So after all that bullshit look at my cute glasses!


A little alien and a lot more alien… Both up for adoption.

Soooo I really wanted a hot alien guy for my hood. Maybe a little bit of mean in the face, interesting hair…
So I made Zaphix. But then I thought, he is just a Sim - hot though he may be - there isn’t a lot of alien in the face. So then I edited him further to add in some more alien/exaggerated features. The ZaphixAlienPlus package has larger, tilted eyes; more pronounced, higher cheekbones; a longer face, and more sunken cheeks.

Pick your poison! Either way he’s pretty hot! [/shallow]

Zaphix - Alien (pic 1) - DOWNLOAD

Zaphix - AlienPlus (pic 2) - DOWNLOAD

I don’t like relying on my hair to look feminine and pass, but eight months on hrt seems to have seriously helped a lot with making my face more feminine. So here’s a photo of me where my hair is all pulled back and I’m not exactly passing. I would have never taken this eight months ago. But today, I don’t entirely hate this, even if I don’t like my face.

Also, the lines on my chest are from sunburn.

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Hey! Can you write Quintis's breakfast date if he wasn't kidnapped the night before? Thanks!

Toby was late. Again.

But unlike the last time he had made the same mistake, now he was more prepared. He had sent Happy a text telling her he was twenty minutes out - he was vague about the details, but he felt that it would be a lot safer to explain himself face-to-face rather than over the phone.

He would be right, of course. Happy wasn’t all too delighted with his message, but she was patient. She ordered breakfast for the both of them, then wasted the next few minutes checking her emails. The low drawl of the diner fluttered in and out of her conscience as she waited.

By the time he had entered the bar she had already downed half of her coffee. Toby’s cup was still steaming from the other side of the booth and she fought the urge to snatch it up for herself. But she figured she owed him some kind of reward for forewarning her of his lateness.

“Yes, yes. I know I’m late. I’m sorry” he offered in greeting, sitting quickly and taking a long sip of his coffee. He gagged, quickly putting down and wiping his mouth on his sleeve. “What is that… garbage?

“It’s coffee” she replied, her eyes still focused on her phone as her fingers tapped loudly on the service of the table.

It made Toby flinch, so he placed his own hand over hers, making them go still. “I know; I am a horrible human being who doesn’t even deserve to breathe same oxygen as you.”

“Huh. Your words, not mine.” She caught his sigh, and finally decided to give him the benefit of the doubt. “But I appreciate you letting me know beforehand.”

He smiled softly, patting her hand as he took his away. He picked nervously at his napkin as Happy’s eyes caught the waitress coming towards them, accompanied by their delicious breakfasts. “Finally” Toby said, almost sobbing as the woman placed the plates in front of them.

But his expression quickly changed when he eyed his meal. “And what the hell is this?

“That is a leek, spinach and feta omelette. It’s very healthy - full of protein and vitamins and-”

“Not what I would’ve ordered” he grumbled, glancing at Happy’s own order, which looked fattening and delicious and exactly what he wanted.

“You were late, so I ordered for you” Happy shrugged, laying a napkin on her lap as she dug in. She had a mouthful of scrambled egg, as she felt Toby’s stare digging into her. “Eat” she added, pushing his plate a little closer to his chest. “And maybe if you’re really good, you can have some of mine.” Then she picked up a slice of bacon, taking a bite into it and rolling her eyes back, like she was having the most orgasmic experience of her life.

She caught Toby’s moan of disapproval, but he eventually gave up. They sat in silence as they ate, while Happy ignored Toby’s puppy eyes, begging for at least one strip of that crispy bacon.

Request a fic:

I’ve decided to change up Alice’s and Rina’s faces to suit their personalities more!

With Rina being yandere/tsundere I thought the hawk-eyed face suited her more, and I quite like the look of her black eyes, they suit her darker style!

I wanted to try the new aqua eye colour on Alice, but I’m not sure I like it enough to keep on her. I do love the innocent face on her though, as it suits her childish personality a lot! The cat-eyed face was also super cute on her and I might put it back on her some time, but I just fancied a change!

I thought about changing Luna’s face but I couldn’t decide on a new face that would suit her so I left her as she is! I nearly changed her to the new pink eye colour but I just love the red eye/white hair pairing too much!