selfie dump! because a lot of my mutuals have been posting their beautiful faces and i wanted to join in on the fun

also my cat, because harley is an angel descended from the heavens and i love her and look at that good cat

ahhh aha i draw wataru taller than eichi all the time but in canon theyre the same height but like…. thats just how… it feels right…. to draw them,, eichi is soft with kinda round cheeks and soft eyes and , hips and an a squishy tummy , yeah, abd wataru is taller and thinner w long arms and legs and fingers and ,…… a sharper face shape an bigger nose. Yep

The Queen

Based on Quoth143′s headcanon of the Boss monsters having been ‘someone’ before they were cursed, and my own dumb headcanon that Charlie is somehow connected to the spiders based on her dress design alone. 

After all, They had to do something with her body when her mind became the Grue. 

i hope everyone’s doing wonderful today!! ♥ pleath take care of urselves drink lots of water put a face mask on don’t let any boys be mean to u


hi my name is adriel (or lennyfucker69, whichever works) and i’m doing this instead of my algebra homework.

he/they pronouns, sexuality and gender are kinda a fucking mess.

i swear a lot

im jewish

my face tag is here

i blog mainly all time low and twenty one pilots, with some panic!, fall out boy, my chem, and social justice mixed in

i write sometimes, and if anyone would like to beta some of my peices that would be pretty nice. (i do write some smut though)

my kik is teamifna

I am self diagnosed ADHD, and anxiety. somewhere along the line i got dissociation problems and what i can only describe as tactile hallucinations

pls tag: homo/transphobia, needles, phan, nsfw, the t and f slurs, and sixpenceee (if you wanna know why, you can ask.) <3

also, to the person who needs nudity tagged: can I tag it under NSFW or should I tag it as nudity

edit: realized I forgot that sometimes I have days where I go back to weekend (my name before Adriel) for a bit. pls don’t question it