lou i think is his name

led by your beating heart by missandrogyny - E, 29k

Nick leans over. “Oh,” he says, his voice smug. “Who is that?”

Harry just blinks at his phone. “Um,” he manages to stammer out.

“Who’s that, Harry?” Nick asks again, but this time he raises his eyebrows and smirks. Harry knows Nick is just teasing, and that he’s not really looking for new Harry Styles gossip, but, um. He might have found something. Accidentally.

Harry opens his mouth to speak, but all that comes out is another ‘um’. He really needs to work on translating his thoughts into words. But then it probably wouldn’t be any helpful right now, would it? His mind is as blank as a newly erased etch-a-sketch.

“Oh,” Nick says again, this time gleefully, seemingly having picked up on Harry’s distress. “Looks like we’ve got a story here! Are you going to call or delete her number?”

Her number. So Nick thinks it’s a girl. Well, Harry can’t blame him: ‘Lou’ is kind of an androgynous nickname. His stylist’s name is Lou.

But this Lou, well, Louis, he’s kind of, really, really not a girl. He’s really pretty though, which, is something.

(Or: AU where Harry’s in One Direction, Louis isn’t, and they reconnect over a game of 'Call or Delete’.)

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Children Names Headcanon

Requested by anon: I love the baby headcanons you did with Credence, Newt, and Percival. They’re all so lovely and sweet (i’ve been reading them non-stop b/c they’re THAT good)! And it got me thinking, what would they name their kids? I keep thinking that Credence would probably name his daughter Cherish, or something.

I doubt you thought I would go all out Anon, but here were ones I could come up with for a good majority of the characters in Fantastic Beasts

Tags: @aislinsekhem, @elenawrit

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  • Boy
    • Christian or Ezra
      • Other than getting a little chuckle for using Credence’s actor name, there is an actual reason for suggesting that name. Christian’s name meaning is ‘follower of Christ’ while Ezra means ‘helper’ in Hebrew. For Credence I would think that even if he left Mary Lou’s control there would be some influence and he would choose religious types of names.
  • Girl
    • Cherish or Temperance
      • Cherish is means ‘treasure’ while Temperance means ‘moderation’ or ‘restraint’. Now Cherish was suggested by anon, and I love the idea since he probably would treasure any child that is his, especially a little girl. Temperance is similar to the reasons for the boy’s names of Mary Lou’s influence on him, but also as a reminder for restraint of his abilities and how he wouldn’t want to harm his child.

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  • Boy
    • Lohengrin or Arthur
      • Now Lohengrin is a nod to the Arthurian legends that people headcanon Percival’s family for, as Lohengrin in those legends is actually the son of Knight Percival. Arthur, while also part of the Arthurian legends, has Celtic elements artos “bear” combined with viros “man” or rigos “king”. I can imagine that Percival would be very proud of his son and would likely give him the name that could mean king.
  • Girl
    • Elizabeth or Lynna
      • Elizabeth has the  meaning “my God is an oath” or perhaps “my God is abundance” which considering that people consider Percival to be loyal to MACUSA would have some sort of name regarding to an oath. Likewise it it is very strong sounding, something that I think Percival would appreciate. Lynna is an abbreviation of Lynette, a woman from the Arthurian Legend who accompanied Sir Gareth on a knightly quest in Arthurian legend.

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  • Boy
    • Leo or Robin
      • So I chose animal type of names for Newt for obvious reasons, due to his interest in creatures but also in the British Wizarding world, there tend to be a lot of star type names in wizarding families. Leo is a constellation as well as the latin name for lion, so that would be the reasoning behind that name. Robin is a diminutive of the name Robert, which means “bright fame”, as well as the stories of Robin Hood. I would like to think that Newt would like the idea of stealing from the rich and giving to the poor as he is a very giving type of person.
  • Girl
    • Maia or Kestrel 
      • Maia is similar to Leo for being a constellation, however it also means  "great" in Latin something I can imagine Newt possibly name his daughter after. Also the roman goddess Maia was the goddess of spring, something very earthy and something that Newt would be all about…I think. Kestrel is from the name of the bird of prey, and I thought it it’d be cute.

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  • Boy
    • Phoebus or Matthew
      • Phoebus means ‘bright’ or ‘pure’ in latin, something Tina would name her son because he’s pure in her eyes. Matthew was similar as the name means ‘Gift from God’. I would think for Tina, that maybe having a child, especially with her line of work that she would consider the child to be a pure being and a gift. She sees a lot of bad things in her line of work, seeing a child as a blank slate is something she would do.
  • Girl
    • Zoe or Alexandra
      • Zoe means “life” in Greek and from early times it was adopted by Hellenized Jews as a translation of Eve, which apparently from my research Tina and Queenie were (possibly) were Jewish, so I can see either of them using this name, but for the sake of different names, Tina would probably use that name. Alexandra is a the feminized form for Alexander, which means defender. Given Tina’s occupation, it would be a cute name for her daughter.

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  • Boy
    • Nicholas or Lucas
      • Nicholas means “victory of the people”. Given her and Jacob’s relationship, I could see her possibly wanting to name her son Nicholas, as he would be a victory of their relationship that is considered forbidden in her society, that even in such a forbidden romance, that they could create a child. Lucas means "light-giving” or “illumination”, meaning her son would be almost like a beacon. Given her personality, it wouldn’t be too far off base that she would give her son an uplifting name.
    • Girl
      • Kayla or Cassandra
        • Kayla means keeper of the keys or pure. With Queenie’s kind personality, I could see her naming her daughter a name that means pure. Also keeper of the keys could be a parody of Queenie’s ability to open and read minds, and her daughter would ‘hold the keys’ to that ability. Cassandra means "to excel, to shine”. Similar to the boys names, I could imagine Queenie wanting to name her daughter as something that shines as she loves her daughter and sees her as this bright being.

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  • Boy
    • Alfred or Isaac
      • Alfred is derived from the Old English name Ælfræd, composed of the elements ælf “elf” and ræd “counsel”. Considering that Jacob was introduced to the magic world, where elves are exist (they may not be pretty, but still they exist) I could see him doing something like that. Plus it would make his comment about liking house-elves so it’s relevant. Isaac has the  meaning “he will laugh, he will rejoice”. Given Jacob’s personality, I could so imagine him having named his child after laughter or rejoicing. Also, for him and Queenie, there would be rejoicing for having a child together.
  • Girl
    • Ruth or Keren
      • Ruth means “friend” in Hebrew, and likewise, seeing as how Jacob was such a good friend to Newt and the others, I could see him naming his daughter after a meaning that stands for friendship. Keren means “horn” or “ray of light” in Hebrew. Similar to how Queenie would name a child after being a ray of light, I could picture Jacob doing something similar. With Queenie, it would mean how their relationship created such a miracle. For a more personal reason, I would think Jacob would name his daughter about a ray of light after going through WWI and losing his brother through that.
Li’l Lou

Pairings- Loki Laufeyson x Reader, starring dense!reader.

Requested by anon and based on this imagine of mine.

Warnings- this is probably not as romantic as you expect. I had no idea what to write, so I came up with something which I hope is kinda funny?

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Why don’t we move this to the bedroom?

Summary: 1940s Bucky saves you from your best friend’s drunk brother. You patch up his wounds and one thing leads to another.

Warnings: Smut!

Word Count: Almost 3900

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Episode 04x15 Analysis - Red and Liz

For this analysis I just want to focus on a couple of scenes that involve Red and/or Liz, because they are where my heart lies.

First I want to talk about Liz a little. I realize many of you didn’t like her this episode but personally I didn’t think she was bad at all. So I am going to focus on the positive and hope you can understand my viewpoint. There are plenty of other posts that already discussed what they didn’t like about Liz.

Now remember Red and Liz’s relationship has not been the same since 03x10. There are a lot of reasons for that which I do not want to go into here, but bottom line her thinking fantasy Tom is what she wants and the ramifications of her being with him caused her to screw up her relationships with not only Red, but with her friends in the Task Force.

Then once she betrayed Red they really drifted apart emotionally and aren’t back yet. I think it will take a while for them to repair their relationship. So no, Liz right now is not the Liz we saw in 3A, nor is Red the guy we saw in 3A. There has been a lot of water under the bridge because of what she did. HOWEVER, they are slowly getting closer again. But the reality is, this is where their relationship is currently - getting better but not yet where it was and needs to be.

On to this episode, Red calls her once he finds out he has been poisoned as he needs her and the Task Force’s help in finding the antidote to save him. Now as much as she cares for Red, and she does. she needs to keep her sh*t together and do her job to work with the task force and find that antidote. Now is not the time to get emotional which could cause her to fail in her task of saving Red. But knowing this, there were still little moments for her, even during this stage.

First Red and Liz walk into the post office and Red makes a comment to Ressler about his prayers being answered and Ressler asks what is going on. And Liz looks worried as she looks at Ressler.

She then asks Aram to get Red a chair and Red refuses. Red starts to tell the team that he was poisoned. Then he starts coughing and Liz does reach out to him and tries to be supportive.

And lastly when Red leaves to find Dembe, Liz is concerned about him taking off.

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A Year and Six months

This a thing I guess not a very good thing but it is a thing.

AN: Butt chins. My best friend says when i write I try to explain my self too much … i agree. Also the author is fucking shit at titles and endings and writing in general but whatever

It’s been a year and 6 month since you left the tower. A year and 6 month since you’ve talked to anyone at the tower besides Steve and Pepper. A year and 6 months since the day you found them, the man you loved most and some woman, together in your once shared room lips pressed together and bodies bare of everything but each other.

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The Claimers - Daryl Dixon

This is my first Daryl fic!
Fic #6 of the Hamilton Prompts
Song: Farmer Refuted

This was bullshit. The two of you had ‘joined’ a group as you looked for Beth, and they were all assholes. They ran on a system that wasn’t fit for four year-olds. Whenever they saw something they liked, they would shout “Claimed!” and it would be there’s.


For the first couple of days, you and Daryl played along. You had already lost Beth, the two of you needed to stick together. You didn’t need more problems than you already had. However, the tension was getting worse and worse. 

You laid down in your makeshift bed one day, and one of the other members of the group joined you. When you asked what he was doing, he interrupted and shouted “Claimed!” in your face. Darryl kicked his ass out, and laid down next to you, but it was turning. They didn’t like your presence. 

You were the only woman in the group, and you could see the way they were looking at you. Daryl could, too. You stuck close to him, for your good and his. The night that things turned from bad to worse, was also the night you were reunited with your friends. 

You and Daryl had been hunting when you came up on the group, surrounding Rick, Michonne, and Carl. You ran forward, even though Daryl tried to slow you down. 

“These people, you’re gonna let them go, because they’re good people,” Daryl said.

“No, I think Lou would disagree with you on that,” Joe said, the man holding the gun to Rick’s head.

“Well Lou was a piece of shit,” you said. Daryl mumbled your name quietly but the damage had already been done. One of the men came over to you and pushed you down to the ground before picking you up by your hair, setting you down on your knees.

“Now I hate to do this,” Joe said. “But we don’t let other people hurt our own. You know what I mean, Daryl.” 

“You want blood, I get it.” He sat down his crossbow and you said his name.

“Daryl, don’t.”

“Take it from me, man,” he said, holding out his arms. You struggled against the grip on your hair. “C’mon.”

“This man killed our friend. Chaos and bloodshed are our only solutions.”

Chaos and bloodshed already haunt us all. Let us go, and we’ll leave you alone, I promise,” you said. Joe ignored you, but the man who had a firm grip on your hair tightened it, pulling you closer to him. 

“This man killed our friend, and you called him good people. See, that right there is a lie. It’s a lie!” he shouted. At that moment, two more of the group came up and hit Daryl in the stomach with the butt of a gun.

“No!” you and Rick cried at the same time. 

“Y/N,” Joe said, looking at you. “I am sick of your mouth!” The man pulling your hair pulled it tighter somehow, making you cry out. “You’re playing a dangerous game! Teach him, fellas,” he said to the group of men who were now beating Daryl. Tears were forming in your eyes as you couldn’t do anything to stop it. 

One of the other men went to pull Carl out of the truck. You screamed again, and this time you got pushed into the dirt, the hard gravel scraping at your face. He had pinned down Carl and there was nothing you could do. 

“Don’t worry, you’ll get your turn,” the man holding your hair whispered in your ear. You cringed and tried to struggle, but he wouldn’t let you move.

“Listen, it was me. It was just me!” Rick said.

“See now that’s right! That’s not some damn lie. Look we can settle this, we’re reasonable men. First, we’re gonna beat Daryl to death.”

“No!” A harsh kick came at your back, pushing you further into the dirt road.

“Then we’ll have the girls. Then the boy.” Again, you tried to get up. To help Carl, to help Daryl, to help yourself. Anything. “Then I’m gonna shoot you. Then we’ll be square.” Joe started laughing as Carl was struggling against one of the men. 

“Let him go,” Rick said firmly. “Let him go.” 

You heard a gunshot, and cringed. They had just killed Rick. If they got Rick, there was nothing you could do. You turned your head to the side, expecting to see Rick’s lifeless body, but instead, saw the man standing up and fighting. Everyone started rebelling a little. You elbowed the man behind you and he stumbled back, giving you just one second to move. He pinned you back down, but you were facing him this time. 

“Come on! Get up!” Joe shouted at Rick. “Come on, let’s see what you got.” Carl was continuing to cry, Daryl’s body was getting beat into the car more and more, and there was a gun pointed at your face. 

You looked over at Rick and Joe, as the latter man screamed. There was blood pouring from Rick’s mouth, and Joe’s neck. You nearly screamed at the sight. All of his group members were watching in shock, giving you your chance. You kicked your legs up and hit the man right in the crotch. He fell back and you took the gun from him before shooting him.

 Michonne shot one of the men beating up Daryl, and he got the upper hand. Daryl started fighting back. The man who had tried to rape Carl had him at gunpoint, but he quivered away when Rick came forward, killing him with Michonne’s sword. Over and over, he stabbed the man. 

“Rick,” you said. “Enough.” He didn’t say anything, but continued. Daryl went up to him and pulled him off. 

“C’mon, man.” He pushed the man off of him and he fell to the floor in a heap of blood. The group scattered after that, all needing to cope in their own ways. You found Daryl about an hour after and sat down next to him. He was beat up really bad, and wasn’t taking care of himself. 

“Let me help you,” you said. He shook his head and pulled away. You sighed.

“I shouldn’t have let this happen,” he said. 

“It wasn’t your fault.” He scoffed. You rested your forehead against his shoulder, because that’s all you could think to do.

“I shouldn’t have let this happen.”

If you repeat yourself again I’m gonna scream, honestly look at me.” He regretfully did and you smiled at him. “Those guys were assholes. We got tangled up in this group. It wasn’t your fault. It wasn’t anyone’s fault. But we got out of it. Minimal injury.” He scoffed again, but it was kind of a laugh. He leaned in and kissed your forehead. 

“I’m sorry.”

“Me too.”

Pretty Flowers Are Made For Blooming ~ Part 1

Rating: Mature

Relationships: Dean Winchester/Original Female Character (sister Winchester)

Additional Tags for this part: Teenage Drama, Wincest - Freeform, Teen Dean Winchester, Fluff and Angst, Pining, First Kiss, First Love,Young Winchesters, Female Winchesters

Author’s Note: I took the original version of this story down so I could post the reworked version. Hope you all enjoy this new version. Thank you to my beta and cohort on this story’s progression, @helvonasche. She’s one helluva plotter and beta. Also, thank you to the gals on skype who listen to me grumble through plots, @lucibae-is-dancing-in-hell @when-the-day–met-the-night @trisscar368 @formidablepassion.

Reader tags are below. If at any time you wish to be removed or added to this story’s tag list, don’t hesitate to send a friendly request via IM or ask. I’ll be happy to oblige.

Summary: The Winchester twins, Dean and Maggie, have enough on their plates with keeping track of Sam and learning to be hunters, but then they had to go and fall in love.

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Okay so, we all know that Credence is the obsurus (I can’t remember how it’s spelled, forgive me) and that he was abused by Mary Lou.

Now, why didn’t he kill her while he was losing control? He could easily have done that.

My mother said, and I believe it too, that he felt sure around Mary Lou. He never liked her but he felt that he had somewhere to go.

Besides, after all the abuse, Credence didn’t have faith in himself, which is proved be his VERY FIRST WORDS in the movie which are “Do you think I’m a freak?” So, he accepted the abuse because he felt he deserved it.

However, he loved his sister. When Mary Lou found them with the wand, she saw Credence holding it and went to punish him, but the girl (who’s name I do not recall sadly) stepped in between and admitted it was hers. That’s when Credence killed Mary Lou.

WHEN HE SAW HES SISTER IN DANGER. In front of his eyes.
Mary Lou would abuse the young girl in front of his eyes and he couldn’t take it.
The obsurus killed Mary Lou when she attacked his sister.

I know this might be incomplete, add something if you want to. BUT CAN YOU FEEL MY HEART???

Feverishly Protective

Harry Styles - 1781 words (Requested)


“No sweetheart, you’re sick. Stay in.” I press my lips to Harry’s forehead, rubbing his shoulder as he grunts while trying to get up. For the whole day Harry had been terribly ill, but still trying to convince me that he wasn’t even near to being sick and he was fine to hang out with the boys in the afternoon. When he returned from whatever they were doing, he was even more miserable than when he left. “I’m fine, I told you. I’ll get a shower and then we can leave.” Harry groans when he sits up and his hands immediately fly towards his forehead, rubbing as if he was sporting a gruesome headache.

“Babe, you can barely sit up. It’s fine, Lou and Niall are also staying in. It’s just a few of us girls and I think Liam is tagging along, he was meeting with a guy named Josh?” I squint my eyes, trying to recall the name Liam had said earlier while we spoke on the telephone. I pick up the wet rag I had left Harry on the coffee table, pushing Harry back so his back is resting against the sofa and let the wet rag run over his forehead to cool him down. Harry sighs out in bliss, the boy is so stubborn and if anything he doesn’t want me taking care of him when he’s sick because he feels he should be taking care of me.

“Does that feel good?” I ask him, letting the rag rest there and over his eyes as he stays in the position I pushed him in. His shirt is scattered with sweat marks, his sweatpants low on his hips but I know that as soon as I leave through the door he discards both towards the floor. He’s burning up and I simply can’t get him to take anything anti-inflammatory, so he has to suffer if he wants to be that way.

“Yeah, thank you love.” Harry sighs out as his rough, calloused hand runs over my jeans covered leg. I give him a small smile even though he can’t see it and let my hand rest against his that is still cupping my thigh, giving it a tiny squeeze to let him know it’s alright. “I love those jeans on you.” He murmurs, rubbing the fabric as he keeps his eyes closed, clearly drained with his illness.
“Do you want me to stay home?” I ask him, letting my bum rest on the sofa next to him. I’m already fully dressed, make-up and hair done and I was actually leaving ten minutes ago, but Harry seemed so desperate for a little help and when he realized the time he wanted to tag along.

“No, don’t stay home for me. Enjoy yourself, we’re not joined at the hip.” Harry chuckles and I roll my eyes at his statement. Harry was the jealous type and whenever a guy came too close in my range for his liking, he’d pop up out of nowhere and make sure the boy knew who I’d belong to. I didn’t really mind it though, I thought it was sort of sweet that he cared for me on such a level. As long as he doesn’t see my male mates as threats everything will be alright.

“H., I’ll be fine I promise. I won’t stay too long, make sure you drink enough, okay?” I feel the guilt already creep up on my shoulders and rest there as I press my lips to his damp forehead, sweat mixed with the water I’d wetted the cloth with.  “Behave.” Harry breathes as he tries to press his lips to mine but I avoid them, as much as I hate to, I have no idea what he has right now and I’m not actually willing to get sick. I won’t be able to care for him when I’m down as well. “I love you very much Harry.” I smile and wink at his as I squeeze his cheek, stepping away from him and towards the coat rack to grab my jacket and clutch. I glance once more at my sick boyfriend, taking a deep breath before I wave at him and walk out the door.

I spot a text from one of the girls, asking me where I’ve been and before I can reply I was being held up by Harry, the device vibrates in my hand with a call from her.
“Y/n, you okay?” I laugh as I descend down the stairs, one hand resting against the white wall so I wouldn’t tumble down the stairs in my high heels. “Yeah yeah sorry, Harry’s sick and he wanted to come. Had to move mountains to get him to stay home.” I chuckle at the end of my sentence, hearing a snort leave my friend’s lips on the other end of the line.
“We’re just passing your street, want us to pick you up?”

I contemplate the offer as I keep pacing in the lobby of the flat building Harry lives in.
“I don’t know, I promised Harry that I wouldn’t be home late tonight..” I sigh out, rubbing my forehead as I can already feel a small headache crawling its way into my brain.
“I promise you we’ll drop you off when you want to go home Y/n. Come outside, we’re here.” She responds as if she knows otherwise I’d say no and I end the call as I step into the chilly London air.

I see the sleek black vehicle waiting a few meters to my left, its headlights illuminating my way. I pull open the back seat door and chime a hello to two of my girl friends, which I’ve met through Harry and the other boys over a year ago. “Hi Y/n. Harry that sick?”
I shrug my shoulders, buckling up as I lean between the two seats so I could level with them. “The boy has a fever which would’ve put me in the hospital already. I hope I can get him to go to the doctor’s tomorrow if it doesn’t get better.”

“Harry is a stubborn man, always has been. Surprised he isn’t with you.” I chuckle and we arrive at the local pub in no time, parking the car and meeting up with Liam and his girlfriend who were waiting outside for us to arrive. “Y/n, did you get Harry to stay home? Wow, I’m surprised.” Liam smiles as his arms envelope me in a loose hug and I roll my eyes as I retreat, slapping his arm loosely. “I’m still surprised about it as well. Wow, new tattoo Lee?” I take his hand between my fingers, examining the new art work etched onto his skin forever.

I’m sitting at the bar after a full hour of dancing, enjoying a drink as the others continued, Liam off in the distance chatting away with a guy that looked familiar but I couldn’t place. Probably a mutual friend of him and Harry I’ve once spotted at one of their homes. I’m constantly thinking about Harry though, hoping he’s doing fine.

My thoughts are interrupted when a body sets itself next to me, his large hands cupping a beer which is halfway finished. “A pretty girl like you shouldn’t be all alone on such a lovely evening.”
Internally I am already rolling my eyes as I let my gaze fall onto the man, giving him a small, fake smile as I bring my own drink back to my lips. “I’m not alone, just having a rest.”

“I must say, I saw you dancing and those jeans are heaven on you, girl.” I don’t answer, frankly I’m spooked by his way of giving me a compliment. Don’t men ever realize that talking about how ‘hot’ a girl is or looks isn’t that appreciated after you’ve passed a certain age?

“Can I offer you another drink, perhaps?” I shake my head no as I let my finished glass out of my grip and set it back onto the bar. “No thank you, I think I’m heading back over to my friends.” I try to stand up but his hand lands on my arm, stopping my movement. “I really want to get to know you.”
I see the girls eyeing me and just as I want to wave them over to save me from this creep, a familiar voice behind me pops up and saves the day.

“I’d appreciate it if you’d let go of my girlfriend, mate.” Harry’s rough, refrained voice chimes against my ear as his hand rests on my waist. I grin widely as I turn my head towards him mentally thanking him for showing up, even though I could scold him from being outside right now.
“I didn’t know she had a boyfriend man, she was dancing by herself and –“ Harry stops the boy’s rambling with his raised hand, his jaw locked as he glares at him.

“I don’t give a fuck frankly, go find another one, she belongs to me.” It seems like the guy isn’t ready to give up but Harry pushes my body behind his and the guy raises to his feet quickly, his hands up in a defensive manner. “Alright alright, I’ll leave her alone. She isn’t that cute anyways.” He murmurs under his breath as he pushes past Harry and I have to pull Harry’s shirt as hard as I can manage as he tries to go after him. “Leave it.” I breathe out as I let my arms wrap around his waist.
“Why are you here? You’re sick you should be in bed.” I grunt, glaring at my boyfriend as I push him away from me as soon as I feel the hotness seep through his shirt.

“I had a feeling this would happen, and I’m not leaving my girl out alone with so many freaks roaming London.” Harry states and I bite my lips and refrain of rolling my eyes, rubbing his sides in a soothing manner when I see him shudder from his fever. “Come on.” I pull him along and the girl smile as they see Harry, giving me a thumbs up before Harry refocuses my attention back on him.

“Nobody is stealing my girl.” He gruffly states and I roll my eyes as I squeeze his hot torso a bit closer to me. “You are mental. Let’s go home, you’re burning up.” I push Harry towards the exit of the pub, holding him close to me but winking at the girls as I wave them goodbye. They knew and I knew it would end this way, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I hope you enjoyed,
Lots of love,
L. xox

Harry Styles - Gets Your Name Tattooed Imagine

[Thanks so much!! Enjoy!]

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Not Kansas - Part Two

Find part 1 here.

Guys, you made my day! Thank you so much for all the love Not Kansas Part One got! Seriously- my week was bad but knowing that I gave you guys a little ray of sunshine really helped. Thank you so, so much. I honestly thought, when I posted it, that it was bad and that I’d need to rewrite it eventually. Thank you for proving me wrong! :D

…Honestly I CANNOT believe that I got this done this quickly. Usually there’s a two-month wait.

Tagging: @wwejess, @xxfolwer-childxx, @silentnight22, @hiitsmecharlie, @residentdemonqueen, @dandelionw1shes, @silverrawrs

Summary: A bad attempt at matchmaking from a relative has you annoyed- and confused- and Enzo panicking. A pelican may or may not add to his stress level and Cass is only certain of one thing. 300% fluffier than before!

Warnings: Minor language (I think; maybe?). Fluff. Long part 2. Seriously- this thing is like twice the first part’s length. Allusions to a Carly Rae Jepsen song.

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@accidentprcne || plotted group verse thing

Monroe didn’t want to be a total bitch. It’s why she’d gone to Louis’s fight, even with how pissed she remained at him. She would not be cheering for him, however. She hadn’t decided yet but she was considering cheering for the other guy, what ever his name was. She didn’t actually want Lou to lose, but slumped in her seat, lips pursed, thinking about how much she’s wanted to hit him earlier that day, it was hard to want him to win. 

You want some popcorn? Monroe offered the box to Katie, her appetite mostly gone with the train of thought she was on. I’m not hungry.”


Niall didn’t belong here. Cold, stone walls, bars around every entrance and exit, yells and screams echoing throughout the night. Niall didn’t belong here.

He did it because he was smart. He was smart and no one was helping and he needed it. And it was too too easy. If it was that easy then how was it illegal? It didn’t make sense to Niall. Stealing money from the government virtually became second nature to Niall, he didn’t even notice that he had literally stolen millions until blue and red lights were flashing against his new houses’ bronze-rimmed window panes.

So they took him and did tests and told him he wasn’t right in the head. Maybe he was too smart for his own good and they were scared. Niall didn’t really understand, but they took him anyway. He was now in a small, solitary-based prison based in London that kept the inmates in small groups. Most of them were suffering from some kind of mental disorder but couldn’t get out on an insanity claim. Niall’s group was particularly small for the prison, just 11 of them all together. At least, that’s what his advisor had told him, he hadn’t met any of them yet.

That was today. Today he was meeting the men who were going to be his new “friends” for the next 5 to 10 years. The guards seemed to like him– or maybe it was pity– because they tried to give him a good warning before ushering him into a small room where a group of men were sitting in a circle. There was one man sanding and he immediately smiled over in Niall’s direction, crowing, “You must be Niall!”

Niall felt like the new kid in school. “Um.” Was all he replied as the man brought him into a hug. Politely, he hugged the man back, giving him a good cuddle (the last time he got hugged was by his brother, Greg, 2 weeks ago). The man pulls back after a moment, looking pleasantly surprised.

“I’m Teddy Sheeran, but you can call me Ed. I’m the counselor for your group. You guys see me twice a week as a group and once individually. I’m sure that these fine lads have given you a good description of what your schedule looks like here.

They had, telling him that he was lucky to be sent here, where inmates were given a lot of free time and lighter punishments. Niall was tempted to tell them to fuck off, because apparently he was only sent here because of a mental disorder that he was sure didn’t even exist.

He nods and the duo turn to walk towards the group of men that were staring at Niall. Niall is immediately terrified. It’s not like he of all people could possibly defend himself from these men. He was just a robber– and a virtual one at that. He doesn’t like face-to-face confrontation and he certainly would never win a fist fight. He’s put off and petrified of the hungry looks he sees in some of their eyes, eyeing him like he’s their new favorite chew toy. Sadly, Niall thinks that that is exactly what he is. Ed smiles at Niall in sympathy, gesturing for Niall to take the empty seat that is in between two brown haired boys, one tall and lanky, the other with blue, mischievous eyes that Niall did not want to get to know better.

Niall sits down, back straight and ankles crossed, he fiddles with his hands nervously as Ed introduces him. The group doesn’t seem interested in his words, looking more interested in judging the blonde boy.

“Pretty, isn’t he, Haz?” One of them, a tanned, attractive Pakistani looking man calls.

The man who must be Haz is the lanky guy sitting next to Niall, and he grins lazily, brushing a hand down the back of Niall’s chair, settling at the spot just above his tailbone. “Sure is.” He murmurs in a slow, British drawl. Niall tries not to shiver and is mesmerized for a second in green, deep eyes. He jumps when Ed snaps at the darker skinned man.

“Enough of that, Zayn. You lot will be nice to Niall– but not too nice, alright? We don’t stand for that kind of bullshit in this place.”

The feathery haired boy next to him cackles. “But, Theodore! Look at the kid, he’s going to want some friends. And friends are supposed to be really nice.” He says, and Niall understands that ‘nice’ suddenly has taken on a new meaning.

Greg had warned him about this. Said all the generic, ‘don’t bend over in the shower’ kind of shite, but Niall hadn’t actually thought that people did that here. Now that he’s here… it makes sense. He’s gone two weeks without a single wank, just cause he was afraid of someone hearing or seeing. He vaguely wondered how long some of these guys had gone without.

“No, Louis. You can be his friend, but I won’t have you harassing Niall here.” Ed states solidly.

“Don’t be stupid Ed, it would be consensual, wouldn’t it, Niall?” Another boy pipes up. This one is tall as well, sporting a muscle tee that showcases large biceps and incredible shoulders. ‘Huh’ Niall thinks because really, he’s been searching for his prince charming for a long time now, and pretty much any of these guys would’ve been perfect. Ed is about to go off on the man, when some others in the group begin to make remarks on Niall’s appearance. Niall remembers slightly hearing some names as the boys began to yell at each other, something about “Ashton and Mikey,” and a Liam was in there, too.

Niall sputters, cutting himself off when the Haz guy continues rubbing his hand across Niall’s back, pulling Niall and his chair closer towards him. “I’m Harry, by the way.” He introduces formally. “And personally, I think you’re fucking gorgeous.”

Niall blushes hard, eyes wide and surprised. “Th-thanks.” He stutters, astonished at the man’s words.

The curly haired boy grins widely, pulling at the bandana around his head, “Lou, get this, he’s Irish!”

Louis, one of the men who had talked earlier scoots over eagerly. “No shit?” He says excitedly, his arm joining Harry’s in smoothing over Niall’s shirt and soothing his skin. Niall shivers lightly, but nods, happy to finally get some human touch, even if it is under these circumstances.

By the time Ed gets the entire group settled, Louis has convinced Niall to be their “friend” (even though Niall doesn’t even really understand what that entails) and the pair have sandwiched Niall in between them tightly, glaring at one of the boys across from them as he snickered away. No one except Niall is really listening to Ed’s lecture, something about accepting others into their lives graciously and with kindness. Niall is content underneath Harry’s arm, Louis whispering jokes about Ed’s fiery hair into his ear periodically, but he can’t help but let his eyes wander. He finds himself staring at the super attractive Pakistani man across the circle from him. His amber eyes are enticing and Niall’s eyes keep flickering from him to the muscular one in the tee, watching as their eyes drag over his small figure, telling him a detailed story of what exactly they want to do to him. He can feel Harry’s arm tightening with what might be possessiveness and Louis’ growl of disapproval as Niall lets out an absent sounding moan.

The meeting ends soon, and Ed informs Niall that he’ll be rooming with Harry  and two unfamiliar guys named Liam and Mike. Louis pouts and groans in annoyance. “I wanted to fuck him first, Eddy. How is this fair? Haz and the two of our resident douche-bags get this,” He screeches, gesturing his arms around Niall. “and I’m stuck with a psychopath and a sociopath. Not fair!”

Harry is smirking while Niall is still gaping at the first part of Louis’ rant. ‘No one is going to be fucking me.’ he tries to convince himself as he takes a deep breath.

“Sorry-” Louis says, cutting off Niall’s thoughts. His voice is a lot softer than it was before, and Niall thinks he missed something by the angry look on Harry’s face. “I have this thing where I say pretty much everything I’m thinking.” He says, not looking ashamed in the slightest. “I’m sorry if I scared you, but I do. Want to fuck you, that is.” He elaborates.

Niall blushes a bright red. “Um-” He says, stopping himself from telling the blue-eyed boy that it’s alright, because ‘No one is going to be fucking me.’ He repeats like a mantra.

Suddenly, a strong hand is curling around Niall’s shoulder and he’s being gently manhandled to turn around. “So, we never got properly introduced, Niall.” The large, muscular man says as Niall meets his eyes. His eyes are warm and completely contradict the rest of his sharp, angular looks.

“That’s a good thing, Niall, he’s a right twat.” Louis murmurs from somewhere behind him.

The man ignores Louis, continuing on. “I’m Liam, and we’re rooming together.”

Niall tries to nod and look agreeable, but ever since Louis’ said what he did, he’s kind of terrified of rooming with anyone. Instead of commenting on Niall’s lack of response, Liam grinned viciously, grabbing at Niall’s lower back and pulling him in close.  He glanced over Niall’s shoulder, whispering, “I can’t wait to get to know you better,” all the while smirking at Louis and Harry.

Louis and Harry look apalled, “Why don’t you just run away back to Malik, yeah?” Harry says, pulling Niall back to his own chest. “Niall is not yours.”

Liam laughs, any emotion barred, “Yeah, you possessive bastard? Well, he’s not yours either.”

Harry lunges at Liam, only to be pushed back roughly by Louis. “Stop it, Harry!” He snarls, pushing him backwards again. “You’ve only got 4 more years, and you’re not going to fuck it up for yourself.”

Niall watches the silent rage course through Harry’s eyes. He stands up and stomps from the room, not saying another word. Louis scowls at Liam and walks off briskly after his friend. Niall’s eyes are wide as Liam steps back into his personal space. He runs a thumb over his bottom lip, grinning at the smaller boy. “So innocent. How’d you turn up here?” He wonders, seemingly to himself. Niall jumps and lets out a small, surprised noise as another body is pressed up against his other side.

“U-uh…” He tries to protest as the person snakes two arms around his tiny waist.

“Calm down, princess.” A low, gravely voice commands. Liam is smirking towards the person holding him and forces Niall’s body to turn around so that he’s facing the very attractive Pakistani man from before. “M’ Zayn.” He says and Niall doesn’t know what to feel.

“You don’t even know what’s happening here, do you?” Zayn says, a dark chuckle on his lips. “Thing is, you’re the prettiest bloke here, obviously. You’ve got a tiny little body, a nice arse, and an innocent, pouty face. Obviously people are going to be fighting over who gets to claim you.”

Niall’s lips parted in shock, “claim me?” He gasps.

“Of course.” Zayn rolls his eyes, as if Niall’s an idiot for not understand. Zayn winks cheekily, pushing away from Niall by shoving the smaller boy into Liam’s awaiting arms. Comfortably, Liam drags Niall off down a hallway where guards are directing them. Liam stands taller than all of them, giving them warning looks as if they’re the prisoners and not him. Niall shrinks in slightly, not really understanding the dynamics in this place.

Once they reached their cell, Liam pushed Niall forward, where he almost ran into another boy he hadn’t yet met. The boy practically snarled at Niall, who let out an un-manly squeak, falling backwards into arms that were slightly thinner than Liam’s. Niall was instantly pulled into Harry’s arms, an animalistic sounding growl leaving his throat. “Fuck off, Mike. It was Payne’s fault anyway.”

 Mike shrugs it off, climbing onto the top of the bunk across the room. Liam is already sitting on the bed underneath, smirking at Niall and Harry. Harry huffs, and pulls Niall closer, sitting on the closer bed. 

“You can bunk with me, Niall, it’ll be fun.” Harry promises, in a deep groveling voice. 

Liam lets out an angered scoff. 

Niall didn’t exactly understand yet, but he was already becoming a part of some weird love-pentagon. 

* * * * 

It had been a solid week since Niall arrived at the prison. It had been easier than he had expected, and he had yet to have his virginity taken by one of the four zealous and crazy boys that were so obsessed with him. It seemed to be some kind of fight, mostly between Zayn and Liam vs Harry and Louis. Though Niall had overheard Louis shouting at Harry for getting too Handsy with Niall once. 

Today was lunch per the usual. Niall was sitting in between Louis and Liam, Zayn and Harry glowering at the two from across the table. Nobody was really eating, mostly just looking at each other in an intense silence that was putting Niall on edge. Come to think of it, Niall had been on edge for quite a while. He was so tired of being pulled around by every one of these boys around him– and all for what? A silent conversation at a lunch table and basically 0 social interaction. 

“Alright, listen up.” Niall says, voice hard and stern. Each of the boys perks up at the Irish lit, but they seemed surprised at his new aura of intensity. “I’m so tired of you guys tuggin me around and then jus’ glarin’ at each other all the feckin’’ time!” Niall snarls. “Maybe you guys don’t get to choose who gets to ‘claim’ me, yeah?” He says, voice a bit softer. 

They all pipe up at that, each saying that ‘no, you don’t get to choose!’ 

Niall’s anger peaks there. “Well I get to choose who I like. Who I would willingly let claim me and fuck me and maybe, if i actually enjoyed their personality, then I would do things for them without them forcing me to. Maybe I’ll be your little bitch either way, but if it’s consensual then I can promise I’ll be a damned good one.” Niall rants, watching as the boys recognize his threat as lethal.

“So which of us is it?” Louis asks eagerly, looking unbelievably confident. 

Niall shakes his head. “Well maybe if you’re lucky enough I’ll like all of you. But only if you all stop being annoying cunts n’ start actually bein’ nice to each other.” He hums, nuzzling his head lazily into Liam’s shoulder. Liam, whilst basking in the attention he was getting, lets out a noise of agreement. 

“And if we’re really really nice, what’d you think we could get?” Harry asks leaning in, intrigued. “Like what if, just hypothetically, were to be fucking you, but Zayn wanted you to suck his dick?” He asks, eyes crinkling in excitement. “And– what if I wanted to jerk you off, slowly until your screaming on Zayn’s dick, begging for us to let you come. But before we can, Z and I might bottom out, cum right inside of our little cumslut. Then, Li and Lou want a turn and you’re our little fucking whore so you won’t say no, will you?” Harry says, eyes narrowed as he has the entire table panting at his dirty talk. 

Niall makes a whimpering noise before Harry continues. 

“If we’re really really good, you think that would be an option?” He finishes, leaning away and smirking, seeing the effect his words has on everyone. 

Niall gulps a bit, nodding quickly, “Yeah, yeah, I think– I think that could be an option.”

The boys sitting at the table all glance around at each other, secret smiles adorning their faces. Yeah, maybe they could get along– at least until that became an option.

I’m sorry i haven’t been writing much lately. I’m having a rough time right now idek what’s happening. I’ve had a pretty bad day today so I’m sorry if it sucks. But hey, I’m 16 now woooo! 

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Prompts are open! I do any Niall centered relationship including OT3, OT4, and Zianourry. You can see my previous writings here. 

Cole’s name is about eight names long. He was named after the eight Royal Blacksmiths from the Brookstone family, including his father Lou. (I dunno whats his actual surname, so Im used to this one).

Well if it were me, his name would be:

Nicolas Louis Gustavo Christopher Sebastian Dmitri Johann Antonio Brookstone.

Reblog what you think his full name would be. Please don’t hate on my opinion.

#3 How he realises you would be a great mum/ wants kids with you


“Where could he be?” you said looking everywhere in the living room , but behind the curtains where you can easily see his left shoulder and red slippers. Is he behind the pillow you say lifting it up from the couch where Niall and greg were sitting. “No!” you fake sigh. You hear Theo giggle. “Ah! Did I hear something?” You hear him gasp and picture it in your mind how he must have quickly placed his hand on his mouth to not let any other sound escape. “Did it come from behind the curtain?” you ask nobody exactly and take slow step towards the hiding place Theo chose. You flung the floral cloth aside to find Theo almost holding his breath. “Here!” “No!” he squeals running away. You catch him soon , and start tickling him making him laugh the famous Horan laughter. You lift him up and start placing kisses everywhere on his face. Niall had stopped watching the game he had planned to see with his brother long ago. He was too busy gazing at the two most cutest people he knew. He loved how you get along so well with him. You and Niall landed yesterday and you and Theo could’ve easily played a million games by now. Anything , just whatever Theo wanted to do. You just couldn’t tell no to his adorable face. Everyone in the Horan family used to tell Niall what a lovely mother you are gonna be. And today he finally witnessed. You were amazing. “Hey bud.” Niall says taking Theo from you. “He is sooo cute”  you coo pinching his cheeks. “Isn’t he? Well Horans are. Can’t wait to have our own little Horan.” he mumbled the last part. For a moment you thought you heard it wrong. But just one look at Niall’s tomato red face told you you heard it perfectly right. “Me too” you whispered.


“Havvyy” Lux squealed. “How my frock?” she asks twirling around so that your boyfriend can see it clearly from all the angles while her mum is brading his hair. “Its really pretty baby!” “Y/N (A/N the way a toddler would pronounce) got for me” she said happily running to you and hugging your legs. “Y/N , you literally spoil her! ” Lou playfully complained. “Let me! After all I am not on tour every single day” you counter. You sit on the couch behind the dressing table with Lux on your lap. “Baby get ready. after Harry its your turn.” “No” Lux refused. She got down from your lap and got a comb from the table. “Y/N make my hair” she looked up at you and pouted making the cutest face anyone can ever make. “Aww! Come here.” You start combing her hair. You ask her how she wants her hair to be done and you do it the exact same way. You both talk about the tea party you were gonna have with her and her dolls when the boys practiced and how much fun it was gonna be. Harry was watching you intently in the mirror how your lips would turn into the smile he fell for everytime the little girl said something. One day , he thought. There would certainly be a day when it would be just like this , you sitting behind him combing his daughter’s hair , talking about all girly stuff like barbies and tea parties and everything his little girl would like to do. “Your done Harry” Lou says. But he didn’t get up. He was smiling looking at the mirror reflection of you two. Lou bent down to reach his ear and whispered , “You are really lucky. She is going to be anamzing mum.” “I know” he speaks with caution not wanting to disturb you. “Trust me I know.”


“Babe how is th-” Louis stopped mid sentence. He wanted your oppinion on the t-shirt he just tried but forgot his words when he saw you bent down to the level of the crying toddler. “Louis , come here quick” You explained him real fast how this kid got lost and is not telling his name or anything. “Baby , I think we should take him to the authorities” he suggested. “Ya” You tried to take him with you only when he started crying louder. “You ty t kiwnap me , mumma say no talk with stangers” Louis was about to give the boy a sassy reply. I mean two days left for tour and he wanted to spend time with you. But before he could say a word you started sweetly explaining the boy. “What your mum says is right baby , but we are trying to help you. We wont even take you out of this shop just over there where you can make an announcement and your mum will come and get you. I promise you we wont kidnap you” you offer with a smile. “Pinky swear ?” the kid asks you holding out his little finger. “Pinky swear” you affirm. Your gentle words had stopped the crying of the kid. Louis was dumbfound. He had never seen you with kids and so he never knew how good you were with kids. You were walking in front of him holding the kid’s hand. He was proud of the way you had handled the entire situation. After the kid’s mother thanked you and Louis profusely for helping her out and kissing the little boy’s cheek goodbye , you turned to Louis “soo where were we?” “I want to have kids with you” he said bluntly. “What?!” you almost screamed. “What!? I said I want to have kids with you. You are amazing with them. ” “Me. And amazing. And that to with kids. Are you out of your mind Louis?” you said laughing lightly. “Didn’t you see yourself control the entire situation. You were brilliant babe. And I can tell that you are gonna be a wonderful mother.” You looked into his mind and found he was serious. “Really?” you whispered still not believing. “Like I said , can’t wait to have kids with you. Can’t wait.”


The boys were singing your favourite song little things and when Liam’s part came , he looked backstage eyes searching for you like he does every concert. But today he didn’t find you standing at your usual place. Only by the end the song did he find sitting playing with a crew members baby. You were playing peek a boo makng the baby laugh. Liam smiled looking at the precious sight. After the concert ended Liam walked backstage searching for you only to find you still playing with the energetic baby. “Hey babe” he kisses your cheek sitting by your side. “Aww , look whos here…it is the big baby , baby Payne” you pinch Liams cheeks. The baby starts giggling cutely and Liam stretches his arms to take the baby from you. “Nope” you order swatting his arms. “Your sweaty and full of germs. No coming near the baby before you are all clean and fresh.” You instruct in a motherly tone. It took him a minute to process that the baby wasn’t his. For one moment , when he went to take the baby he felt like it was his. When you stopped him , it felt like it was his. He sighed , picturing how it would be if you and him had a baby. He closed his eyes thinking of all the things he would do with his baby. Of how you would be as a mother , caring and loving but slightly strict at the same time. He started imagining you 9 months before your little bundle of joy comes to earth. Your sickness , your bump , your cravings…“What are you thinking Li?” watching your boyfriend smile to himself. “About how great mother you would be” he opens his eyes instantly not knowing how you would react. You smiled. You alwys have thought about a future with Liam and were glad he was at the same page of your book. That night all you and Liam talked about were kids , their names and many other things.


You were the eldest daughter and a sister to five other siblings. You have lived with babies all the time. So when you met your friend , who just gave birth , at the hospital and found her panicking you started telling her your experiences with your baby brother and sisters. It turned out that you knew a LOT about babies surprising yourself too. But Zayn was hearing this for the first time and he was proud of your knowledge. “So , you know a lot about babies huh?” he smirked once you sat in the car. “Well ,yeah , I have many young siblings , remember?” you joked. When you were putting your seatbelt you heard something like - have you ever thought about having your own baby. You look at him with wide eyes only to find him looking at you very seriously. “No…But it is not something I don’t want” you said looking down at your hands blushing. Zayn took your hand squeezing it assuringly. “One day , when my career ain’t that hectic” he looked at you promise in his eyes. 

A/N: Sorry I lost ideas for Liam and Zayn. Hope you liked it :)

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witch Harry accidentally summoning demon Zayn!!!

Harry hadn’t really expected it to work. Summoning wasn’t his bag of tricks at all–he specialized in charms, usually. Sometimes he dabbled in Transmogrification, but only when he was bored. Potions was an area of last resort. Summoning he hadn’t done since school, and even then he’d only just squeaked a pass by cribbing Louis’s notes. So when the smoke in his workshop clears and there’s an actual humanoid figure there, Harry’s jaw drops.

“I did it?” It comes out more of a question than a cheer, but the only thing there to hear is Harry’s familiar, Cat, and she doesn’t deign to answer. “I did it!”

“You did.” The voice that comes from inside the circle is beautiful. Harry’d generally heard that demons were supposed to be ugly, but he guesses a rich, smooth voice makes sense with the whole temptation thing. “Congratulations.”

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*busts threw the door* Pansexual! Jason and Bisexual! Leo ( valgrace) *moon walks away*

Hey friend! Your dance skills are incredible but we just got this door so try not to scratch it 😉

- Jason being pansexual was nothing new. He wanted to be open with everyone and came out as soon as he found out. He’s dated many people but never found anyone he was crazy about

- Leo never officially Came Out™ but everyone knew he wasn’t straight. He would flirt up a storm with any girl or boy campers that caught his fancy but never found anyone he was interested enough in to date until Jason

- The chemistry between Jason and Leo was obvious to everyone. Every time they talked, sparks flew (literally. Leo would have little sparks fly out of his hands whenever they were together)

- Leo makes the first move. Naturally he uses a stupid pick up line like “you’re so hot that just looking at you makes me sweat”. Jason stammers and blushes as Leo laughs and asks him on a date

- Their personalities are opposite but that’s why they work so well together. Jason helps keep Leo grounded, sets out plans for his projects, makes sure he’s doing mundane things like eating properly. Leo makes sure Jason remembers that he’s young and should be having fun while he can (because who knows when their last day will be)

- Jason playing “Burning Up” by the Jonas Brothers around Leo and cackling as Leo chases him to turn it off, because PLEASE Jason, HAVE MERCY

- Leo takes Jason out on fun dates, like laser tag and fairs and bungee jumping

- Jason loves Leo’s hair. Leo loves Jason’s glasses (and muscles)

- Imagine them watching Frozen and getting super into it. Imagine that Jason has already seen it and is giddily watching Leo face when Hans refuses to kiss Anna. Imagine Leo yelling at him because HOW DARE YOU JASON I TRUSTED YOU and Jason thinks it’s the most hilarious thing ever, laughing so hard he doubles over snorting while Leo glares

- Jason being the butt end of Leo’s pranks. Most of which involve Leo stealing all of his shirts or pants, forcing Jason to leave his cabin red faced to retrieve them

- Jason recruiting Lou Ellen for a spell to temporarily turn Leo’s hair bright pink. He knows it worked when he can hear Leo screaming his name from across camp

- On a more serious note, when wars break out they refuse to leave each other’s side no matter what. They refuse to lose another family member. They plan strategies and direct people but aren’t afraid to fight so long as they’re next to each other

- Speaking of fighting: can you imagine them fighting side by side because holy shit. Fire requires oxygen, so imagine Leo catching wind on fire as Jason funnels it to enemies, making fire tornados that ravage everything in their path, being able to incinerate armies alive and burn down entire towns. Them being surrounded in a storm of fire, flames coming from Leo’s fingertips as smoke curls off his body and Jason turning it into a massive whirlwind that terrifies everyone. Imagine Jason calling down lightning and Leo making the explosion absolutely explosive

They’re so great together. Thanks for the ask, love!

Mod Isabel

One and the Same chapter 23

Chapter 1: Food Source                 Chapter 6: Reckless Behavior

Chapter 2: The Rogue                   Chapter 7: The Day After

Chapter 3: Blood Troubles             Chapter 8: Sudden Suspicions

Chapter 4: The Brink                      Chapter 9: Keeping Quiet

Chapter 5: Dates & Damnation     Ch.10: Fish Trouble

Ch.11: The Last Night                 Ch.16: Action & Reaction

Ch.12: Red Herring                    Ch.17: Echoes of Love

Ch.13: Bad Blood                        Ch.18 War Talk

Ch.14: (In)Sincerity                    Ch.19: Curiosity & Satisfaction

Ch.15: Pack Loyalty                   Ch.20: New Recruits

Ch.21: Monsters We Are

Ch.22: Prideful Casualties

Cruel & Unusual 

It was hard to tally up how many Mystics were missing. Partially because they had all fled faster than they could think, and partially because so many of them were pacing and panicking.

“Enough!” Will shouted. He winced and grabbed his side.

“Easy now,” Magnus told him. “It took a lot to fix you up after that silver dagger. Don’t exert yourself.”

“I’m fine,” he muttered. He sighed and looked at the others, trying not to let it show on his face how much he was panicking. Where the hell was Nico? “Okay, everyone split into your sections the way we did at the library. All fairies over here, the wolves behind me, imps, so on and so forth.” He let out a loud whistle as they began to move. “Hold it! I’m not done. Then I need you to figure out who is missing and send one person to me so we can tally up an estimate.” He waved a hand, dismissing them.

With their attention off of him, he let he worry come over his features. “Has anyone seen Nico?” he said, almost pleadingly.

Lou Ellen shook her head. “He was right behind us when we left.”

Will ran a hand through his head as another werewolf walked up to him, his eyes filled with grief. “Our alpha,” he began. Then Hazel raced up to them.

“I’m so sorry, but I need Will to come with me.” Will hesitated. “It’s about Nico.” He nodded and turned to the werewolf.

“Talk to Lou Ellen. Lou, can you take over for me?” She nodded, and beside her, Cecil stood up a little taller. Then he followed Hazel to the shade of the bayou that had once been her home. According to her it had been vacated for a long time now. “What is it? Did someone find him?”

“No,” she said. “But Magnus thinks he might know a way to.” Will furrowed his eyebrows as she led him inside. On an old, faded couch with stuffing pouring from its seams, was Annabeth, pale and in obvious pain. Beside her was Percy, leaning on his knees, holding her hand, his trident forgotten by the door.

“What happened?” he asked in shock.

Percy looked up at Will with those otherworldly green eyes. “An imp’s tail lodged in her arm. They’d dipped them in poison.” Magnus was tying a torn shirt tightly around her arm, just above a spot where she had been bleeding severely. Percy stood and walked over to Will, grabbing him by the shoulders. “Can’t you help her? You healed me, you can heal her. Can’t you?”

Will looked at him with wide eyes. “You only had bruises and a few scrapes. This is poison, I- I don’t-”

“Can’t you at least lessen the pain for her?” He looked over his shoulder then back at Will. In a low, urgent voice, he said, “She did this for me. That tail was aimed at me. Please.” His eyes had begun to water and Will furrowed his eyebrows.

“Don’t mermaid tears heal?” he asked.

Percy tugged at his own hair in frustration. “I tried! I tried, it’s not working. The magic was in my scales, and most of those are gone now, in case you haven’t noticed.”

Will put a placating hand on his shoulder, but Percy pulled away angrily. “I’ll try. Okay?” Percy fixed his eyes on him as he walked over to Annabeth and took her cold hand. She let out a strangled breath through thin lips and Will closed his eyes. He felt her heartbeat, and listened to her labored breaths. He heard a gasp and assumed it was working.

Annabeth let out a relieved sigh and groaned. He opened his eyes and saw her stormy irises focused on him. “Thank you,” she murmured.

“The poison is still in her,” Magnus said. “But Wolfy here definitely helped with keeping her alive long enough for me to fix it.” Percy jaw clenched as he resumed his position beside her.

“Come,” Hazel said, gesturing Will away. She led him to the kitchen and perched herself onto the counter. “Magnus thinks he can trace Nico. Sort of the way my mom was able to sense his proximity to you, but stronger. More accurate.”

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