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F oster the people - lotus eater 2017 Live (Full song)

Whenever you become anxious or stressed, outer purpose has taken over, and you lost sight of your inner purpose. You have forgotten that your state of consciousness is primary, all else secondary.
—  Eckhart Tolle

Omg I just had a realization about the avatar universe and it makes so much sense that it’s scaring me. If someone else figured this out already or if I’m completely off, I’m a dummyface and I’ll just go home.

Okay, so we know that all of the people who know about the first Red Lotus kidnapping attempt are FUCKING TERRIFIED of the red lotus. Lin Beifong, who is not someone that gets easily scared, tells the Korra “You don’t want to fight these guys.” Lin knows that Korra is an accomplished bender. Hell, she saw Korra turn into a giant blue spirit and destroy the spirit of pure chaos and evil. And even knowing this, Lin says “You don’t wanna fuck with these guys.” It never made sense to me before why they were so scared. I mean, Tonraq and Tenzin and Sokka and Zuko held their own against them, and let’s be real, none of them are in the same league as Korra.

So why are Tenzin, Lin, and Tonraq all terrified for Korra’s safety when Zaheer escapes?

BECAUSE THEY KILLED SOKKA. Hear me out. The last major event we know of in Sokka’s life is this kidnapping. Somewhere between this and Korra becoming a teenager, Sokka dies. Katara is still alive and outlives him for many years. This might just be because he ate too much red meat and his unhealthy diet led to an early death. This was my theory when I learned that Sokka was dead in Season 1. On the other hand, Sokka was a genius and became an accomplished fighter before he was 20. He and three of the most powerful benders in the world went up against the red lotus. We know that Tenzin, Tonraq, and Zuko all made it out of that fight alive. But the only reason for everyone to be scared of the red lotus is if they did some serious damage. We know their kidnapping attempt failed. If it was just some random kids trying to kidnap korra and failing, they would be concerned, but no matter how good a fight they put up, I don’t think a kidnapping attempt would warrant that kind of response. But if they killed Sokka in that fight? Hooooooly shit. Everyone loves Sokka. As I said, he’s intelligent and a pretty awesome fighter. He was one of a select few people who saved the entire world from being burned to ashes during the 100 year war. And Zaheer and his group (who had to be in their twenties or teens during the kidnapping, barely even adults) manage to face down three powerful benders and one non-bender who is still not someone you would want to fight, and they take out one of those four??? They’re just kids HOW where did these people come from and why were they trying to kidnap Korra they’re obviously dangerous and there might be more people like them out there we better lock these shits away in super complex remote secret prisons and interrogate them to find out everything they know omg they killed Sokka what kind of horrible people could do such a thing

Does that theory make sense to anyone else?

moosefalva101 asks: ‘Following the incident at your house on Dec. 1999 has your outlook on life changed at all?’

george_harrison_live: 'Yes and no.’

george_harrison_live: 'Adi Shankara an Indian historical, spiritual, groovy-type person once said’

george_harrison_live: ’“Life is fragile, like a raindrop on a lotus leaf.”’

george_harrison_live: 'and you better believe it!’

—  From George Harrison’s Yahoo web chat, 15 February 2001 [x]

My Comeback Stream! Tavern Brawl - Jade Lotus

After rehabilitating my hands from having lost responsiveness in my arm in an incident that benched me from a lot of gaming for a few months I am back! Tavern Brawl this week is Encounter at the Crossroads, with a surprise guest on the board. First day of three days of streaming the classes of the Gadgetzan crime families in Tavern Brawl. Today’s family: Jade Lotus. – Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/aranyaphoenix

Are you ready, Tenno?

Aye aye, Lotus

I cant heeeaaar you!



Who lives in a facility under the sea?


Who makes tube men as deplorable as he?


If nautical murder is something you wish


Then watch out out for REGOR, he has a big stick!