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happy credence/modesty headcanons
  • once, he found an apple so so red he believed it was made of wax, but he secured it in his jacket until it was bed time, so they could share it, he only had the half of one half so she could have the rest
  • credence had learned to braid her hair, and she prefers him over chastity, because chastity brushes her hair so harshly and she doesn’t undo her tangles as carefully as credence does
  • when beatings get too rough, modesty will sneak into credence bed, wiping away his tears and promising that things will be fine, trying to soothe him to sleep
  • ma never has money for new clothes, but chastity taught them basic sewing, so in quiet days, they will huddle up in a corner meddling their socks and sewing buttons back in place
  • modesty is scared of storms, so she always sleeps in credence’s bed when there’s one
  • one day in summer, ma was in an inexplicable good mood and let them have an evening off. credence took her to a park, where they played and chased each other until their clothes were stained with grass and they were breathless with laughter
  • modesty went to school before being adopted by ma, but credence didn’t, so it was her the one who taught him to read letters and numbers and sign with his name
  • during a very cold day, a kind woman gave credence money, he knew he shouldn’t have accepted it, but the look of modesty’s face when he handled her candy bars and sweets made up the angry beatings of his belt at the end of the night
  • when they are outside, modesty always grabs credence’s hand, not ma’s, not chastity’s
  • one night, modesty whispered to credence that she wanted to be a nurse when she grew up, credence didn’t need to ask why, when she was running her fingerpads over the scars of his hands.
  • “credence, do you really believe in god?” 
    “ma would punish you if she heard you asking that!” 
    “…yeah, but do you?”
  • in winter, when it’s very cold and there’s barely enough of ma’s tasteless vegetable soups, credence will always shove the biggest pieces of potatoes and turnips into modesty’s plate
  • on good nights, with no beatings and no screams, they go outside the church and look up at the sky, giving names and shapes to the clouds
  • sometimes, chastity will come to them, hissing and telling them they are up to something and that she will tell ma, modesty and credence just share knowingly stares and smiles
  • “i am sure magic is not that bad”
  • modesty always knew, about the darkness living inside of credence, but she never told anyone about it 

so i know everyones screaming over ep10. like. we got canon gay engagement. we got yurio making friends. we got yuuri poledancing.

but i wanna talk a second about the writing of yoi - and why that poledancing is the best plot twist ive ever seen executed in anime history

plot twists are fun. the yoi fandom so far has called p much every single major plot event (makkachin, the engagement, etc), and its still fun! foreshadowing is amazing!! but what gets me about yuuris drunken fiasco is that no one saw it coming, but it still fits perfectly into the narrative, and that, my friends, is how you do a plot twist

no one saw it coming, but it doesnt make the rest of the narrative confusing. if anything, it explains a ton - why viktor offered to coach yuuri, why chris was so friendly w yuuri, why no one seemed shocked yuuri was doing an eros routine. and im just so stunned bc yuri on ice actually did a plot twist that wasnt easy to see coming, one that no one couldve called, and one that doesnt make us question any other prior part of the narrative. this isnt a last minute addition - this is something planned, something hilarious, and something i ADORE in a literary sense

take note, writers. this is how its fuckin done 

“He would stand there for a few seconds with a blank look on his face, then randomly start running full sprint towards McDonalds. We’d catch him and he’d promise to stop so we’d let him go, and then he’d do it again.”

-Lou Ellen, texting Nico’s very exasperated boyfriend the highlights of Nico’s drunken adventures the night before.

Realize -- Chapter Eight “Missing”

Sebastian StanxReader and Tom HiddlestonxReader 

I’ve been reading too many imagines on @theartofimagining13 and some from my own silly brain …  Here’s Chapter Eight! :)


@greeneyedgirls4 @kianya-loves


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Larrie on the phone #1
  • *texting*
  • Harrie: Lou?
  • Lewie: hi baby
  • Harrie: do u think this is dark blue or black? *pic of him in underwear*
  • Harrie: no like I've been staring at it for ages and I'm confused
  • Lewie:
  • Harrie: r u oke?
  • Lewie:
on competing while being a teacher-student duo

ive mentioned before (link) that i relate a lot to viktor based off of my former experiences in music as a high level flute/picc player who ended up leaving the more competitive scene b/c it was rly draining me, & i found myself a new passion in s/t else (sociology & psychology). well, i didnt mention it so much in that post, but i also have experience giving private lessons!

part of that was giving lessons to students in the same ensemble as me. i also used to be in the same ensemble as one of my old instructors.

we had to compete for solos

lemme tell you bout that conflict of interest, b/c it literally wrecked some relationships for me

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