lotus eater machine

World Trees

World Trees are just that; trees with worlds on their branches. They are not the Yggdrasil, but some believe they are its seeds or shoots. There are theories that our realm is inside of another World Tree, or that the Yggdrasil is a World Tree of unfathomable size that holds all the multiverses on different branches.

Physically, World Trees are massive. The smallest of them are ‘only’ forty or so feet high, while the largest ever recorded on Earth proper reached over three miles in height and just over a mile and a half in diameter at the trunk. At their peak is a massive, lotus-like flower that holds an immense water bubble, inside of which is a stirring microcosm. World Tree microcosms tend to contain singular worlds and the celestial bodies needed to promote the formation of life, but elder trees can have whole solar systems or even small galaxies, sometimes even growing secondary microcosms on separate growths. The World Tree with the most recorded microcosms topped out at six.

Journeys into these cosmos’ are possible with the trees permission. Beginning no more intelligent than a rodent, as it grows, the World Tree becomes significantly smarter, wiser, and more observant, while gaining considerable magical power focusing on the creation, alteration, or relocation of matter. Despite their immense power, they’re either unable or unwilling to actually interact with their internal worlds in meaningful ways. On occasion they may wield their power to stop some destructive event or whisk some malefactor on their world away before it can do harm, but otherwise they merely passively observe their creation, and the world around them.

Despite the curious beauty they have when fully grown and the wonder that comes with exploring their alien worlds, the World Trees are not exactly a welcome sight everywhere. The energy costs associated with creating their microcosm is not insignificant, with many civilizations viewing them as plagues because they drain the very life from the soil as they grow and darken the skies as they take their lions share of sunlight to fuel the formation of their worlds. They’re technically classified as planetary parasites, but the essence they drain from their surroundings eventually stabilizes after a few centuries until the tree and the area around it achieve an equilibrium. The tree’s own arcane power allows it to give back everything it has taken, and the strange energy that pours out of its microcosm causes life in all directions to flourish. Not everyone has the patience or desire to wait the three or four hundred years this process needs to begin breaking even, and dozens of worlds that could have been were prematurely destroyed before the World Tree even began to flower.

You can’t force someone to have fun.

Wander is way too caught up in his own joy. Of course he wants to share it! Everyone loves to share the source of their fun, their joy; “Look at this movie it’s awesome, you’ll love it!” “This series of games is amazing, let me tell you everything I know about it!” And that’s fine, as long as they want to listen to you that is.

Now, this situation is a little bit different, since both Wander and Sylvia are stuck in a Lotus-Eater Machine and Syl was actually having fun at the beginning. But enough is enough, you can’t be stuck here forever.

Wander doesn’tseem to understand that - he’s having fun, why can’t she? He just have to show her… In his weird way.

In his weird, harmful way.

I mean just look at her, she’s in pain.

Wander is a good guy overall and obviously he doesn’t mean to cause her pain, but…

…it also doesn’t excuse him.

Take a deep breath, Wander, and think for a moment before you’ll try to control others the next time, please.

@waj13 said: Hi. Sorry for bothering you, but could you (if you have the time and are not to tired) do a drawing of dipper comforting Mabel? I couldn’t help but feel that Mabel would feel a LOT of guilt for not only being tricked by bill so easily, having at times where she not sure if she not just still trapped in bill bubble/Lotus-Eater Machine?

Oh I agree with you but…She’s Mabel, and Mabel needs to be happy, she needs to make everyone else happy, she can’t be sad. So she has sweatertown and Dipper knows the only way to get Mabel out of sweatertown is to be calm and gentle and distract her with the stories of their great uncles’ adventures. There’s just enough in those stories to let her know everything is okay.

And you ain’t bothering me man! Love drawing comfort twins.

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ok what if they all come out expecting keith to be out first because he seems really pragmatic but keith actually comes out last and is really confused and sad because he never wanted to admit it wasnt real

:’)) It fits because Keith at his happiest comes out generally in that speeder scene from the beginning or at Red’s controls. I believe he really really loves flying (top fighter pilot at the Garrison after all); he feels free and alive and his problems seem so small from there and a ship is simple and easy and straightforward unlike people

But at the same time I’d like to propose an addition, courtesy of @coranemoji‘s tags. Given enough time Keith would eventually break himself out because he’d start to miss his teammates. Flying is Great, he Loves it, and for a long time he’s content to just wander through space. But then there starts to be this… hollow feeling in his chest. There’s only so many times you can fly by a star or planet or moon before it all starts to look the same and lose its luster. And he keeps unconsciously flipping his comm switch, as though he’s half expecting to hear people’s voices come through the speakers? Was it always this quiet in Red’s cockpit? He half remembers a steady familiar voice, excited chatter, cheering, banter? He keeps flipping the comm switch but those voices don’t come through? What’s going on? No this is wrongwrongwronglonely

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Goddamn it, now I'm writing about Lance waking up from your Lotus Eater machine and trying to snap his friends out of it. Thanks. XP



((also as an aside I had NO idea there was an actual name for what I was writing about when I made those posts :P Lotus Eater machine huh? ya learn something new every day))