So, let’s investigate Louis’ height...

A few days ago Fizzy posted this on her IG: 

She is 5′’8 and Lottie is 5′’2, let’s see another pic:

Okay, we can accept that, Fizzy is probably 5′’8 and Lottie is 5′’2 and from this pic we can see that Jay is taller than Lottie, probably 5′’4 or 5′’5… Let’s go on…

Here we have Louis and Jay… If Jay is like 5′’4/5′’5… Louis is taller… But we have another pic:

Louis and Fizzy… Here we can see that Louis is a little bit taller than his sister… So if Fizzy is 5′’8 and Louis is a little bit taller, in conclusion we can say that… 

Louis is actually, truly… 5′’ … NO I’M SORRY, I CAN’T SAY THAT, LOUIS IS SO TINYYY!!!!!

So in conclusion, no numbers for Louis, Louis height is just: TINY.


Anyone who knows me well knows how important Tiana is to me, so when I boarded the Mark Twain at Mickeys Halloween Party yesterday dressed up as Charlotte and heard the news that Tiana was on the riverboat you can guess how excited I was!!! I was expecting just some quick shots alongside her in her meet and greet area but God did I get so much more. I get to her meet and greet and we click just like that, we instantly start cracking jokes and laughing over everything and before I go I get the biggest hug and swear I was about to cry in that moment.

Later on when the line diminished for her meet I was standing a little ways away and she made her way over to me and asked me if I’d want to take more photos with her, we instantly started joking about how the roles have reversed and she was the one asking for the pictures now. Long story short I got to wander the mark twain with Tiana and formed such a close bond with her in that short amount of time that I felt like I was just hanging out with a close friend. I honestly felt all my dreams come true and her compliments meant the world to me (especially the ones for my dress, I put soooo much work into it and the reaction I got made everything worth it). She told me I was her favorite and called me a cutie so many times.

I’m still so excited over this and honestly this moment was the prime example of the magic of Disney being there no matter your age. Sorry for the beyond lengthy story time but I’m so damn happy 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

Louis Tomlinson’s Mum Johannah Doesn’t Have Much To Say About Being A Grandmother

Continuing in the weirdest One Direction scandal since time begun, hours after Louis Tomlinson broke his silence on his “impending fatherhood”, his mum and sister also acknowledged it to the paparazzi.

Although, just like Lou and the rest of his One Direction bandmates, neither of them seemed too enthusiastic about it.

Alrighty then.

Caught on their way out of Lottie’s New York City 17th birthday party, and caught on video for everybody to see, one pap asks Lou’s mum, Johannah: “Are you looking forward to being a grandmother?”

To which Jay replies: “Yeah”, before quickly getting into the car.

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Next out is the birthday girl herself, with the pap really getting in the swing of things as he says: “Happy Birthday, Auntie”, and Lots simply retorts: “Thanks”.

However, perhaps the weirdest part of the entire vid comes when Harry Styles leaves the party, and the normally polite ‘n’ chatty star keeps his head down and totally blanks the pap as he repeatedly asks how Haz “has been”.

Which we are hoping is just because he was tired after his long day, which had kickstarted ridiculously early for the band’s appearance on Good Morning America, and not because he was thinking: ‘Actually, I haven’t been that great recently.’

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The 21-year-old mega babe was also singled out immediately after Louis confirmed that he was “buzzing” at the idea of being a father on GMA, with the host turning all attention onto the curly haired one as she observed: “Harry, you seem very quiet today.”

Promptly breaking our hearts into tiny pieces.

Whatever is going on with this entire baby debacle, it’s pretty obvious that no matter how many times Lou insists that he is “buzzing”, there seems to be something a little bit off within his camp and their excitement levels towards the news.

And we couldn’t possibly think why that might be…