I had a wonderful time with these people. It’s been ages since I last went to a national conference. It was an ‘awesome’ feeling to be surrounded by people who love/respect/cherish you. ♡
Great people, amazing OC Team, good agenda
Thank you AIESEC Sfax for organizing such a well planned conference.
#Lastday #getready #Conference #AIESEC #Tunisia #lotsofemotions (at AMIR PALACE MONASTIR)

This, my friends, is 17 years worth of journals.

And it is exhausting.

I’ve been keeping diaries since I was at least 7. There are 2 really old diaries not here because I can’t find them, but they’re definitely the “learning how to write” diaries circa 1995ish.

And pretty consistently when I was younger I started each entry with a “Dear (insert name of dead/gone pet here)”, starting with Checkers, my rat.

I’m hoping someday, in 100, 200 years, someone will find them and read about the life of a girl growing up in the 90s and becoming a human in the 2000s. I guess I should get an old trunk to put them in an attic somewhere, right?

The past week I’ve been writing something (I’m not gonna tell you because I’m kind of embarrassed) and today my computer decided to be a giant turd nugget and restart its self or some other dumb shit. And me, trusting technology too much, hasn’t saved it since the first day and I lost 15 pages. I’m real sad about it but now I’m re-writing it and its kind of a lot better. So today has had it’s ups and downs

Before Surgery Post: No.1

This knee surgery thing is already driving me insane.

I’m freaking out because I’m so stressed out. 
Last night I just broke under the stress and spent about 2 and half hours hysterically crying- Yes, that’s just because of the stress.
That all happened and my knee surgery isn’t until Tuesday the 12th, a whole 3 days. I can’t imagine what might go on with my crazy emotions between the rest of the day today and Tuesday morning. The last time I had this surgery I was crying hysterically in my hospital room so I had my mom call Mr. Whitehead, my favorite teacher that year, so I could talk to him and a few of my friends and laugh a little before I went back into the O.R. and got the anesthetic. 

As stated above, it’s not the first time I’ve had this same surgery, but there are going to be a lot of more extensive things in this surgery than the last one. They’re not just shaving things down and removing things this time, they’re also repairing a number of things. 
Having it this second time doesn’t make anything any easier, including the nervousness and stress. It’s still the same amount of stress and nervousness, if not more. 


Weaver & Poje || A Song for You Ex at 2014 Skate Canada International