“Winter Solace” – When peace reigns in the mind, one is always happy, even if external conditions are not ideal

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First time lowering down to lotus crow today I’m excited!!

Day 26 of April Intentions is padmasana (lotus pose) through out the years, even before I started yoga I loved sitting in this just because it felt good and relaxed my lower half. Today's intention is to breathe and let things be - after a good and much needed cry I exhaled any remaining resentment towards the person I had chosen to spend the rest of my days with and just accepted that this is how things are supposed to be.

Good night lovely yogis :)

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Day 8. Lotus pose
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Finals are over, but my love of the lotus pose is definitely not!

I think the bouncers were more stunned than annoyed when I got on the bar (twice) and posed for these pictures.

Pose of the week: Lotus pose!

Wearing Betsey Johnson earrings, L.L.Bean rain jacket, forever21 v-neck, Old Navy polka dot pants, and sperry’s in Portland, Maine.