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Yo guys! I know i haven’t been around lately; that’s because I’m on finals and stuff at college and it’s driving me crazy! But i try to keep making some doodles and stuff i upload at Twitter :3
i just wanted to let you know that I’ll come back with many drawings, also i wanted to say thank you to all the people that have stick with me and also to the new followers 💘 it means a lot to me.
That’s all for now, see you soon my squibs!
I’ll be back Bl

O que vocês achariam de um rp de cidade baseado nos anos 70/80, integrando todos os modos, problemas sociais e tudo mais da época? Seria uma cidade fictícia, com escola, pequena faculdade, lugares de trabalho e tudo mais, para permitir a criação de todo o tipo de personagens. Por agora, é só um rascunho na minha cabeça, mas adoraria saber se alguém estaria interessado, antes de começar fazendo alguma coisa.


Okay so here’s a good metaphor for what it’s like being misgendered as a trans person. Imagine that someone pokes you. Not too hard, just hard enough for it to maybe hurt a tiny bit. Now, if this happens every once in a while it’s no big deal, but imagine being poked like that in the same exact spot constantly ever since you were born. It would hurt a lot more, right? I think that’s why a lot of cis people don’t realize how much it sucks to be misgendered. They think ‘oh I’ve been misgendered before it wasn’t pleasant but it wasn’t really that bad’ but they don’t realize that when it happens constantly, it starts to just feel worse every time.

(Honestly this can apply to any microaggression)


Hey guys what’s up? Today i come here to offer commissions, mostly because things at home are getting tough so I want to help my mom with some expenses. Also i want to support her by paying my own stuff & i need money to survive in college uwu  

So that’s the thing, above i show you some things i can do + prices, bc this is my first time doing comms i hope i don’t mess things up ;w; 

What I WILL draw:
- splatoon oc’s
- original characters
- anime characters
- videogame characters
- just ask

What I WON’T draw:
- furries
- gore
- mecha

Payment Method:
- PayPal ONLY 
- I’ll start to work in your piece, only when you’ve done the payment,

Any Questions?:
- Don’t be afraid to ask! Send me a message here on tumblr or mail me at lw_645@hotmail.com !

1. —
2. —
3. —

I’ll start with 3 slots, depending on how things goes I’ll open more.

That’s all for now, thank you so much for supporting me! 

Pergunta aleatória: alguém estaria interessado em ter uma espécie de blog ooc (obviamente não ooc, mas do mesmo tipo), só que para as pessoas que tem 1x1? É que acho que não sou a única pessoa que gostaria de conhecer os outros melhor e seria uma maneira legal de nos aproximarmos e facilitar o contato entre todos. Não sei, é só uma sugestão, se quiser comenta sua opinião ou dá um like! <3