his fist is big but my gun’s bigger/he’ll find out when i pull the trigger

Better the Devil You Know- Kylie Minogue
Flowers Never Bend With the Rainfall- Simon & Garfunkel
Behind the Wall- Tracy Chapman
How to Be Invisible- Kate Bush
Still Not Ready- Eva Cassidy
I Go To Sleep- Cher
Doctor My Eyes- Jackson Browne
Don’t Cry Out Loud- Melissa Manchester
Caroline Says II- Lou Reed
His Hands- Janis Ian
Only Women Bleed- Alice Cooper
Black Eyes, Blue Tears- Shania Twain
Gunpowder and Lead- Miranda Lambert


My Olicity Fic Bang Project contribution

Title: Small Things & Big Plans: How They Started Their Summer of Love

Word Count: 17,087

Chapters: 4

Rating: Teen

Pairing: Oliver Queen & Felicity Smoak

Warnings: Some grief due to reported character death

Summary: When Oliver and Felicity drove off into the sunset at the end of Arrow Season 3, they didn’t expect to be back in Starling City a week later for a funeral. They also certainly didn’t expect to have to stay in Starling to clear their names from involvement in a suspicious death. Small things lead to big discoveries and bigger plans in this what-happened-during-the-summer-hiatus speculation story.

Author’s Note: Thank you to the fine folks who created the @olicityficbang project. After having a blast editing several Arrow fanfic stories over the past year, I had toyed around with writing my own Arrow fanfic. The Olicity Fic Bang project pushed me over the edge and into the glorious abyss of fic writing! Thank you for rekindling the joy of writing for me!!!  

Thank you also to my wonderful team: my cheerleader @lerayon (for helping me stay on track and motivated), my editor / beta reader Rose @osiriaroses (for catching my typos and helping me capture Felicity’s voice), and my amazing artist Tatiana @santagotsmoaked. Tatiana finished the artwork above in the midst of a hospital stay this week! Then she stayed up late helping me tweak it so it would be ready to post on time. Thanks!!!!

Thank you also for my inspiration: Lou @louiseblue1, Jen @jbuffyangel and Janis @so-caffeinated . I would have never, ever considering writing this story if it hadn’t been for you amazing, wonderful ladies & authors. You have been so encouraging and supportive. I have been blessed to have you in my life. Be sure to look for the Easter eggs I’ve included for each of you in this story. You each have one that I created with you in mind.

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The ringing phone jolted them back to reality. A week ago Oliver and Felicity had left Starling City on their quest for a new life. Their first night they came upon a secluded resort in view of the coast but away from just about everything else. After a day in bed letting the cares of the past three years fade away in their embraces, they finally came up for air to get some food. While Oliver called for room service, Felicity checked her phone. No service. Well, they had wanted to get away from it all. It made her a little nervous being unplugged, but Oliver was glad to be unreachable. He needed the peace and quiet. He needed time to decompress. He needed time to just be with Felicity and be happy. He didn’t need reminders of what they were leaving behind.

After a week of this seclusion, however, Felicity got antsy. She loved being with Oliver. She loved having his complete attention for the first time ever. She loved falling asleep with his arms around her and waking up to his kisses. She loved really being a couple and not having a care in the world other than what they were going to do for dinner. After a week, though, she found herself wondering what they were going to do for the rest of their lives. They couldn’t just live at this beautiful resort, watching the ocean, drinking mojitos and making love forever, could they?

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