lou teasdale makeup


There are some looks that never get old. The beauties of the past show us that looks always re-appear and NEVER let you down. 

Bangs or Fringe: Anna Karina and Audrey Hepburn rocked the bangs both chunky and baby. It always gives off a retro- sophistication. Plus, up do’s always looks so much more put together. 

Black Liner: Sophia Loren with her extreme cat-eye to Brigitte Bardot’s smudged around the rim liner, black liner is classic (no matter the shape.) Even just a touch on the lower lash line adds fullness and shape. 

Strong Feature: Dorothy Dandridge’s strong angled brow and Marilyn Monroe’s signature red lips can carry a look on their own. Having a focus feature allows you simplify a look by having one strong point to notice. Good brows aren’t a new trend, learn from Dorothy’s arch. Study it. Live it. 


How I make my own brush cleaner! As many of you know I have assisted makeup artist Holly Silius a few times now, I stole this trick from her actually because it was completely genius, really easy to carry round in your kit (or even your makeup bag if you are staying somewhere overnight) and also it’s so good for your brushes!
Being a makeup artist my brushes are cleaned sometimes up to 3 times a week, and more depending on how successful you become. If you are using alcohol based products to clean your brushes, although it works, overtime the alcohol literally eats away at your brushes and you have to throw them out and get new ones. So here is a tip to get clean shiny and healthy brushes!
1. Take a small container, you can use a sample pot, an eye cream pot or even a portable salad dressing pot that you can get from your local supermarket!
2. Clean the pot out, and scrape a fancy soap bar in. Holly recommends the ones you get in hotels but a Dove or Nivea will work just the same.
3. Add a little bit of water in and push the soap down with the scraper, mix them together until you get a paste (this will set overnight don’t worry)
4. In the morning you are ready to clean your brushes! Just wet the brush, swirl it around the pot, swirl it in your hand to really saturate the brush, and then rinse and squeeze gently with your hands removing all soapy suds 🛁