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Tony walked straight up into the meeting room and pushed some sheet’s of paper on the table. 
“Allright, I made up a plan.” he said and looked around. “First things first, we have to save Bruce, no matter what.” he said and looked back at his paper.
“But we don’t know anything at all about those who took him.” Natasha responded quickly and tugged one eyebrow up. Stark sighed. “Listen, dear, I might be short, but not stupid. Of course I did some research before I decided to save our big greenie.”, he snapped and rubbed his hand over his face then. “Those guys are called S.C.P. Secret-Containment-Programm. Clandestine and worldwide, The SCP Foundation operates beyond jurisdiction, empowered and entrusted by every major world government with the task of containing ‘items’ which jeopardize normalcy.” Tony said and looked at the others again. Then he picked up one piece of paper and started to read out loudly: “'Many of these 'items’ pose both a physical danger to people and a psychological mistrust in worldly affairs, their personal beliefs, and an interruption to daily life.' "the paper went down and he looked around, one eyebrow raised. "That basically means, that this are a bunch of wannabe scientists, who do experiments with drugs or somethin’ on people.” he explained and explicitly looked at Steve, because he knew, that his blond companion wasn’t the brightest candle in the basement.

“Natasha, Clint, you stay here, helping Fury and Coulson to find out what the fuck those douchbags are doing exactly. Rogers, you’re comming with me, kicking some scientist asses and Thor-…you…uhh…do what you always do.”

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Im so frustrated with life, everyone i meet in school and outside feel like literal zombies, you know? It just feels like I'm talking to a wall or a shallow puddle. I feel like I'm in limbo, i wonder where the crazy people are, the people that think of higher things and don't fixate on the dumb bs most do nowadays, i just want to find my people. Lotsalove to you!!🔮🌻❤️

you’ll find them. i’m not going to lie to you & say it happens quickly too. it takes a LONG DAMN TIME. & chances are, you aren’t going to find this big tribe full of likeminded individuals.. because you usually find one at a time, & they TRULY RESONATE. there’s only two incarnated souls that i can really share my soul with. & honestly, that’s enough. that’s all you need. old cliche, but quality over quantity alwayssss. being open & amiable really helps to draw your people towards you. hiding yourself away will make it worse, because i used to be very unwilling to let people in due to my differences, & it made the people you’re talking about treat me in a way that made me feel inferior. it’s especially tough in school, because people have the mindset that there’s the ‘exclusive’ & the ‘outcasts’ or 'weirdos’. i know how you feel. i’ve been through the same thing for a good three years until i met someone that understood me. & i promise you, that one friend is all it takes. it’s good to have casual acquaintances though, it doesn’t matter if they’re not on the same wavelength. sometimes i talk to people just for the sake of socializing. try not to take it so seriously!! i know it’s hard, because i always used to beat myself up about how alone i was & how i wish i had true friends. keep staying positive & open-minded & you never know what you’ll get! that’s all you can do right now. meeting people can be a fun, enriching experience that makes you wiser. if anything, find someone who’s just as crazy as you 😉 i trust that your people will come 💓 i hope this helped you, even if it was only a tiny bit of aid 🌸 message me or ask me more things if you want to talk to me about it again!! i get you 💛