“I’m a big snack person, and I have a terrible sweet tooth, I’d rather work a bit harder in the gym and be able to eat what I want, and I like having things to munch on throughout the day. When we’re shooting, I’ll snack on fruit and healthier things, but I definitely have hidden candies. I’m always at craft services getting cookies, too. I’m like the Cookie Monster—that’s my go-to snack. If I had to choose one thing to have on a desert island, it would be a lot of cookies. There are so many different types that you could never get bored.”

I remember one time one of my friends tried to tell me that Amedot is fanservice and I just.

An average Steven Universe episode takes over 9 months to create. They do not churn these episodes out automatically week by week.

By the time Warp Tour aired, Too Far was already in production. Amedot being fanservice is literally impossible. 

Amedot was a legitimate decision made by the crew. 

Otherwise, the episode wouldn’t have turned the way it did, but it would’ve turned out more like Beta, an ACTUAL episode with fanservice (because L4p1d07 was an existing ship by the time the episode began production and Zuke themself was a L4p1d07 shipper).

Plus, Rebecca Sugar herself did storyboards on Too Far.

Amedot was a legitimate decision made by the crew. It was not fanservice. It was entirely intentional.

alright you know what i got mad anyway sorry

  • sally jackson is a phenomenal mother but she does a fucking lot more than bake cookies okay
  • this woman lost her family when she was five
  • this woman grew up being neglected
  • and then proceeded to drop out of high school to take care of the man who neglected her
  • and then she raised a fucking baby entirely on her own, with no family at all
  • a baby that had a death warrant on his head since the day he was conceived, no less
  • she had nothing and she worked her ass off to make a good life for her son, and she did a fucking good job of it
  • and then she spent years in an abusive relationship all while continuing to work her ass off and make a good life for her son, despite being verbally and physically abused about everything she did
  • and then she fucking got herself out of that abusive relationship, and there is nothing fucking cute about sally jackson feeling so desperate and afraid of her abuser that her only way out was to kill him okay
  • and then she uses her new money to get a new apartment for herself
  • and then she fucking saved up enough to fulfill her lifelong dream of going to college to become a writer
  • and she still routinely has to let her son risk his life to save the world because she knows it wouldn’t be fair of her to try and beg him not to, it’s part of who he is and she knows she needs to respect that, so instead of guilting him and giving him ultimatums, she fucking gives him her blessing
  • do you know how fucking hard that must be for her though? and do you ever hear her guilt him or take it out on him? n e v e r
  • so like fuck yeah she’s kind and beautiful and loving but she aint soft and sweet this woman is tough as fucking nails, she’s strong, she gets fucked over and over again and she still never gives up
  • she pulled herself out of tons and tons of extremely tedious and difficult situations even when literally all the odds were stacked against her
  • percy even says that there’s steel in her, that she has a rebellious streak that’s just like him
  • and like i really don’t wanna ever hear anyone forgetting this part of her ever again
  • so next time you talk about her baking cookies remember that she’s also an orphan who grew up in an abusive household, dropped out of highschool, became a single mother, survived an abusive marriage, and worked her ass off to get herself to where she is today
The Curious Case of the Chocolate Chip Cookie Heist

Pairing: Captain Swan

Rating: G

Genre:  CS Future Fic

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Warning:  This fic contains pure, unadulterated, undiluted fluffy silliness.  And cookies.  Lots of cookies.  The devouring of this story may result in weight gain and tooth decay.  Reader discretion is advised.


Emma had to admit that when her father first made the complaint she thought he was full of crap.

“They were stolen!” David sputtered, pointing to an empty spot on his desk in the sheriff’s station.  “Taken right from under my nose, and I’m not going to stand for it!”

Emma smirked up at him, crossing her arms and swiveling her chair slowly back and forth.  “So what do you want to do about it?  Open an investigation?  I can just see the headlines: ‘Local law enforcement seeking information in the theft of a dozen chocolate chip cookies’.  Think we’d be laughed out of office.”

David glared.  “No, I think we both know just who the culprit is.  Your pirate has tangled with the wrong man.”

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I love how Magnus Chase refers to people as ‘his’.

Like how Hearthstone is ‘his’ elf, and Otis is ‘his’ goat. And his buddies are ‘his’ family. And how gets so mad when anyone tries to hurt them.

Also, I love how he was so ready to defend Sam’s right to choose who she wanted to marry - but instantly backed down and then decided to completely support her when he found out she was not only okay with her arranged marriage, but wanted it very badly, because she’s loved Amir since she was 12 years old. And proceeds to think it’s cute every time Sam gets flustered when she thinks about Amir.

I love how he’s so supportive of his friends, and how he called Blitz the most wonderful, strong, and handsome dwarf ever. And how he hugs everyone. And cries a lot. And wants to bake cookies for Hearth and wrap him in a blanket to make him feel better - but recognizes that his friend wouldn’t like that, and so treats Hearth the way he wants to be treated, instead of forcing his own wants onto his friend.

I like how he asks for permission before touching anyone to heal them, instead of invading their personal space.

And how he doesn’t hold grudges.

And how even though he and Gunilla didn’t see eye to eye on many things, he was still very upset and affected by her death, and carried her body back to Valhalla for a proper burial.

And I love how the thoughts that give him strength are the ones about his mother, and about their summers together.

And how he thinks the Fadlans are the most important, most amazing people ever, because they showed him kindness and fed him while he was homeless.

Just…Magnus Chase. I love this kid.

Living with Derek Hale would include...

• Baking him lots of cookies •Sleeping in his bed with him when you have a nightmare •Stealing his clothes •Singing at the top of your lungs •Him blasting his music when he’s working out •intensionally annoying each other •pranking each other •him doing your hair, which he is surprisingly good at

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Anon asked for Tony making tons of cookies around the holidays and Bucky mentioning he liked chocolate chip and this was born :) And remember I’m always taking requests~


When Bucky walked into the kitchen, he was not expecting the scene in front of him. Steve had Clint in a choke hold, Bruce was sitting on Thor’s shoulders while the thunder god was holding Natasha at arms length and Tony? Tony was stirring a bowl of cooking dough. Or at least that’s what Bucky assumed as Tony dropped a handful of cranberries into the batter.

“Yes!” Bruce grinned. “I win losers.”

Clint whined and shoved Steve off of him. “Damn it. You already made a cranberry batch last time.”

“Yeah well, Brucie bear didn’t get on my nerves this week,” Tony shrugged. “Maybe I’ll be nice and make walnut with white chocolate chips after.”

Bruce got down from Thor’s shoulders and smiled as he swiped some dough with a small spoon. “I never get on your nerves.”

“That’s why you’re my favorite,” Tony smiled.

“Mom’s aren’t supposed to have favorites,” Clint pointed out.

“Of course we do,” Tony snorted. “We just lie about it, but we all have our favorites. Just like dad’s.” He winked at Steve.

Clint looked between the two of him before his gaze settled on Steve. “So…who’s your favorite then?”

“Natasha,” Steve answered.

Clint sputtered.

“Dude, that’s cold,” Bucky said. “I thought I was your favorite.”

“I can have more than one favorite,” Steve replied.

Tony started dropping globs of cookie down on the baking tray and turned to make sure the oven was on. He put two trays of cookies in the oven and set the timer.

“Welp, Natasha was gonna show me this new move so we’ll be going now,” Clint said as he and Natasha back tracked out of the kitchen.

Bruce and Thor came up with their own half hearted excuse and which left Steve, Bucky and Tony.

“I just remembered Fury wanted to meet with me about something. Sorry,” Steve gave Tony an apologetic smile and grabbed a few already baked cookies and left the kitchen.

“My ma would’ve rapped my knuckles for that,” Bucky chuckled.

Tony shrugged and smiled a bit. “I don’t mind.” He grabbed a sponge from the sink and started to wipe down the counters. Bucky dumped the dirty dishes in the sink and started to wash them.

“I didn’t know you could bake,” Bucky said.

“Just around the holidays,” Tony shrugged. “It’s one of things Jarvis and my mom taught me before they died. Pepper always complained she went up two dress sizes every Christmas and Rhodey likes to use the extra’s as good reinforcement with the new recruits. I mean, I personally don’t think they’re fight worthy. They’re just cookies.”

“Apparently they’re exceptional cookies,” Bucky replied. “My mom used to make me chocolate chip cookies. The chocolate would melt in your mouth. Always hated having to share them though. Even with Stevie.”

Tony smiled. “My mom’s specialty was sugar cookies that looked like the family. I always ate the head off the one that looked like my dad much to mom’s dismay.”

Bucky laughed a little. “Yeah?”

“Yep…I was uh thinking about doing that this year. For the team. Everyone can decorate their own cookie to look like themselves. Unless you think that’s to cheesy.”

“I think that’s a great idea,” Bucky smiled. “You need any help?”

“Help? Nah,” Tony shook his head and cleared his throat awkwardly. “But I wouldn’t say no to the company.”

“I can do that,” Bucky nodded.

It was awkward at first, Tony wasn’t used to people being in the kitchen with him while he baked but Bucky took it in stride. He watched Tony, and they talked about everything and nothing.

Bucky talked about Hydra and certain things he could remember. It came easier with Tony. He didn’t have this look like Bucky was a kicked puppy and he talked about his own issues.

Hours had passed before the rest of the team started to trickle back into the kitchen.

“Smells good,” Clint said. He sat next to Bucky and reached for the cookies Tony had just taken out of the oven.

Bucky smacked his hand away. “Not yet.”

Clint pouted. “Rude.”

“You have to wait for them to cool off,” Bucky replied. “And then we’re going to decorate them.”

“Decorate?” Steve asked.

“I made sugar cookie people and you’re all going to decorate one to look like you. Bucky and I already made ours,” Tony said.

He showed them the two cookies. One looked like Iron man and the other looked like Bucky. Tony carried the cookies out to the dining room where there was frosting and other cookie decorating things on the dining room table.

Bruce and Thor were already sitting at the table and Natasha joined them with Steve trailing behind her.

“Can we eat them after?” Clint asked.

“Yes you can eat them after,” Tony answered. He rolled his eyes and Clint sat down next to Natasha. “Bucky’s going to facilitate while I finish up the rest of the cookies.”

He walked back to the kitchen and took out the batch of chocolate chip he made when Bucky wasn’t looking.

“Tony you’re missing out,” Bruce called from the dining room.

“Hold on a second,” Tony replied.

He put the cookies on a plate and carried them out.

“My cookies feels suddenly inferior next to Captain America cookie,” Bucky said. He looked at Tony over his shoulder and saw the plate of chocolate chip cookies.

“Uh…These are for you,” Tony said blushing slightly. “I doubt they’re gonna be like your mom’s…or good for that matter. I’ve never made chocolate chip before.”

“I’ll be the judge of that,” Bucky said picking up a cookie.

Tony watched him take a bite and Bucky’s eyes widened slightly.

“Holy fuck, these are amazing,” he blinked.

“You don’t have to lie to make me feel better,” Tony replied.

“I’m not, these are really good,” Bucky smiled.

“I want to try one,” Steve said.

“Back off Roger’s,” Bucky replied holding the plate of cookies to his chest. “Tony made these for me…right?”

Tony nodded. “Yeah.”

Bucky leaned down and kissed Tony’s cheek. “This is why you’re my favorite.”


(。+・`ω・´)   Akui and Tsuki’s adventures at the con! Tsuki-chan and I were passing by, then we stopped by a group of awesome people who gave us strawberry pocky and we decided to play the pocky game! XDDD


Which one is your favorite color?


etsyfindoftheday | valentine’s day treats | 2.6.17

fun frosted sugar cookie shapes by hollyfoxdesign

  • mini hearts, 3 dozen — customize your colors
  • campers. 1 dozen — white or grey, customize the lights (!)
  • feathers, 1 dozen — pastels or brights
  • ring pops, 2 dozen — pastels, brights, or surprise mix

choose from all different valentine’s day and other-themed shapes, decorations, and sizes at hollyfoxdesign’s etsy shop — a lot of these yummy sugar cookies are customizable, too :D

Sharon joins the Girl Scouts. And she knows JUST how to make a killing at the cookie sales.

First, she goes to her aunt Peggy, because Peggy ALWAYS buys cookies. Sharon isn’t even sure she eats any of them, she just knows Peggy buys a lot of cookies to help out.

Then, she asks if she can go visit Mr. Stark and ask if he wants some. Peggy takes her to Stark Industries, and Howard buys a ton of cookies and even lets her set up shop in the lobby.

At this point, Sharon has already catapulted her Girl Scout troop to legendary status, but she’s not done yet. She’s heard there’s a prize, and she wants it.

So she asks one of the interns who has Tony’s phone number to ask if he wants to come by and get cookies. Tony likes this intern, because he doesn’t seem to hit on her as much and seems a little afraid of her and seems to respect her, and Sharon thinks it’s funny. So she thinks Tony will come by if Pepper calls.

And he does. And partly to impress Pepper, Tony buys all the cookies Sharon has and then places an order for even more.

Sharon is a Girl Scout GOD.

(The prize is an activity set. She barters it for money to put in her savings, and it breaks shortly thereafter. She thinks she showed brilliant business sense. She’s right.)

  • Georgi: Let me give you some advice. 1, Do not call Yakov grandpa. 2, Do not call Viktor grandpa. Under any circumstances. Ever. Yakov will make your life miserable and Viktor will pretend to be your grandparent for a month, if not longer.
  • Yuri: Wait...You once called Viktor 'grandpa'?
  • Mila: He called him 'grandma', actually. It was great.

“There was something odd and complicated about all of these boys. […] Their lives were somehow a web, and she had managed to get herself stuck in the very edge of it.” – The Raven Boys

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