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As I promised...

I promised that I’ll upload a bunch of drawings onThursday, and…Oh my, would you look at the…calendar? IT’S THURSDAY!

So let’s get going…:3

I have to say that I wanted to make these in digital, but I can’t use my comp on weekdays, so…Traditional art! With mixed media. :3

I used markers and color pencils and watercolor to make these. ^^

So first things first, let’s see this…:

I just love them, Null is so cute and PJ…PJ is PJ, but ahh…who doesn’t like him? :3

And Null just acts like a little cute kiddo who just adenturing the world, so adorbs little bean.

Null: @nullandvoids / @askinfresh/

PJ: @the-printers-jammed / @7goodangel/

Now I saw some fanarts of Soul and Dreamie, and I was like Oh. My. Lord. THEY’RE SO CUTE!

So yes they are. I just couldn’t resist it…qvq

Soul: @amber-acrylic

Dreamie: @a-sleeping-sans-dreaming

Everyone knows these cinni rolls ye? YE!

I always read their comics and stuff and…gosh Caddy’s so smol. qvq

Aaaah, I just wanted to do this so badly…qvq

Dadster: @askdunkledadster

Caddy: @that-one-tea-anon

And last but not least: ghdgedsgrdgd…Decans is just too pure for this world. I was very surprised that he let Vibe hug him but oh well. It means more cute stuff for us. ^^

Decans: @little-noko

Vibe: @azraeltree


Now every pair has some sort of relationship between them, it doesn’t have to be just love. :3

I really enjoyed making these, mixing techniques is always fun tho. ^^

I hope you like them, everyone. :3

And for close this….

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Dis me now. xD

Mornings, Text Messages, and Concerned Mothers

“What…? What the hell is with all these text messages?”

Ritsuto proceeded to read the spam of messages. They were…all from Revance? They’d been spamming him ever since Mc came over…

It couldn’t hurt to read them. Eh, why not?

make sure mc gets all her sleep!!! i won’t forgive you if you DON’T”
“Hey, make sure you keep a stock of orange juice in the fridge. Orange breath needs her juice to function properly.”
“hey hey listen i know we don’t talk but make sure you have a stock of joe watabe movies for mc keep her entertained”
“make her tea make her LOTSA TEA RITSUTO”
”Make sure Mc doesn’t overwork herself!”
“haha good luck with mc ritsuto also watch out in the morning ;)”

…Okay? What were they, her mother? They sure seemed to be worried about her…Honestly…

And…What the hell was Kyohei talking about? Morning…?

“…They’re idio-”

“Mmm…Good morning, Ritsuto…”

That’s what he meant.