“Girl Meets World s2e8” review: Girl Meets Commonism"
Two Storms

It is strange, she and I.
We met after storms of each world.
We collided and sparked the first time.
Her hug felt like a thousand words
spoken all at once. I could not understand
nor explain how easily our worlds entwined.

Her smile and touch tell me she’s kind.
Her eyes tell me she’s been through a lot.
She and I, there’s something similar.
I found in her something very familiar.
She showed me her scars —
I discovered there can be more stars.

We are storms, she and I — we realized.
As storms, we must not collide nor touch.
What happens when two storms meet?
Will there be a stop, a pause, or a silent beat?
Or will the two storms crush, destroy, for none would budge?
I wonder. How would we survive when the two storms clash?

If these storms stay, but never move,
would the earth continue to prove
that nature changes — even storms.
Do we let the storms pass and destroy homes?
Or do we fight, stop the chaos and destruction inside?
If we are a hurricane, won’t that be totally insane?

No words have been said, she and I.
Our storms are hurricanes, that can’t be denied.
Two worlds on each side, a boundary uncrossed.
She doesn’t dare to step over, her storm left her bruised.
I don’t dare to reach for her, my storm left me broken.
These storms come and go — nature’s woven.

She and I, two storms wanting to stop.
She and I, two people — too afraid to fall into another trap.

'Galavant' Cancelled Or Renewed? Actor Muzz Khan Keeps ‘Fingers Crossed’ For Season 3

Rumors have surfaced that ABC’s musical comedy show “Galavant” will be cancelled. Just like many of the fans, “Galavant” actor Muzz Khan told Design & Trend that he’s keeping his fingers crossed for season 3.

Khan, who plays Barry, the belligerent and bewildered assistant to Wormwood [played by Robert Lindsay], has high hopes for another season of “Galavant.”

“Fingers crossed for season three! The fans are savagely petitioning as we speak!” Khan told us in an exclusive interview.

Fans have flooded Galavant’s” official Facebook page with their petitions to keep the show on ABC. Here are some of those comments:

“There has to be a new season because Tad Cooper!!!”

“PLEASE let there be a Season 3!!!!!!!”

“Please renew! This is literally the funniest show on tv!!!”

“Renew this ABC!”

“Please renew! Fantastic show.”

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