lotus blossum

“Guardians of the Sacrament” by Mark Henson

“Our sacred healing plants have been cultivated, gathered and gratefully used for thousands of years.
We give praise for our symbiotic relationship with our entheogenic and healing brethren plants.
In the bowl we find Aminita muscaria, Copelandia cyanescens,Panaeolus sphinctrinus,
Conocybe siligineoides, Psilocybe,
P. caerulescens, Stropharia cubensis,A partial list of other enthogens and sacred plants are below
Atropa (Belladonna), Baby Woodrose, Banisteriopsis, , Brugmansia, Cacoa,
Cannibis, Chilis, Coffee Bean, Coleus, Coryphantha, Datura,
Erythrina, Echinacea, Garlic, Ginger, Hops, Ipomoea (Morning Glory),
Lophophora, Lotus Blossum, Mace, Mandragora, , Nutmeg, Papaya,
Peyote, Poppy, Salvia divinorum, Tobacco, Vanilla Bean”