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"louismoker @lottietommo at least say thanks next time we nicely help you searching you're cab instead of acting like a bitch and ignoring us" twitter /louismoker/status/788729585571618816

That stalker is honestly one of the most awful disgusting disrespectful people. No sense of boundaries. Truly despicable.

Picture Preference #282 - He Tweets A Picture Of You And One Of His Siblings


@Harry_Styles: With two of my favourite girls! @Y/T/N and @GemmaAnneStyles thought that this place was the perfect one for a kiss :P


@Louis_Tomlinson: Went shopping with @lottietommo and @Y/T/N! These two are so crazy together but I still love them :D


@NiallOfficial: @Y/T/N and @greghoran87 stole my phone to take silly pictures!  These two are unbelievable :P 


@Real_Liam_Payne: Went to the lake today with @Y/T/N and my sister @NicolaPayne2788! Had lots of fun and a peaceful day with these two ladies :)


@zaynmalik: Day at the beach! In the best company :) @DoniyaElisha and @Y/T/N are the best :)

@Y/T/N: Your Twitter Name

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