lotus in art

Lotus flowers painted in my watercolour Moleskine journal, using Dr Ph Martin’s Hydrus liquid watercolours. I used an Escoda Perla number 2 brush for the fine lines and details, plus a variety of Princeton and Davinci brushes for filling in.

Special thanks to Ra-Ben and Joey Lacroix for letting me use their remix of “Isaac Delusion - Sand Castle” :)

Sometimes you lose the track of the life. And fall into the darkness. Your nights chase the days, days chase the nights. And your light becomes your meditation. Let the Om guide you the way, so your will shall become as strong as an oak. Keep yourself always in balance my beloved friend.


Thank you Anonymous for the request!

#17: So much pink and purple in this one! And pretty ladies! :D

The Riders outfits are so simple in design yet trying to fuse them into one turned into more of a hassle than I’d’ve liked. But it made for interesting ideas, like those tiny wings! They’re my personal favorite!

“A Peaceful Place”— The struggle is over the moment we become at peace with ourselves

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