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Special Airbending Techniques.

[firebending] [earthbending] [waterbending]

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F oster the people - lotus eater 2017 Live (Full song)


FOSTER THE PEOPLE “Lotus Eater & Blitzkrieg Pop” Cooperstown, NY 6/10/17


Foster the People - Lotus Eater Sacred Hearts Club Intimate Show Dallas TX - Club Show May 30 2017


🎊 new year’s eve part 2 🎊

once their bellies were all full of various desserts and raw fish, some of the girls went to the balcony to chill, talking about stranger things and the latest overwatch update. over time, everyone did their own thing, but you would often see groups or pairs bonding in corners or on sofas. when it finally came for the 10-second-countdown for the new year, there were tears and kisses and hugs. there was a large amount of appreciation bc everyone just loves each other a lot ok??? #family4eva