG and mentions how cute Junior was.

Grif and Simmons calling Junior scary but know he means the world to Tucker.


One night Wash finally spots the photo…

It’s a long night with a lot of confused questions.

The thing that gets me is that Isak held things in, the same way Sana is holding things in but with Isak the boys knew. They fucking knew he wasn’t okay and they were concerned. Jonas tried on multiple occasions to give him a chance to open up to him, let him be there for him. Even as Isak kept shutting him out. But time and time again we’re forced to watch the girls completely ignore all the warning signs. The same girls we’ve watched Sana be there for. Even talking over her, literally. Ugh. I just need one of them to notice and soon.

You won’t believe me but there’s a brother I got to know recently for the last two weeks, from the masjid, and he is genuinely obsessed with me (healthy obsession)😭.

He’s not one that would leave his comfort zone for people but he’ll rush to come with me wherever I want to go.
When there’s a lesson/lecture going on, he usually chills in the back, but since I’ve been chilling with him, he goes straight to the front and sits near me. Whenever he knows I’m in the masjid or around the area, he leaves his house to meet me. And one of my favourite things about him is that he messages me to ask if I’ve got home safely, to be safe while I’m on my journey (I live pretty far from the masjid) and things like how my family are etc. And Wallaahi I love it.

You know when you can tell someone sincerely loves you for no other reason than for His sake, well yeah I got those vibes💛.