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Special Airbending Techniques.

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F oster the people - lotus eater 2017 Live (Full song)


FOSTER THE PEOPLE “Lotus Eater & Blitzkrieg Pop” Cooperstown, NY 6/10/17


casually shows off my fish LOL 

i think i promised pictures, so here they are xD top is Bubbles, who I brought home from the store where I work because he was tiny and couldn’t eat the betta pellets o: months later, he’s massive and his fins grew like twice as long as they were???? they also curl a lil at the ends and he’s such a sweetie <3

bottom is Lotus, who I think i mentioned had fin rot and swim bladder disorder when I brought him home, but he’s great now! Fins are still growing in (and probably will be for a few months, apparently that takes a while to grow back fully) but he’s tons better than he was and he’s got an attitude now???? when i go to feed him he puffs up at me and tries to fight me for a few seconds before he gets it out of his system and settles down to eat xD he’s got blue eyes and is kind of iridescent, which my phone camera doesn’t show :c he shines green in the light uwu 

Right now they’re both in 2.5 gallon tanks with heaters, sponge filters, and a couple of different live plants, but i’m hoping to move them up to 5 gallon tanks at some point! when money permits, haha :’D there’s so many things i want to put in their tanks, but the 2.5 gallon tanks don’t fit much :c someday soon!