Day 17 of the #omboytakeover #yogachallenge is themed #twists hosted by two amazing yogis @nickatasana and @drkevinlo. Sponsors: @meaningfulmalas and @yogoanywhere #yogoanywhere. I tried some different variations but, chile…lol stay tuned…me and @becomingorganic are bringing you tomorrow’s pose. #yoga #yogamen #yogadudes #fitness #bendy #lotuspose

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First time lowering down to lotus crow today I’m excited!!

Yoga isn’t about the cool poses you can do…It has taught me that I must breathe through the difficult positions I may find myself in. It has taught me that there is beauty somewhere around me. It has taught me to open my eyes and close my mouth. It’s has taught me that the light inside of me is definitely bigger than the darkness that may be around me. It has taught me that it is okay to be alone and that it is okay to be in large crowds. I thank God for my practice as it has been a conduit to the DIVINE and to clarity; to love and to forgiveness. Breathe through it all. #lotuspose #padmasana #Yoga #yogadudes #yogaeverydamnday #fulllotus

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Today is day 5 of the #NakedSoulYogaChallenge & @_neyontree chose #lotuspose. The word of the week is still 🌸PURPOSE🌸.
So I officially am a resident of Georgia. I’ve been on the road with my love since last night. When I got here, I went out with my mother & then took my sister & her friend to the crystal shop. I finally get to sit down & drink some tea…..I’m pooped. This transition has been BONKERS & I cannot wait for this retrograde to be over on Friday. I say we have an end of retrograde Instagram party!!!! What say you!?!?
I decided not to move everything out of the way & make my picture all clean & perfect because that’s not life. Shit is real over here. There is a quote that came to mind & today’s pose reminded me of just that.
“PEACE. It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble, or hard work. It means to be in the midst of things & still be calm in your heart.” -unknown
That is my life. Doing my best to remain a steady stream in the middle of a hurricane.
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Another shot of #Padmasana // #lotuspose for #COREofGratitude 🙏🏼🙏🏼 it was fun taking a little yoga shoot today, haven’t in a while… But it feels good to be back on the #insta yoga train🚊 #toottoot #allaboard 😝 I love doing insta yoga challenges because it pushes me to focus on something particular that I may not include in my daily practice or even be able to do yet! Yoga is a journey and I love sharing my piece of it❤️ #instayogafam @kinoyoga @beachyogagirl @liforme

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