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Here are my things for LWA Happy week I come later to the party, but I made all of the days that I miss.

First day was the red team, second day blue team, I only made Diana I promise to do the other 2 some day i don’t have enogh time to draw the other members it’s the same with the green team, Day 3 I made conz cause i love her (she is pissed cause amanda broke one of her robots) and then it’s the 4 day but I can’t actually pick one teacher cause they come in a pack so I made croix and ursula sensei.

I’m gonna try more harder the next days actually the only day that it’s not an sketch it’s the first one and I hope you guys like it!!

Watching the second Little Witch Academia OVA with my best friend

Me: *presses play*
Her: This is an hour long?? I thought it was 20 minutes, I don’t think I can stand her (Akko’s) screaming for an hour.

*Sucy being Sucy*
Her: Being so into mushrooms can’t be healthy. She should go to a meeting or something. 

Her: Dammit, we’re not even two minutes in and they’re already screaming. 

Her: Oh my god, that teacher (Finneran) looks just like our literature teacher from high school. 
Me: *stunned silent cause holy shit, that’s who she reminded me of this entire time!* 

Her: Now everyone’s high. If the teacher didn’t have a stick up her ass, that would make for an amazing lesson. 

Her: I’m still not sure how I feel about everyone praising her (Diana) like that all the time and her acting like it wasn’t a big deal. She still has that obnoxious, bitchy vibe about her. She needs to lighten up. 

Her: Why is she (Finneran) acting like she didn’t know they caused trouble? Wasn’t she the one who put them in detention anyways? It all happened in her class.

Her: Where’s Chariot?
Me: In hiding.
Her: -_- Well, where’s Ursula then?

Her: She (Ursula) is acting more like a student than a teacher. How old is she supposed to be? 

*Constanze is introduced*
Her: What the fuck is her name again? *rewinds* Holy shit. 

*Jasminka is introduced*
Me: Lol, you.
Her: *swallowing food* Shut up. 

*Akko talking about the Happy Time Project*
Her: God, she’s annoying… 

*during broom dancing practice*
Her: As if she (Akko) had any chance of being remotely coordinated.

Her: Isn’t she (Sucy) supposed to be one of her best friends or something? Why is she so mean?

Her: Diana is kinda hot. And I like her voice a lot, too.
Me: I know right? *internally dying cause yess she likes Diana, thank god*

*Diana talking about the parade/calling Akko a fangirl witch who is nothing like her*
Her: Well, she’s not wrong. She’s still kinda mean though, I don’t know if I should like her or not. 

Her: She (Akko) seriously needs to tone it down. Like, a lot. 

*Akko rips Lotte’s scroll*
Her: Punch her. I’d have punched her. 

*Diana shows up in the tower and scolds Akko*
Her: Like… What she says is not wrong, it’s the way she says it that I have a problem with. She kinda seems like she wants to help her (Akko) in her own, bitchy way. 

*Akko using the Shiny Rod to absorb power from the Sorcerer’s Stone*
Her: Take a note of the time. She’s finally had a good idea that might actually work. 

*Akko jump-starting the parade by accident*
Her: Oh for fuck’s sake. 

Her: Ahh, I missed her (Ursula sensei). She’s cool. 

*Amanda asks Akko what they should do*
Her: Oh yeah, that’s who you should be asking about what to do. Totally. 

Her: Okay. Diana is cool. 

*Akko drops the Shiny Rod*
Her: Ugh. How can she be so stupid? 

*Lotte shows up singing*
Her: I don’t get it…?

*giant gets stronger*
Her: Oh. It’s not over. 

Her: Why are they the ones who have to defeat the giant? It’s already established that Diana is the best witch there, she could easily stop him herself.
Me: Cause the main character has to do something to show she’s not useless.
Her: Well, she should start by stop being so stupid. 

*nullification/mummification word play*
Her: They already used that joke like half an hour ago. 

Her: What the hell is a Shiny Ballista? What is a ballista?
Me: *googles it*
Her: Oh.  

*trio successfully defeats the giant*
Her: Yeah, no one saw that coming. 

*Diana smiles while watching the trio/says Akko completed a spell of a higher level than her own but her spellcasting is still sloppy*
Her: Aaw, Diana is cute when she smiles. She still has to work on actually paying a compliment though. She has a weird way of doing it. 

*end credits*
Her: Already??

Second OVA has, officially, been a success. She asked me when we can watch the actual series. I can tell this is gonna turn into a thing of us watching LWA together, and me just taking notes of everything she says so I can post it later.

Sia watches LWA

Watching Little Witch Academia Episode 1 with my best friend

Sia says hi!

Me: *goes over the plot cause it’s been a week since we watched the two OVAs* So remember the two movies we watched last week? It’s like that.
Her: But also nothing like that?
Me: Kinda.
Her: So it’s the same characters?
Me: Yes.
Her: Just as annoying?
Me: You’re talking about Akko, aren’t you?
Her: Obviously.

*episode starts*
Me: She (young Akko) still looks like you.
Her: Why, cause we have similar hair?
Me: That too. But also you’re both really annoying. She’s a cute child though, so it’s a compliment.
Her: I was a cuter child.
Me: You used to look like a bad imitation of a 90s Lego figure (that’s our inside joke cause she used to have a hideous bowl cut when she was little).

*during the Chariot show*
Her: I think I saw Diana? Chariot is so pretty. She said that (”a believing heart is your magic”) in the movie too.
Me: *has no time to say anything cause she’s talking all the time*

*Akko speaks for the first time*
Her: Ugh.

Her: So do muggles know about magic?
Me: They do but most of them don’t like it too much.
Her: Interesting…

Her: I like this one (Sucy). She acts just like I would if I had to deal with Akko.

*Akko’s now “alive” puppet pokes her in the eye*
Her: *snickers*

*Lotte doesn’t immediately offer to give Akko a ride*
Her: Ugh, just help the child before she starts crying.

*Akko talks about the pickled plums she’s been carrying*
Her: For fuck’s sake… Drop her. Just drop her, no one will care much.

*Akko causes all three of them to fall*
Her: UGH.

Her: What’s the Arcturus Forest?
Me: The forbidden forest.
Her: Oh. Hello, Harry Potter reference.

Her: How have they (Lotte and Sucy) not killed her yet? I’d have killed her. 

*sees Lotte’s broom is broken*
Her: She better buy her a new broom, I swear.

Her: How can you watch it when the lead is so annoying??
Me: It’s a good anime once you learn to ignore her.
Her: But she’s the MAIN CHARACTER! 

Her: …they didn’t have giant chickens in Harry Potter.

*Lotte hurts her knee*
Her: *mocking her dramatically* “Oh no! You go on, just leave me here. I’ll only slow you down. I can’t make it!” She just scratched her knee, why so dramatic?

Her: How come it (Shiny Rod) just appeared there? Did it choose her or something? If so, god that was a bad choice.

*Akko uses Shiny Arc*
Her: Oh yeah, she was barely able to walk without killing herself of her friends, and now she’s able to make the bow appear. Okay.

*end of episode*
Her: It’s nice and cute and all, but oh my god she’s annoying! How long is the next one? I think we have time for one more.

Hopefully she’ll learn to block Akko out most of the times, and get used to all the screaming xD

Sia watches LWA

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Using your OC’s favorite colors, find gifs that represent them.

Casarra Ryder

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Verita Lavellan 

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Misconceptions Chapter 3- Misdemeanors

Fandom: Little Witch Academia | Pairing: DianAkko / DiAkko

Word Count: 2,090 | Read Time: ~ 9 Minutes

Chapter 1: Misconceptions | Chapter 2: Misdirections

A.N: Takes place right after episode 12 and before Episode 13

Bonus art by @azurathemagician

Unwinding after classes or school activities usually meant that the green and red teams would hang out somewhere, either in red team’s room or out in the courtyard. Most of the following shenanigans were practical jokes played on each other and occasional daring missions that stemmed from gossip. The current one was that somewhere in the library existed a secret room, and all one needed to do was pull the proper book from the shelf to access it.

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A lighting exercise I had a lot of fun doing.

Fireplace story time at its finest.