lou teasdale exact

Lou Teasdale grungy eye make up!

So. here are some products that can create a Lou Teasdale inspired eye look. 

Some tips to remember -

1. Blend blend blend, but do NOT go above the crease as you’ll look like you’ve got a black eye. Apply the product to the lash line and then blend upwards.

2. build up product, don’t pile loads on and think blending will save you, it won’t. Take a little bit of the product you chose to use and take your time.

3. Keep all the rest of your make up SIMPLE. Nude lips, simple contour/blush and light brows.

Rimmel London Glam eyes shadow in 214 Jet Black


This is great for beginners as shadow is easy to blend and move around, also to wipe away if you go wrong. Its also easy to build up.

Barry M lipstick in 37

This is what Lou actually uses. Its easy to smudge and because of the nib on the end its easy to concentrate on the lash line and then blend out. It also makes it easy to apply under the eye.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeshadow crayon in Blackmail

This is similar to what Eve Lee uses (she uses the Barry M version). I love this on the lower lash line and its easy to blend on the lid too. I also finds it lasts a long time and doesn’t fade.

Barry M Kohl Pencil in Black

This is another Lou Teasdale exact. I find this is a blendable pencil even on the lid for something a little less dramatic than the eyeshadow crayon or lipstick.