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  • mush lamp
  • ice lamp
  • egg lamp
  • lava lamp
  • princess lamp
  • pisces lamp
  • football fish lamp
  • sloppy lamp
  • regal lamp + wall lamp (customizable)
  • stained glass lamp (refurbished/subtle)
  • lotus lamp (refurbished/very subtle)


  • holiday candle
  • balloon dog lamp (by default, customizable)
  • red tasseled lantern
  • regal lamp + wall lamp (customizable)
  • stained glass lamp (refurbished/subtle)
  • lotus lamp (pink/very subtle)


  • scorpio lamp
  • harvest lamps (very subtle)
  • regal lamp + wall lamp (customizable)
  • stained glass lamp (refurbished/subtle)


  • firefly lamp (very subtle)
  • Alpine Lamp (refurbished LEAF)
  • stone lantern
  • regal lamp + wall lamp (customizable)
  • minimalist lamp (refurbished MOSS GREEN/subtle)
  • lotus lamp (refurbished/very subtle)

Language of Flowers
All of these were posted separately throughout this year before summer, but I kind of wanted to have them altogether in one post, sorry to those who already seen them! :) These illustrations were part of my bachelor’s project. In place of my signature was the project’s logo, typography was slightly different in spacing in presented pieces.

Individual posts:


Special Airbending Techniques.

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Latest addition:

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Any subject combined with flowers, especially in ink, is my jam. This time it was Vaporeon surrounded by flora that grows around ponds c: (The size of each breed in relation to each other is probably very off but shhhh I just liked how they looked)

I actually bought a LAMY fountain pen last year with the intention of using it for ink work to replace my Microns, but I never got around to it until recently and used it mostly for writing things. This is probably the first or second piece I’ve actually drawn with the LAMY!

Prints of “Aquiferous” are available on my Etsy, as well as the original!

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16. Monk Gyatso founded the Order of the White Lotus in order to protect Aang from the factions of the Air Nomads who only wanted to turn him into a weapon against the Fire Nation. The Order died along with him when the Southern Air Temple was invaded. It remained dormant for a hundred years until a Fire General stumbled upon their meeting hall under the outskirts of Ba Sing Se, grief-stricken over the loss of his son and searching for a new purpose

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(Nelumbium nelumbo, Nymphaea nelumbo, Nelumbo nucifera, Nymphaea lotus) May disturb the digestive system if taken internally.

Folk Names: Baino, Egyptian Lotus.
Gender: Feminine.
Planet: Moon.
Element: Water.
Powers: Protection, Lock-Opening.

Ritual Uses: The lotus has long been revered in the East as a mystical symbol of life, spirituality, and the center of the universe. The ancient Egyptians considered the plant to be sacred and the lotus was used as an offering to the gods.

Magical Uses: Anyone who breathes the scent of the lotus will receive its protection.
Place the root of a lotus under the tongue, and say the words “SIGN, ARGGIS” toward a locked door. It will miraculously open.
Lotus seeds and pods are used as anti- dotes to love spells, and any part of the lotus carried or worn ensures blessings by the Gods and good luck.

(from Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs by Scott Cunningham)