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Alright I’m going to avoid yelling about 207 because many others have done that for me. I’m just going to point this out. People have said that maybe Matt and Harry are uncomfortable doing a sex scene and that the directors would never force them to do it. Here’s the deal.

Matt and Harry are both very dedicated actors. I’ve seen it before with other shows they’ve done (I’m a huge Glee fan so I know about Harry being a fantastically dedicated guy) and I don’t ever think they’d be opposed to even just a short start to the scene (since on Freeform you can’t actually show the deed)

Another thing is, it’s acting. As a very serious stage actor myself, I know the struggle of doing scenes like this. I’ve kissed people countless times in rehearsal and on stage and yet I do it. I do it because it’s how the show was written. It’s my job, and especially theirs as payed actors, to do this kind of stuff.

Let’s talk about 2x07 Shadowhunters Episode! I need it.

So, I read the books and NO I don’t want to be mean about the show because I LOVE IT and I love the actors, they improved a lot. BUT guys BUTTTT… you know I am a Clace fan like obssesed, and I’m not happy about the Ithuriel scene, becuase in the book was different, they were in Idris and Jace&Clary went there and they have that scene….. The kissing scene! I was waiting for that scene to be real in ages!!!! So I was wating for it at the end, but just ended… THE FREAKIN EPISODE. I was upset, just a little bit.

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Secondly, everyone is complaining about Jace’s scenes because of sex because he is filtring. WELL I know you are I know… BUT, before Clary, Jace did these things, like it was normal to him (not saying that it’s right, but the others girls were ok with that, he is NOT joking with their feelings because they want the same thing…. *coff*SEX*coff*
Then he found out that Clary is his sister, so in the show he’s trying to forget about her (going out with other girls) but he can’t obv! And the scene where Luke’s arrived and Jace flew out the bar says it all ! That’s my guy

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But Clace feelings during the episodes were intense… A lottttt! Have you seen how Jace looked at her when he saw herrrrrrrr???? Dammmmn boy you got my heart! He looked at  her like pure heart, he was so fine that she was ok, and the smile when she‘s trying to convince them to do the right thing.. Oh my heart

Climon. Not gonna happened! I mean…. PLEASE? I love their friendship a lot they really are true friends. But a love story? Of course something will happen between these two (if they follow the book) but I think it will be very short, because they said the Seelie scene is near… Check your corner!

Malec. I love them of course, even if I am really into Clace. Anyway, YOU HAVE TO CALM DOWN. I don’t think they made sex ok? So calm down and sit you all. The show would never did that to us! Never, it will be stupid. It has to be magic and all. But even if they actually did that (lol I’m so dumb) don’t be mad ok? It will be a reason