The rising line - A brief history of wedge design: Part 5 Lotus Esprit Concept, 1972, by Italdesign/Giugiaro. Giorgetto Giugiaro was an early adopter of wedge design with the Bazzarini MantaPorsche Tapiro and Maserati Boomerang concepts. The key point about the Esprit is that it was the first of his radical wedge designs to be put into production 

Basically, The Story of Warframe

Giant sentient space biorobot mom adopts hundreds of traumatised kids with strange powers, convinces them to slaughter their slave masters and go to bed for a few hundred years.

Cut to present day where we’ve been booted out of bed by the potato people empire and shot at by fridge-wearing bankers, space uncle Teshin helps save us from being body snatched by the elderly while Space zombie virus runs out of control because Salad V fucked up,

space mom is busy keeping us away from Grandpa “destroyer of worlds” Hunhow, who hates kids and our edgy amnesiac? brother keeps trying to kill us.

All while absentee Void Dad is now trying to reconnect with “it’s” estranged kids and make up for lost time and that unpaid child support.

Welcome to warframe