Okay so we all know that before the X factor days both Harry and Louis were in their own bands, yes? Common knowledge.
Harry was in White Eskimo as the lead singer:

and Louis was in The Rogue as the lead singer:

Louis has a tattoo dedicated to his old band:

   Battle of the bands competition

Harry attended a ‘battle of the bands’ competition before he entered X factor

He stated this in his interview which was shown before his audition. Louis was interviewed as well but it was cut and not shown, I wonder why.

But what most of us don’t know is that Harry and Louis both performed at the same battle of the bands competition, we can prove this by these screenshots:

And this picture:

although blurry, you make out that Harry tweets something along the lines of

“@Harry_Styles: Soo. Battle of the bands today. Some real talent here. Don’t think we’re going to win .x”

While Louis tweets:

“@Louis_Tomlinson: That Harry fella from White Eskimo has got a sick voice ! Getting nervous !”

And the posters people are holding clearly say “White Eskimo” and “The Rogue”. Their band names.

I’m seeing this supposed screenshot, I’m unsure if this is real and the reason for this is because in the tweet Harry said he “might not have won,” when when he was interviewed he stated that White Eskimo had won the battle of the bands competition. But this tweet could be still legitimate despite. I’m going to leave this one up for you to decide if it’s real.

So we safely say that Harry and Louis bumped into each other at least once during the competition.

  Cover Up

Now what makes this really interesting is this:

The tweets from the battle of the bands competition have been deleted. But why?

Maybe this screenshot can help you out:

The picture above perfectly sums the situation that is happening.


Now it’s also known that Harry and Louis just happened to attend the same concert a few years before X factor, but is it really just a coincidence? I honestly don’t know anymore. It could be a cute date or maybe it could be where they first met. I don’t know, I’d have to do a bit more research on that to find out.

To most this is just a coincidence:

Cardigans look pretty similar, don’t they?

And this was just a spur of the moment kind of thing, that they were just excited and overjoyed that they were put through and given another chance at judges houses. Right?


Okay, so let’s take a look at these pictures. There’s been debate as to if the person behind Louis is Harry and hopefully after reading this you can come to a conclusion.

So the picture depicts Louis with a ball, while the person who we suspect is Harry is behind playing table tennis circled in red.

This is Louis from the same day. He’s wearing the same clothing with the same ball that he was pictured with above.

This is Harry. He’s wearing the same clothing the person behind Louis was, coincidence?

So we can conclude that although again the pictures are somewhat blurry, you can clearly see the people pictured are Harry and Louis. They were at the same place, once again. Wow, these guys seem to be running into each other quite a bit, eh?!

   This would explain why:

They looked so loved up when they only still had their name tags on.

   And why as soon as they were put together as a band, this happened:

  The toilet story

After seeing all this, I’m going to have to come to the conclusion that the 'toilet story’ was in fact, scripted. Modest! Are becoming smarter, not by much, but they are. They’re thinking ahead, plans are smart but execution is full of rough patches and errors. They most likely made Lou and Haz explain the whole 'story’ with James Cordon with the full intention of cutting it to make it look like that is the real deal and to make the story seem more believable since the scene had been cut. They’d prefer for us to believe that story rather than us knowing that they were together before the X factor. However, I believe some aspects of the 'toilet story’ could be true, maybe they did bump into each other in the toilets and their first words may have been “oops” and “hi”. I just don’t believe they met on the X factor. But either way, Modest! Management are still dumb aS FUCK.

I’d love if this theory (proof, whatever you want to call it) became more known and spoken about throughout the fandom, it seems many do not know of this and continue to believe they met through the X factor and everything else are just so called 'coincidences’.

But in the meantime, here are some cute Larry pictures:

One day the truth will be known, whether it be tomorrow or in 30 years time. I’ll be waiting.



Hold him tight, and don't ever let go<3

i really love possessive Louis, i love him letting people know that Harry is his and only his

i love the way he holds him, it’s so tender

holding him tight enough lou? pulling him close enough lou? making him happy enough lou?

Every ship needs it’s compass…<3

This is from an Instagram account that Louis follows. It struck me.

Rose and Dagger, strong and bold.

Will of Iron:

Heart of Gold:

Larry Stylinson is Love

I’m actually getting sick and tired of Larry shippers getting the brunt of all the hate. I’ve never seen a Larry shipper be mean to any of the other ships but I’ve seen Elounor shippers tear into Larry shippers. It begs the question, why doesn’t Narry or Ziam or any of the other 1D ships get so much hate? A HUGE proportion of the 1D fandom ship Larry. There’s sort of equal amounts of love and hate towards it. You know when Louis supposedly said that thing about Larry fans not being real 1D fans…?

“The truth is, these people aren’t our real fans. That’s the way I like to look at it.”  Louis Tomlinson

“I love Larry Stylinson.” Louis Tomlinson


Okay, so I’m gonna have an analysis party time here on my blog. 

Let’s not forget the emergence of Bullshit. <3  —> “How’s this, Larry is the biggest load of bullshit I’ve ever heard. I’m happy, why can’t you accept that.” Louis Tomlinson

But…you still didn’t deny it. It’s interesting to me that Liam and Zayn were never bothered by the fans that ship Ziam. Liam’s been attached and Zayn’s engaged, but neither of them have said anyone shipping Ziam is no real fan. Neither of them have said it’s the biggest load of bullshit they’ve ever heard. Very interesting that Louis would react that way and at the same time, not really respond to the original tweet at all. He could have just simply said “Harry and I are not in a relationship, we’re just friends.” There. Simple.

The times they “denied” Larry: ^ As above, to begin. Louis said Larry shippers aren’t real fans, buuuurn. And he called Larry bullshit. No direct “It’s not real. We’re just friends.” Moving on…

Who is Larry Stylinson?

They were asked directly and they didn’t actually deny it. Even though Liam cuts in with “It’s true!” (bless you Liam) the non-Larry part of the fandom are like, ‘Those Larry shippers are delusional. Harry and Louis are JUST FRIENDS, when are they gonna get that into their heads?’  lol…probably never if Larry never straight up DENY it and if Liam keeps calling them out. Notice also how Harry usually lets Louis do the talking when Larry questions arise (because he can’t lie) but only when it comes to the kissing question. What has it got to do with the fact that you kiss the other boys in a bromancey way? On the one hand you’re saying it doesn’t matter, everyone does it, and then you’re saying, oh no, the fans manipulate the photos of us kissing the other boys, because, you know, it’s fine to kiss the other boys, but me and Harry wouldn’t be caught kissing. Fiiiishy.

Who is Larry Stylinson?

Again… could have taken the opportunity to say, after explaining it’s a 'conspiracy’ of fan fiction that it’s not real Louis. “And for the record, it’s not real.” Rather he decides to say the interviewer has opened up a can of worms. That implies there’s something to open up, something to spill, something hidden.

Heart Eyes

Yes, really the way you look at your friend. -_- Let’s compare it to Eleanor and Louis.

I’m sorry, but, I see more chemistry in Larry above NOT kissing than I see in an awkward lip-missing-eye-open-chin-pecking Eleanor kiss.


The Hugs


Songs and Lyrics

I don’t care what you say, Harry wrote on and sang Don’t Let Me Go for Louis. Who else could it be about it? The lyrics only fit one person.

“Now you were standing there right in front of me
I hold on it’s getting harder to breathe
All of a sudden these lights are blinding me
I never noticed how bright they would be,”

It feels like it’s someone who’s going through the same experience, someone standing right in front of him while these lights begin to blind him.

“I saw in the corner there is a photograph
No doubt in my mind it’s a picture of you
It lies there alone in its bed of broken glass
This bed was never made for two,”

Turbulence. Broken photograph implies there’s pain here, it’s not all smooth sailing. (Not hard to guess why…) The bed not being made for two, I think, means that society wouldn’t deem his bed made for the two of them. The young fangirl wants to imagine it’s her in his bed. Society wants to pretend it’s some hot celebrity like Taylor…. this bed was never made for two… speaks volumes…


“My hands, your hands

Tied up like two ships

Drifting, weightless
Waves try to break it
I’d do anything to save it
Why is it so hard to say it?”

I could rant forever about this song. What gets me is the amount of shipping (pun fully intended) references Larry have between them, whether it’s the ship and compass matching tattoos, the lyrics 'tired up like two ships,’ (interesting choice of words Louis) or even a simple tweet from Harry of a Bruno Mars lyric, “If you ever find yourself stuck in the middle of the sea, I’ll sail the world, to find you." 

Strong. Gender neutral song. Could be about a guy or a girl. To me, it’s implying same gender by emphasis on its being gender neutral (we're surrounded by 'his/her’ referenced songs) 

"I’m sorry if I say, "I need you”
But I don’t care,
I’m not scared of love
'Cause when I’m not with you I’m weaker
Is that so wrong?
Is it so wrong
That you make me strong?“

Society and management are implying via their actions that it’s somehow wrong to love and need this mysterious individual this badly. The narrator is saying he’s not scared of love, (you don’t CHOOSE who you love) and he’s not scared, he needs this person, they make him strong. It’s as simple as that. Why should it be wrong? Why should society and management make him feel bad for feeling the way he does? That’s just my interpretation. 

'Happily’ is also open to Larry analysis. "I know you wanna leave
So c'mon baby be with me
So happily,”

There’s all the tweets. “Always in my heart.” All the times others have called them out. You could literally spend a day gathering it and you’d never have all of it because there’s too much. There’s too much to analyse. Larry is what it is. You don’t have to accept it, like it or ship it, but please don’t call us delusional for shipping it. 

So on that note…

Not gonna put all the tattoos. Like Larry moments, there’s too many. I’ll talk about these ones. Ship tattoos can symbolise 

  • Home
  • New Journey
  • New Beginning
  • Good Luck
  • Way Of Life
  • Honor
  • Bravery
  • Direction
  • Troubled Past

Obviously a compass is also tied to direction. Isn’t it cute that Larry have tattoos that symbolise direction and they’re both in One Direction? hndfuwbnr! And of course, a sailor or a pirate or whoever needs his compass in order to even sail his ship. The compass points to the correct direction. Louis is the compass and Harry is the ship. Louis is helping Harry find the right direction and home and Harry will bring Louis home. Harry can’t find the way on his own and Louis knows the way but he can’t get there on his own. You know when they sometimes say home isn’t a place but a person? Yeah.

I think Harry’s “I Can’t Change” tattoo is one of his most interesting. He got it after his Leeds bracelet fell apart. Louis and Harry went together and 'I can’t change’ is a lyric from the song “Make it stop,” which played at the show they watched together. The song is about a gay teenager who has to come to terms with accepting himself in a world still so ruled by prejudice. 

“And too much blood has flown from the wrists,
Of the children shamed for those they chose to kiss.
Who will rise to stop the blood?”

I just noticed that this line in the song - What God would damn a heart?
And what God drove us apart?
What God could?“ -
reminds me a little of…

"Not even the Gods above can
Separate the two of us,”

In the spirit of ships and sailing the seas and ICONIC LOVE, I give you two images of love.

Yeah, I don’t see a difference.

  • Louis: *pokes cheek* Hazza?
  • Harry: Hm?
  • Louis: I want to have sex.
  • Harry: *raises eyebrow* Now?
  • Louis: yes. Now.
  • Harry: But we're on in five..
  • Louis: Please? *sticks out bottom lip*
  • Harry: ..Louis..
  • Louis: *leans forward kissing harry's neck and moaning profoundly*
  • Harry: *sighs, a bit flushed* Fine, but it's your fault if the fans have to wait.

You Could Be Happy

By: dallystrings

“Fuck you,” Louis gritted through smiling teeth as he watched Harry gingerly buckle up his son in the back of the car waiting for them outside of the grocery store. “Fuck you and your fucking husband and fucking countryside ranch house and fucking baby. Fuck all of it,” and he lifted a hand to wave politely in their direction before the car sped off and he was left wondering how many times Harry Styles was going to walk out of his life before it stopped hurting.


Six years after the breakup, Louis is the CEO of the family corporation and Harry is married with a kid.

Words: 13,365

anonymous asked:

Do you know any good (long) fics where Lou and haz have been best friends their whole lives?

Heyyyy here you go :)

(I’m not including actual kid fics in this, just ones where they’re grown up but have been friends for a long time, or meet when they’re kids and then grow up)

Childhood Friends AUs

Keep reading

Harry & Louis — Two Ghosts
Tumblr: http://freddiesmyqueen.tumblr.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/freddiesmyqueen


anonymous asked:

wait isn't Lou with Haz in the same place now and isn't Fredson somewhere else and isn't The Red Room with Harry today like I'm not saying Louis is participating in The Red Room and pulling the attention away but

Okay but isn’t it funny how something happened (even though it was just a pic of a tv) when we *know* Harry and Louis are both in LA and going unseen?

fascinating timing as per usual


“ When you hold me in the street

And you kiss me on the dancefloor

I wish that it could be like that

Why can’t it be like that?

‘Cause I’m yours

We keep behind closed doors

Every time I see you, I die a little more

Stolen moments that we steal as the curtain falls

It’ll never be enough

It’s obvious you’re meant for me

Every piece of you, it just fits perfectly

Every second, every thought, I’m in so deep

But I’ll never show it on my face


And nobody knows I’m in love with someone’s baby

I don’t wanna hide us away

Tell the world about the love we making

I’m living for that day, someday.. “

             >> Secret Love Song // Little Mix ft Jason Derulo <<

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