I was feeling annoyed this morning, but this heart opening or with helped to get things into perspective, well that, and a conversation with the very inspiring @kaylefler. I’m going to share quickly: I practice yoga EVERY SINGLE DAY. I read about the practice and work to become better at more than asanas. I’m not perfect, but not in it for just this pretty or that pretty pose either. I have a community of people here on IG that are supportive and inspiring. You know what I love most about this community? We inspire, support and give credit to each other. Today’s pose was inspired by @om_yoga_love for. This pose is not my practice, but just a glimpse into what I am capable of in it. Please give credit to those who inspire you and practice for you, not for IG. Your IG family will build itself, based on how authentic they see you being, and then it will feel like a family. Hosted by: @om_yogi @silver_cloudss @om_yoga_love Sponsored by: @c_ravel @yogapaws @LVRfashion
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Padma mudra

: Lotus flower mudra

Start in Anjali mudra, keep the tips of the baby fingers and thumbs together as well as the base of the palms. Separate the ring, middle and index fingers wide apart to form the shape of a lotus opening its petals.

Padma opens and integrates the body, mind and spirit. It helps us to heal the heart and all the wounds that life bring us. The respiratory, immune and nervous system are improved.

Affects: the 4th chakra (heart), 5th chakra (throat), 6th chakra (brow/third eye), and 7th chakra (crown).

Got tagged by @ellethesundancekid to #stopdropandyoga I’m house/dog sitting and these people have a goooorgeous stained glass window on the wall by their stairs. Had to sit under it. Now I’ll tag @allyde101 and @jaychlo to join the fun if they like. #yoga #yogalove #yogafun #cowfacepose #sunshine #lotusmudra #relax #stainedglass #feeltheyogahigh #namaste

What a beautiful evening this was reunited with @aletasteele practiced to live Reggae by @ishmaellevi. Many thanks to the space @laughinglotusbk to the connection @leo_risingyoga and @spirituallyfly for the practice. See you all soon 🙏💛💎 #yoga #reggae #lotusmudra

“Standing at the crossroads, trying to read the signs to tell me which way I should go to find the answer, and all the time I’ve known; plant your love, and let it grow.” #lotusmudra #supyoga
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