please watch these cats

Lottie's Good-bye Present

Unwrapping the present delicately, his eyes widen in awe. “Wow, I–” he’s cut off by the quick kiss she gives him, and his cheeks light up appropriately. “Ah, erm,” a few more confused noises escapes him, before he coughs to clear his throat. “I don’t know what to say. You really didn’t have to… wh-where did you get all this stuff? I-if you don’t mind me asking.”


A chuckle is heard in the vast expanse which is the library. Tracy looks up from a large book about fairy land and looks about, seeing nothing he looks back down and continues reading a chapter about fairy fashions through the ages. The chuckle is heard again, this time much closer…

A groan slips past thin lips. His fingers slip under the black frames of his glasses and rub begrudgingly at his eyes. With an exasperated sigh, Tracy lets the hand fall back down onto the pages, which he flips and sends dust flying up into his face. He coughs and whines, letting the book flop backwards onto the desk (consequently sending more dust aflight) and stands quickly from his chair.

“H-hello?” Tracy manages between coughs. He grimaces and sneeze and, finally, giving another cough, half whispers, “Come on, none of this funny business.”