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27 omg Larry plz ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ

27. “I’m pregnant”

Louis looks pale as she walks out of the bathroom, her hands shaking. 

“Lou,” Harry murmurs as she shuffles, on her knees, to end of the bed. She reaches out an grips Louis’ hips. “Love, is everything okay?” Harry searches Louis’ face, brushing the few strands of hair that have escaped her headband, out of her eyes. “Please talk to me,” Harry pleads. 

Louis breaks out into a brilliant smile. Her body shaking in Harry’s hands, while she waves the plastic stick, Harry hadn’t even noticed before now, in Harry’s face. 

“Pregnant,” Louis whispers at first. “PREGNANT!” She screams a few seconds later. “Harry, I’m pregnant.” She holds Harry’s face in her hands, the pregnancy test clutched between her index and middle finger, hanging aloft next to Harry’s face. Louis crashes their lips together. Wetly, Louis adds, “Baby, we’re having a baby!”

Harry takes a few seconds to collect herself. It’s been five years. Five years since they have been trying to have their own child. Five years of donor books, hard choices, painful shots, failed insemination, tears, heartbreak, and finally, finally they’re pregnant. Harry doesn’t even realize she’s been holding her breath until she feels light headed. 

“We’re,” Harry whispers through the tears, “Oh my god! We’re going to be mums!”

Seconds later, Harry is lifting Louis, and gently (she’s holding precious cargo) placing her onto the bed. Through a giant smile and many tears, she begins kissing ever inch of Louis’ tummy she can find. 

Louis’ winds her fingers through Harry’s curls, smiling calmly at Harry’s ministrations.

After about twenty minutes, Harry finally places three kisses a few inches between Louis’ bellybutton murmuring, “I. Love. You. Both. So. Much.” Adding a kiss for each word. 

Slowly she slides her way up Louis’ body, finally looking into Louis’ beautiful, blue, tearfilled, eyes, “I have never been happier to call you my wife.” 

Harry seals her statement with a kiss.