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[FULL TRANS] Sungmin, Yesung and Wook Lotte Interview |
  • Q: Childhood dream?
  • Yesung: (to Wook) You wanted to fly like birds?
  • Wook: I wanted to become a bird
  • Yeye: You can still do it. It's made possible with bungee jumping and sky diving
  • I wanted to become a basketball player for some time, then, I wanted to become a designer because I studied art for a while. And after that, I wanted to become a sports reporter, but look at me now, I ended up becoming a singer.
  • Sungmin: I'm not gifted with special talent, so everyone called me a "practice freek"
  • Yeye: as for Sungmin, he didn't miss a single day over the 5 years of training before his debut, I think it was his diligence that shaped him the way he is today.
  • Q: Current Interest?
  • Sungmin: I'm interested with only one thing these days. Shindong became interested in golf recently so it's really fun playing golf
  • Wook: recently, I became interested in travelling. I'd like to go backpacking through Europe
  • Q: What does Super Junior Mean to you?
  • Yesung: I always say Super Junior is like the water to me
  • Wook: I feel like I have more brothers and friends. Another family!
  • Sungmin: The place where my dream is made true. As I nurture my dreams, it is Super Junior that makes each step of my dream possible
  • Q: Things you do better than the members?
  • Wook: Cooking :D
  • Sungmin: wait, can you say you're good at it?
  • Wook: Do you know how difficult it is to prepare a meal?
  • Sungmin: Then tell us what you can cook
  • Wook: I love snack. Honeyed sweet potatoes! I'm really good at cooking honeyed sweet potatoes1
  • Sungmin: His honeyed sweet potatoes are really good.
  • Yesung: you can get movie recommendations from me. The team members and all singers in our management call me and text me each time they go abroad. They want me to make movie recommendations.
  • Q: Any comments for those who dream of becoming the next Super Junior?
  • Yesung: I hope the future singers to come and our seniors would not let go of thins career. I'd wish to work diligently and consistently with them.
  • Sungmin: If you're doing what you love, you can go through difficult times and be rewarded in the end. Let's have fun with it.
  • Wook: For everyone, nurture your dreams. Keep reminding yourself "I can do it. I can do it." Then you really can do it. If you continue to work hard and don't give up, you won't become the second or third super junior, but become the number one on your own. These will come the day when you become number one.
  • Sungmin: Be the only one.
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[FULL TRANS] Eunhyuk, Donghae and Siwon Lotte Interview
  • Q: Current interest?
  • Siwon: I notice color everywhere. I ask what the colors are and I critique on my own like, "I don't think this color works with that one." I'm into that these days. It's pretty enteraining when you're not occupied.
  • Donghae: I'm pretty interested with candles these days. I'm absorbed to collecting candles. I enjoy the candle scents more than anything.
  • Q: Memorable episodes?
  • Siwon: Once we had an athletic event. We didn't practice prior to the day nor was it a big deal at the time, but it was very memorable. When I felt I was a member of this team and that this team will become a useful tool in the world, I felt inspired and excited. I still remember that moment.
  • Q: What do you wish to do in the future?
  • Siwon: I think K-pop represents Korean Popular Culture and Super Junior is on the frontier of K-pop. As a part of the team, I have a vision of bringing more dreams and hopes to K-pop lovers around the world.
  • Hyuk: As for me, I don't wish to get new dreams but maintain and nurture my old dream. With the people I have now.
  • Hae: I would like to go around the world with the members. We're receiving so much love.
  • Hyuk: Yes! World Tour!!
  • Hae: Seriously!
  • Hyuk: I would love to go and see the world, but I think the conditions and situations are not met yet. The world tour, our goal and dream! We will definitely make this dream come true so we can meet the fans all around the world.
  • Q: What does Super Junior mean to you?
  • Siwon: Super Junior is a source of energy to Donghae. To me, Super Junior is the best friend. It's like an army comrade.
  • Hyuk: It's good to know other members think the same way as I do.
  • Siwon: I think the same way, but I can't come up with a word to describe it.
  • Hyuk: Something undefinable.
  • Siwon: Then I'll just say a mystery!
  • Hae: For me It's like a family
  • Q: Any comments for those who dream of becoming the next Super Junior?
  • Siwon: We believe you'll not become the next Super Junior but become greater than we will and we look forward to seeing you. I dare offer one piece of advice. I think it is most important to stick to the original resolutions from the time you decided to become a singer.
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           (English Subbed) Park Shin Hye on Entertainment Weekly
           Starts at the 31:40 mark.

Katie Couric gun-control film deletes key interview

(BREITBART) — Katie Couric’s gun control documentary “Under the Gun” was released May 15 without any portion of a four-hour interview conducted with John Lott, Jr.

Lott is president of the Crime Prevention Research Center and a known gun scholar whose seminal work is More Guns, Less Crime.

On May 6, Lott tweeted that he had been “interviewed for 4 hours” for Couric’s film and he “bet” that four hours would be reduced to a “select few minutes” of actual screen time. The reduction happened alright. But instead of using those select few minutes, Couric and director Stephanie Soechtig cut Lott’s interview altogether.

from Propaganda Guard