Final trailer for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them


Genji - He will carry you anywhere at anytime, do not tempt him. Expect a lot of face nuzzles and laughs. He likes the fact that you’re so close to him. 

Hanzo - At first, he does find it rather annoying and a bit childish, flatly denying his s/o a few times but eventually he thinks it’s rather cute. Just don’t expect him to do it a lot. 

Mcree - He’s waiting to make the “Save a horse, ride a cowboy” joke for just the right time. He doesn’t mind it but he’ll probably play around with you just to mess with you. 

Reaper - He says he hates it despite carrying you around almost everytime you ask without fail. He likes it but good luck trying to get it out of him. 

Getting ready with Michael in a shared bathroom probably goes a lot like-

- making weird faces at each other in the mirror while brushing your teeth
- him shoving you to the side to spit first
- breath checking each other when you’re done then sharing a minty kiss
- not enough elbow room for both of you to do your hair
- “babe are you almost done with the hair straightener I need it too”
- hip bumping each other for space or just out of boredom
- “baby you don’t even need makeup”
- him “accidentally” bumping into you every time you try to put on eyeliner or lipstick so you’d have to wipe it off
- “are you done yet. Can we go”
- staring at each other finishing up
- looking at the mirror and he winks at you before saying “we look hot”

can i change my icon to this or is this too much symbolism in one blow.

Asriel reading a lot of book and he sleep over. 

This week is my midterm test all week. If this week be end I’ll have free all day one week after midterm test. That week I’ll drawing a lot of asriel and goat family. Now,I practice more how to make animation really smooth. Hope you like it ! 

Chara in my au. I’m drawing a lot of his face but it seem not really good.I think you will wait so long to see. But I’ll redesign asgore and toriel again before drawing chara. I hope you will be okay.

Progress on theMaM coming back

Hey folks!!

There are a lot of new faces here its cool to see!  I just wanted to let you know that theMaM WILL come back at some point with the monsters zine!  I’m still working out some of the kinks and I’m currently shifting my focus to another project that is kickstarting in a few days!

Once the kickstarter for the trilogy is done and all of that has been taken care of I’ll be shifting some of my focus to finishing up the rest of the zines so that they look as gorgeous as this one:

(And yes that means both the Titans zine and the Lovers zine are on that list and those should go up for sale very shortly after I wrangle up the details on the first four zines)

(you can preorder the first one above at my >>SHOP<< if you’re interested!)

THEN I’ll start work on the Monsters zine.  I just felt like I needed to tie up a lot of loose ends before I settle into this stuff again.  I’m really sorry for the delay.  This is a pretty long hiatus between zines but I promise It’s going to return sooner than you think!

Thank you for sticking around and thank you for following my stuff so far!  I love you guys!!


Okay children…

It’s only September and you’re already asking me if I have my Halloween costume picked out yet. And of course they all want to tell me what they have picked out for themselves already.

Any suggestions for what is elementary school appropriate but simple to wear would be appreciated. So nothing with a lot of face paint/mask as security still needs to be able to recognize who I am and nothing scary/violent because we have small children in the building who will complain to parents if someone scares them and I kinda like my job.

anonymous asked:

Who are your top 10 favorite persona characters and why?

What a great question! I’d really like to write a longer piece on this! For now, I’ll write a short version :D

These are honestly going to be super hard to rank so the ranks aren’t absolute! Also, I am sticking to main party members I think. I can make a separate list for favorite NPCs

For this list I will only be focusing on characters that I have finished (or nearly finished) the co-ops/ SL’s with and are members of the main cast.

TOP 10 Persona Characters (Main Cast)

  1. Anne Takamaki (Persona 5): I won’t get into spoilers about her co-op. However, after playing a good amount of Persona 5, I realized how much I actually related to her character… She’s inspiring, a strong female character who has to deal with a lot of problems I personally faced in my life. She’s a bit dorky too… She’s in contender for my favorite Persona character of all time.
  2. Kanji Tatsumi (Persona 4): Kanji surprised me and I absolutely loved his character. Dealing with rejection my whole life, I found myself relating to him the most in Persona 4. I really enjoyed his interactions and his delinquent behavior and his love for cute things!
  3. Rise Kujikawa (Persona 4): I’m no idol, but Rise’s story about bullying and overcoming her struggles and creating an image really hit home. I love her flirty, outgoing personality so much.
  4. Chie Satonaka (Persona 4): Best girl. lol (well her and Rise are tied for me). Chie is adorable and I love her athletic side! I totally related to that part of her link. I also love her role in the Investigation team!
  5. Mitsuru Kirijo (Persona 3): When I first played P3, she instantly became my favorite. She’s intelligent and a fantastic leader. Her link’s story was one of my absolute favorites.
  6. Chair-kun (Persona 5): Chair honestly should be higher on this list, but I feel like I need to complete the game first and translate more of his dialogue. He’s such a refreshing protagonist. I love how he isn’t a swag master. but a shy guy who lives a secret life. Plus his backstory and little reactions to things steal my heart. 
  7. Yosuke Hanamura (Persona 4): Every playthrough of Persona 4, I loved Yosuke more and more. He’s a walking trashcan, but I can’t help but love his hilarious dialogue. 
  8. Female MC (Persona 3 Portable): Although I do like Minato, the female MC for P3P has the best dialogue options ever lol. She’s really funny, sarcastic, and overall a fantastic contrast to Minato’s character. 
  9. Morgana (Persona 5): I’ve wanted nothing more than a cat to follow a Persona MC around. Morgana is hilarious and although I liked Teddie, she/he(?)  totally won me over. Morgana is so greedy lol.
  10. Aigis: Aigis’s SL broke my heart. She’s adorable and honestly very well written into the story. Her and Minato have great chemistry. 

Bonus: Maya Amano because she’s such an awesome character and she’s a writer, which makes me super happy. 

Honorable Mentions: Naoto, Marie, Teddie, Yu, Akihiko 

Contenders for top 10 party members, but I still need to finish the games/co-ops: Ryuji Sakamoto, Haru Okumura, Makoto Niijima, Lisa Silverman

chatchevalier  asked:

how did you find face characters? did you already know the people when you were nailing down what your ocs look like or is there a database you used?


My character method goes like this:

- Concept

- Name

- Personality

- Face

Not every character had followed this exact pattern and this isn’t all there is to making characters but it’s my basics. As you can see, the face usually comes last.

I don’t really know why? It’s just always been like this. A lot of times the face will just form slowly as I develop the character, and a lot of traits I didn’t really consciously make they just ARE (for example Ronan’s red hair) and even then, some aspects of the face I just don’t know. The shape of the nose, the angle of the jaw, the roundness of the eyes on 99% of my characters I flat out don’t know these details.


See what I’ll do is search something incredibly basic and scroll through the results that come up like “Blonde actress” and then scroll through 40,000 pictures of Scarlet Johansson until I find the actress or sometimes model I want. And even though I flat out don’t know some details of the face, it doesn’t mean any face works. I still haven’t found a good faceclaim for Tobin because none of them feel RIGHT.

So essentially, you don’t want to use my faceclaim process because it’s long and complicated and irritating. But what I do is search super vague terms on google and HUNT