“Winter Solace” – When peace reigns in the mind, one is always happy, even if external conditions are not ideal

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@frey5936 wearing her @weareyoga Sapphire Newspaper leggings while putting in the work 💪🏼💪🏼🏆😊…..“The struggle is real! I sit in lotus every day. I do headstands almost every day. So theoretically this should fly. I’ll get there!” #Headstand #LotusPose #headstandlotus #Yoga #YogaEveryDamnDay #Yogi #Practice #Perseverance #Inversions #Yogalife #votd #InversionsMakeMeHappy #Strength #Flexibility #Core #WayMat #WeAreYoga

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First time lowering down to lotus crow today I’m excited!!


Finals are over, but my love of the lotus pose is definitely not!

I think the bouncers were more stunned than annoyed when I got on the bar (twice) and posed for these pictures.

Pose of the week: Lotus pose!

Wearing Betsey Johnson earrings, L.L.Bean rain jacket, forever21 v-neck, Old Navy polka dot pants, and sperry’s in Portland, Maine.

Hey all you Yogis

If any of you are interested in joining a pose of the month group check out this blog right here: 

 We will all receive a pose each month and within that month we are given the task to be able to do the pose and we will also have the opportunity to research and learn more about it.

 December’s pose is LOTUS POSE.

i think this would be a great group to join if you are interested i furthering your practice or becoming and instructor like myself.

 In the group we will support and help you :)