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female awesome meme ▸ (1/5) leading characters

They say that great beasts once roamed this world. As big as mountains. Yet all that’s left of them is bone and amber. Time undoes even the mightiest of creatures. Just look what it’s done to you. One day, you will perish. You will lie with the rest of your kind in the dirt. Your dreams forgotten. Your horrors faced. Your bones will turn to sand and upon that sand a new god will walk. One that will never die. Because this world doesn’t belong to you or the people who came before. It belongs to someone who is yet to come.  — Dolores Abernathy

I’m already in love with this game. It hits real hard as a young adult. Mae is a fantastic protagonist.

akaashi is definitely the type that has to shave every morning

bokuto is struggling save him


🌻Wild Sunflowers🌻

A Pretty Cliche Beach Wedding Venue in Windenburg- request for anon (hope u still want it, anon, where ever, whoever, however, whatever, you are… )

Origin id: bottsbotts | Tray files
Because I use tons of clutter, place with MOO and then
1. Lower foundation all the way.
2. Delete Walls
3. Delete floor.
4. Raise the foundation by 4 so curtains get into place.


  • a couch, in nature? for your hipster engagement/wedding photoshoot needs
  • a “photobooth” with cuter background 
  • gravity defying string lights and those round papery ikea lights that tear really easily. I strongly recommend using some cc string lights so u dont have to deal with the poles 
  • 2 BARS cause you know how weddings are
  • some instruments so your cousin’s coworker’s brother in law’s band can play ‘at last’ by etta james terribly (wait that sounds kinda cool, like a dirty screamy punk version) 
  • a massage table for the stressed 
  • f i r e
  • large dance area and a douchey dj to play songs u hate
  • OH YEAH – BEACH VIEWS! (probably should’ve started with that)  very nice
  • lots of fl🌻wers 
  • BRING A CAKE in the sim inventory, get me, there’s no oven. which brings me to 

Not featured: 

  • an oven

E n j o y ! 

One of the things I love about Night in the Woods is that 99% of the time, depicting all the characters as animals is treated as a mere stylistic conceit, but the fact that Mae can jump several times her own height and run on power lines and stuff is acknowledged in character, rather than being treated as a pure gameplay thing, and her being able to do so is unremarkable to others because she’s a cat. There’s this huge violation of furries-as-stylistic-conceit sitting right smack in the middle of the gameplay, and you’ve just gotta deal with it. There’s so much implicit worldbuilding weirdness there that’s never going to be addressed because it isn’t the sort of thing that Mae would pay attention to.

Me: I don’t think “Legally Blonde” from Legally Blond: The Musical gets the amount of love it deserves. This song legit gives me chills the entire time. It is the honest epitome of “this wasn’t what I planned”. It has that ache in it, the fear of a failure that you’ve been waiting for. It’s so relatable in that sense because I think everyone feels that way sometimes, and to vocalize that pain of having your dreams crushed and not feeling good enough is too real. Not to mention the way Laura Bell Bundy and Christian Borle harmonize, like I just about start crying every time I think of it. Both of their voices in this song just take my breath away. Vocal powerhouses. Musical theatre needs more songs like this one, ya know? This entire musical needs more recognition and love.

Cashier: Ma'am you’ve been holding up the line for 30 minutes.

list of healthy nutritious bootlegs for starving theatre kids

aka i have some bootlegs and i’d like to share them with y’all. just shoot me a message. i’d prefer to trade but i’m 100% open to gifting!

my website is here for more info on the boots (e.g. cast, date, screenshot, format): aj-trading.weebly.com


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Races of The Elder Scrolls as dogs and cats

Imperial - Weimaraner

Breton - Scottish Deerhound

Redguard - Rhodesian Ridgeback

Nord - Jämthund

Altmer (High Elf) - Oriental Shorthair

Bosmer (Wood Elf) - Abyssinian

Dunmer (Dark Elves) - Ukrainian Levkoy

Orsimer (Orcs) - Pallas’s Cat

Khajiit - This Cat

Argonian - ???