I’m back from Sydnova and my lil holiday visiting a good friend near Newcastle for a week. It was great - we went to the zoo and saw long leg dogs maned wolves. SO ELEGANCE.

Anyway, back to cute dinos! Here is a plesiosaur. Pleasediosaur. haha


Sarasota, FL-based freelance illustrator Morgan Davidson uses simple colored pencils to create awesomely realistic and detailed drawings. From the gorgeous saturated colors to the stunning depth and textures, the subjects of her pieces look like they’re about to pop right off the paper and walk, crawl, fly, or swim away. And the longer we look at her illustrations of human eyes, the more we expect them to blink.

In addition to her color pencil drawings, Davidson is also impressively skilled with ballpoint pens and watercolor. Visit her Behance portfolio or Instagram feed to check out more of her amazing artwork. You can also follow her right here on Tumblr at morgandavidsonart​.

[via Scene 360]

Lotus leaves have the amazing ability to resist being soaked by water. When a water droplet hits the surface, it immediately beads up and is repelled from the leaf. This superhydrophobic phenomenon is known as the Lotus Effect. The waxy layer of the leaf known as the cuticle is arranged at the microscopic level to form a jagged, folded surface. The structure of the cuticle inhibits water droplets from being absorbed by the leaf, allowing the leaves to stay dry in its swampy, muddy natural habitat! Follow for more plant facts and photos!