lou is crazy

put ur music library on shuffle and list down the first 10 songs and tag 10(ish) people

I was tagged by @madlymalfoy (Oh dear I can’t believe we weren’t mutuals before? Like I’m sorry? you’re perfect xx)

Romeo had Juliet - Lou Reed
Shine on you crazy Diamond - Pink Floyd
So Cold - Ben Cocks
Torn Apart - Bastille
Ride ‘Em On Down - Rolling Stones
Border Reiver - Mark Knopfler
Howlin’ for you - Black Keys
Rape Me - Nirvana 
Sunshine of Your Love - Cream
Tighten Up - Black Keys

Okay I’m not gonna lie, it wasn’t my whole music library but I use spotify and have playlists so I chose my fave playlist which is the most general. 

I tag: @roxannweasley  @totally-ravenclaw @herbologic @tonksnymphdora and @lilygrabharryandrun

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#this awkward moment when your enter your bathroom and your super hot husband is inside #the same husband whom you married against your wish and you still miss that bastard father your of son who left you #but your in-laws and family thinks he’s dead #plus your current husband misses his dead wife and you live with him in a room full of huge photos of her #why not? #and his daughters are super mean to your kid #then your saree gets hold in the door he comes to the rescue and you think he’s a pervert #so whatever

❤ Dreamy albums to listen in the summer ❤

1. Born to Die — Lana Del Rey

2. Rumours  Fleetwood Mac

3. Modern Vampires of the City — Vampire Weekend

4. Blue — Joni Mitchell

5. Crazy For You — Best Coast

6. Salad Days — Mac Demarco

7. Cupid Deluxe — Blood Orange

8. Transformer — Lou Reed

9. Still Crazy After All These Years — Paul Simon

10. True — Solange

11. Cults — Cults

12. Kauai — Childish Gambino

13. Dreamboat Annie - Heart

So, I thought this would be ‘fun’. Instead of the familiar challenge in the coliseum, I am going to start an egg challenge! Farm a zone until I get an egg and then move onto the next. Of course, this is not something you can do in a day. But I want to see what other loot I get before getting an egg and I wonder how long it takes. As of now, I haven’t gotten an egg from the coli in over a month, so this will take a while.

I am starting in the Training Fields, skipping Arena because it has no eggs, and stop at Harpy’s Roost (in like 500 years) because after that, the venues get on my nerves. I wont keep track of total fights or time, but I will screenshot other good loot I get (familiars, apparel, eliminate/ambush stones, crates, etc). And I will probably whine on this blog a lot about how long it takes… 

So, who’s with me!?


What is a bside? A song that was under-promoted, not promoted at all or even forgetten.
Here’s a mix of best such songs from your favorite kpop artists. My personal of all non-title tracks released in 2013.

exo / shinee / gdragon / snsd / sistar / bts / 4minute / k.will / beast / iu / history / mblaq / girls day / fiestar / nu'est / lee hyori / cn blue / seungri / ft island / brond eyed girls / fx / vixx / bap / kim hyun joong / seo in guk / btob / and more