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8 characters you relate to + a selfie in the middle

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The Lucky One

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Chapter o8. Like an Hallucination

She waits in front of the school gates with her small hands curled around the straps of her backpack.  The winter storm scratches her cheeks, turning them bright pink like lotus buns.  She sneezes and sniffles back her runny nose.      

A lady wearing glasses kneels down beside her and offers her a lollipop, “Is your Mommy not here yet? 

The little girl hangs her head low and shakes it. 

“That’s alright Sweetie.  Do you want to wait inside?  It’s a lot warmer in the classroom,” the young lady ruffles her hair. 

But the little girl just shakes her head again.

“Okay, Teacher-nim will wait with you then,” the young woman suggests.

She sits down on the nearby bench and pats the empty spot for the little girl to join.  To her disappointment, the girl takes a few steps away from her.  So she gets back up on her feet and jogs into the school building. 

The little girl pouts and kicks the pebbles at her feet.

“Mommy,” she calls but only the whistle of the wind replies to her.

A moment later the same young woman comes back and squats down to the girl’s level.  She holds out a glass jar and shakes it making the colorful paper stars move up and down as if they were dancing.  The little girl reaches for the jar thinking they are fairy crystals.

“Do you want me to teach you how to fold them?” she takes a few paper strips from her pockets.

Though her head still hangs low, a miniscule smile creeps onto her lips, and the little girl shyly nods.  But just as the young teacher takes the girl’s hand, an older woman shows up.  She grabs the child roughly by the arm and tugs her away.    

The teacher is taken aback, a look of pity spreads across her face.

“It’s okay Sweetie.  I’ll teach you tomorrow.  You can keep these though,” she promises and hands the little girl the jar of stars.

On the way home, her mother rips the jar from the girl’s arms and throws it to the ground, “Stupid Girl, how many times have I told you not to accept things people offer.  Do you want others to think we are beggars?”

The little girl starts to cry and kneels down to collect the stars.  The glass shards cut into her hands.     



You sat up straight on your bed with your mouth agape.  Beads of sweat trickled down your neck as you huffed and puffed for air.  Your hands felt as if thousands of needles pricked at your fingertips all at once. 

“What’s the matter?” Sehun’s half-awake voice inquired. 

With one eye opened, he reached for the digital clock to check the time.  When you do not respond, he tapped your shoulder.  The sudden touch caused you to jerk back.

Don’t breathe.   

Suck it in. 

Your fists clenched together.

We aren’t beggars.

Sitting up on the bed as well, Sehun placed his hand on your back.  His hand scorches against your cold skin.  You exhale.       

“Nothing.  Just a nightmare,” you reassured, a bit flustered and embarrassed.

Immediately, the vanity lamp clicked on.  The soft glow of the light created a halo on the bed sheets.  A set of large hands rested on yours as the owner examined your current shaken form.  Softly, he stroked your cheeks, wiping away the cold sweat that had collected beneath your chin.  Under his pampering, the invisible needles gradually ceased its torment on your fingers.  Your shoulders slumped backward as you collided into his embrace.        

“Everything’s fine.  It’s just a dream,” he coaxed, “let’s go back to sleep”. 

With his arm still wrapped around your waist, you both fell back onto the bed.  Like a programmed machine, he continued to pat your back until the rhythmic melody calmed you to slumber.        



When you reawaken, the sweet aroma of goguma-bap ran up your nose.  Your arms stretched out and you covered your yawning lips with a drumming motion.  Skipping happily to the kitchen, you spotted Sehun hard at work.  A set of dishes lined the dinner table.    

“Good morning,” you greeted Sehun. 

He returned your greeting with one of the cheesiest smiles you had ever seen appear on his handsome face.  You hit his chest playfully and leaned forward to inhale the fragrance of his culinary artwork. 

“Chef Oh Sehun-ssi, today must be a holiday for you to show up,” you teased.

There was a reason why both of you were extremely giddy.  Today, Sehun’s busy schedule finally opened up and allowed him quality time to accompany you to a baby’s appointment.

Your heart fluttered seeing the fully-grown man skip about the room as if he was in a meadow of flowers. 

“Mmmm,” you licked your lips when Sehun served a plate of food. 

He pinched your nose, spun around in circles gleefully, and then placed his own plate on the table, like a waiter. 

“Ma’am, would you like a drink with that?” he asked in what he thought was a British accent while stroking his invisible mustache. 

You giggled, “Yes, Chef-nim”. 

The meal tasted especially sweet as it melted into the valleys of your tongue.  Sitting across from Sehun, you witnessed his eyes sparkling like a star in the night sky – so vibrant and magical.  When you’re done slurping up the goguma-bap, the two of you enthusiastically left for the doctor’s appointment. 


At the waiting room, flashbacks of the first time you were here, desperate and alone, crowded your mind. Words could not describe how lucky and grateful you felt now that Sehun was here to accompany you. You rubbed your belly and sat a little closer to the man beside you. 

You found yourself staring at him again, captivated by his suave appearance.  His milky skin glowed under the florescent lights.  His hair was silky smooth making you want to run your fingers through it.  Sehun turned around, catching you in the act of daydreaming.  Shyly, you turned away but glancing from the side, you witnessed the corners of his lips curved upward. 

“Are you tired?” he asked.

“Mmhmm,” you hummed, placing your head on his shoulders as you closed your eyes.       

Chuckling, Sehun wrapped an arm around you.  The fast beating of his heart echoed in your ears and you internally melted knowing how excited he was to see the baby.     

The doctor ran a few tests on you while Sehun stood at your side, his hand linked with yours.  The mere mentioning of an ultrasound caused his grip on your hand to tighten.  Giggling foolishly, your thumb stroked his to try to calm his nerves down.  When the sonogram appeared on the monitor screen, he unconsciously stepped closer to observe.

“That’s my baby?” he blankly asked the doctor.

“Yes.  You see that’s the head,” she pointed to a round mass, “and those are the hands and the feet”.

Abruptly, a thumping noise, much louder this time, commenced.  You took a peek at Sehun.  His eyes turned glossy and as if it was contagious, your eyes welled up as well.  You tugged on his hand a bit to call for his attention.  Instantly, he turned around, leaned over, and kissed you on the lips.  A hot flushing sensation preoccupied your cheeks.     

The doctor cleared her throat and asked, “At seventeen weeks, we usually can tell the gender of your baby.  Would you like to know if it’s a girl or boy?”

Sehun and you exchanged glances and as if you two knew telepathy, the both of you responded, in unison, “No, we want it as a surprise”. 



On the way to the car, Sehun admired the sonogram almost a little too much.  He stuffed your intertwined hands into his coat pocket and with his other hand, he held the picture up to the sky.      

“I think the baby looks like me,” he concluded dramatically. 

“How can you tell already?  The baby looks like an alien if you asked me,” you joked and he looked at you with puppy eyes that made you internally melt into a puddle. 

“_________ah, let’s go shop for some baby clothes,” he suggested excitedly, while swinging your laced hands. 

You happily agreed to his request. 



Within the first minute at the store, your shopping cart was already filled with a bunch of toys, courtesy of Mr. Oh Sehun.  Was it a bad idea to bring this monster here?  You raised your eyebrow at him as he put a rubber duckie against your face. 

He squeezed it and narrated, “Quack.  Quack”.

You muffled back a laugh. 

“I swear, I’m taking care of two children right now,” you playfully joked, rubbing your tummy.

He continued to run around the store like a child on his first trip to Disneyland.  Following him from behind, you almost crashed into him when he abruptly stopped.  Confused, you gazed at him before looking at what appeared in front of him.   A large stuffed bear in a pink costume took up the space of two shelves.  Uh oh.

“Pinku Pinku!” he wrapped his arms around the large bear.

The fact, that such a grown man – um handsome grown man turned into a five year old child at the existence of a stuffed animal, bewildered you.  You covered your face when a few fellow shoppers gave Sehun judgmental glares. 

“Jagiya, we are getting this,” he tugged on your sleeve.

Your body froze in place.  W-what…What did he just call me?

He tugged your arm again, cutting your daydream short.

You shook your head amusingly and asked, “Is this for you or for the baby?”

Sehun stiffened, as if caught red-handed, and stuttered, “Uh…Uh of course for the baby”.

You rolled your eyes at the big child in front of you but replied, “Fine”.

The large bear happily joined the rest of the stuffed animals in the cart. 

At the clothes section, your eyes glittered excitedly.  Cute clothes populated the entire place, from adorable Totoro onesies to bibs saying “Mommy’s Little Pooper”.  Beside you, Sehun started throwing a bunch of baby princess dresses and pink sparkly shoes into the cart. 

Pushing the cart back, you put Sehun’s selections back one by one onto the rack. 

“Sehun-ah, How do you know the baby will be a girl?  Pick gender neutral items,” you suggested as he threw another pink tutu into the cart. 

“Well, if this one is a boy then we can try for a girl next time,” Sehun replied, going back to pick up the princess dress and shoes you discarded earlier. 

You felt your blood run cold.  Next time. 

You don’t really mean it, Oh Sehun. 

You don’t mean it. 

You watched as Sehun skipped further away to inspect another section of the store.

You can’t mean it.  Because…because there won’t be a next time. 

Upon realization that you weren’t following him, Sehun rushed back to where you were.  You looked into Sehun’s eyes, yours brimming with tears.  He took your hand and pulled you to the next section of the store.  Words kept spouting from his mouth but you couldn’t concentrate on what he said because you’re so conflicted.  You’re so, so conflicted.  You want to believe his words but you don’t.  You can’t because you reasoned that his emotions were probably running high from the being at the doctor’s appointment and being surrounded by baby toy’s and accessories. 

Yeah it has to be.

His fingers laced into your other hand as he spun around to scrutinize your blank expression, “Jagiya, did I say something wrong?”

You sniffed back tears and shook your head. 

In the end, you let Sehun purchase the dress and the pink shoes. 




A week later, Sehun snuggled up against you when you were watching a drama called “It’s Okay, That’s Love”.  He played with a piece of hanging thread on your shirt to get your attention but you were completely focused. 

Midway into the episode, you bounced up and down on the sofa, swooning like a fangirl.  Cupping your blushing cheeks into your hands, you commented on how cute the actor playing Kang Woo was.

Sehun snorted, gave you a stink face, and said with a stoic voice, “But he’s not real”.

Your squeals abruptly stopped.  The popcorn bowl fell out of your hands, about to hit the floor.  Thankfully, Sehun caught it just in time but you were unfazed.

“What?” you managed to say.

“I watched the ending.  Kang Woo is a hallucination,” Sehun replied nonchalantly while stuffing his face with popcorn. 

You looked at him in complete shock and disbelief.  The brat laughed at you mockingly but when you gritted your teeth and flared your nose, he swallowed in fear. 

Hovering over him, you grabbed a cushion and started smacking him.

“Why did you have to spoil that?  Argh!” you yelled, picking up another pillow to double smack him from both sides.

Due to his athletic physique, he easily dodged your attacks and held your fluffy weapons captive.  However, you were still boiling inside so you grabbed your slippers from the floor and held it up to whack Sehun. 

To your surprise, your presumed victim sat upright, held onto your wrists, and effortlessly pinned you against the sofa.  He smirked in victory but all you could pay attention to was the fact that your faces were only inches apart.  Your body weakened and you looked away shyly.  Sehun noticed as well and loosened his grip on your wrists but does not remove himself from you.  Instead, he brought your chin up with his thumb and leaned in.  With closed eyes, his lips grazed against yours.  He rotated his head to deepen the kiss when suddenly you felt a jab on your stomach. 

Your eyes opened wide and you whimpered, holding onto your stomach. 

Sehun blinked in confusion and promptly got off of you. 

“What’s going on?” he asked, flustered. 

“I…I think the baby kicked me,” you replied diffidently.

Trying to calm down, your hands automatically fanned your face. 

Another kick happened.  Omgosh.

“Did you see that?!” you squealed and pointed at the spot you felt the kick.

Sehun anxiously placed his hand on your belly.  You were pleasantly surprised when the third kick landed directly on his hand. 

“I felt it.  Jagiya, the baby…I felt it,” he said, his voice filled with emotions.

Both of you smiled foolishly to each other.  Abruptly, Sehun smacked his lips on top of yours, stunning you.  Unlike the small pecks he had often given you before, this one was slow and passionate.  You bit your lip from kissing him back.    





A few weeks passed and Sehun had been constantly bugging you to move into his house since it was so much bigger than your studio apartment.  Last night, you finally agreed. 

So you stood at the front entrance of his house with your hands on your hips as you watched Sehun haul your luggage into your new home.  Of course, he wouldn’t let you move anything so you were feeling a bit useless.  To cure your boredom, you took out your drafting pad and started to design the baby’s room. 

The wallpaper would be a lilac color.  The baby’s crib would rest against the wall and adjacent to it would be a twin sized bed in case someone needed to be on baby duty over night. 

A few hours later, Sehun invited himself to take the seat beside you. 

“Babe, whatcha doing?” he asked curiously, bending his neck as if looking at the drawing sideways would help his comprehension.      

Giggling, you tilted the drawing pad closer to him.  He picked it up and examined it intriguingly.  After a minute, his head nodded and you’re semi-impressed that he understood your quick sketch. 

“Pays to have an interior designer as your mom, huh, Little One,” he proclaimed and patted your tummy. 

The palms of your hands rested on your cheeks to prevent from blushing. 

Curious, Sehun flipped the page and asked, “What is this?”

Immediately, you grabbed the drawing pad from him, flustered as if he had discovered a secret. 

“Nothing,” you lied but Sehun wasn’t falling for it. 

He attempted to retrieve the sketchpad from your hands but your resistance was strong.  Pouting, you hid it behind your back.  Sehun burst through your defense by wrapping his arms around you.  He expertly snatched the drawing pad and flipped the pages to examine the hidden secret again.  You whined and kicked your feet up and down as if throwing a tantrum.

“Are you trying to use aegyo on me?” he teased, causing your face to turn tomato red. 

With a sigh, you surrendered, and explained, “It’s for when the baby gets older.  The room will be a tree house theme.  So there’s a tree trunk-shaped ladder that our child can climb to get to the bed,” you pointed to a few lines on the draft and continued, “Above the bed, there’s a hammock so he/she can take relaxing naps on it.  And on the empty area beneath the bed, there would be a tunnel or something like that…maybe a storage for the toys,” you explained. 

Sehun looked at you amazed and suggested, “What if there’s glow in the dark lights on the ceiling so that it looks like stars at night?”

You beamed at his idea.       


It’s past midnight and you were still busy finalizing some details for your child’s future playroom. 

“Jagiya, it’s late, come to bed,” Sehun hollered from the room but you ignored him.

Two minutes later, he appeared behind you and squeezed your shoulders.

“Go to sleep first,” you say, patting his hand that rested on your shoulder.

“It’s late though.  You need to rest,” he reasoned.

“But I want to finish this,” you replied, your attention completely fixated on the sketch in front of you.

“The baby won’t even be able to use the room for another four to five years.  What’s the rush?” Sehun retorted.  

The pen in your hand abruptly froze in place and a puddle of ink leaked onto the paper.

Because I won’t be here in four to five years. 

“Jagiya…” Sehun brought your attention back to reality.

You gasped, quickly taking the pen away before it ruined the entire illustration.  With a sigh, you closed your notebook and complied with his request.  He took your hand and half-dragged you to bed.

At first, it felt a little uncomfortable to be back in the room that caused the whole ordeal but Sehun’s tight cuddle around you eased you into a deep slumber.  

a/n: Sorry for spoiling It’s Okay, That’s Love for you, but if you haven’t watched it yet, you totally should!!  

Hope you guys enjoyed this fluffy chapter :D We’re over the halfway point of the story, so climax is gonnnna be here soon :3 :3

As always clickie here: The Lucky One for updates and previous chapters. <3<3 See you all tmr!


wrathion & anduin; rated G; takes place indeterminately during war crimes

“Are you all right?” Wrathion asked.  He stood a few feet away from Anduin, hands clasped behind his back.  The temple steps were brushed with snow, patchy and disturbed from the constant foot traffic of the past few days.  The dark stones gleamed beneath the high noon light, but gathered no warmth; the sun here was symbolic. 

Anduin sat on top of the steps, near a burning brazier, bundled in a fur-lined coat that made him look like some kind of fluffy prey animal.  His eyes were fixed on the ground; his breath a series of quick, pale wisps.  He had a steaming lotus seed bun in one hand and he squeezed it like a stress ball, smearing his leather glove with gooey paste.

“I’m fine,” Anduin said, not looking up.

“I’m no expert,” Wrathion said, taking a few steps closer, “but I don’t think you’re meant to eat your food that way.”

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from what i've heard people hate pearl because she is ''rude'' but from what i've been seeing marina seems like the mean one and i like them both equally along with callie and marie

from what i’ve seen, pearl is more blunt and aggressive with her salt while marina seems to be That Type of Friend who makes a snide comment right in front of you and you only realize that it was actually a sick third degree burn 4 days later during lunch

lotus-bun  asked:

do you think zelda cartoon zelda's design and botw zelda's design looks familiar but do you know what else is familiar especially to the cdi games and cartoon? voice acting botw is a sequel to the loz cartoon and cdi games confirmed -bun

botw is cdi timeline confirmed

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1) Anamanguchi-Miku ft. Miku
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3) Rainbow Connection Kermi(don’t judge me :’^)c)
4) Dr. Heartstealer- Trafalgar Law (DONT JUDGE ME. IM ALWAYS INTO THIS SONG)
5) Living Fire- Portgas D. Ace (SHHHHHHH)
6) Imprisoned Dolls- Hatsune Miku
7) Jitter Doll- Juby’s cover
8) Little Nightmares OST
9) Life Will Change- Persona 5
10) Patchwork Staccato- Juby or MIku’s version is good

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