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200 x 200 icons of various characters from super watermelon island!

i did thess before i watched the episode, while i was watching the episode and when i finished the episode. it was A Ride™

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Are his legs strong of is it just fat?

I thought you typed something else but the same thought applies

A brief list of things I have done with my students:

  • Crawled around the room on my knees begging them not to use Wikipedia as an academic source
  • Took the class outside on a nice day and wandered around barefoot answering questions as the college president walked by
  • Sent my late afternoon fall semester class home twenty minutes early because it was the first sunny day we’d had in two weeks and the days were getting shorter and I wanted them to get some sun
  • Waived a lateness penalty for two students who ran out to catch an Ivysaur in the quad after Pokemon Go came out — but ONLY if they caught it (they did)
  • Gave out extra credit in the form of Star Wars trivia on May 4th
  • Baked cookies from scratch for the final exam just cause
  • Threw a pizza party after I had to cancel class for a week when I broke my ankle
  • Had my professional actress best friend Skype in to give my speech class a pep talk when they were scared of their final presentations
  • Have zeroed in on multiple students with depression and gave them writing journals and nice pens
  • Hauled in two giant storage bins of scrapbooking materials and held a scrapbooking clinic for some of my students who had to make one for a history project, complete with an impromptu design class and materials selection
  • Sent an extremely timid and shy dual-enrolled high school student who had an A in my class off on her senior trip to Disney World with a Fastpass hookup and VIP seats at the Frozen singalong
  • Passed out Jolly Ranchers on the first day of class and made everyone say something about themselves for every vowel in their Jolly Rancher flavor (there was a LOT of Watermelon and Blue Raspberry)
  • Brought everyone back chocolate and cool pens from Disney World when I was off on vacation for a week 
  • When I taught my prison class and everyone earned an A, I printed up certificates on thick paper with gold embossed seals and personalized notes that Mr. [Student] had excelled and proven himself a scholar in earning an A in the course. I’d slipped them under all of their final papers, and I sat back and watched, one-by-one, as they checked their grades and realized there was something under their papers: the dawning realization, excitement, pride.

This job exhausts me sometimes, but somehow, it all ends up being worth it.


*Huff, huff*  I got your distress call. Tell me what happened!

I… I don’t understand it myself. Blue… they just-

Step aside!

Blue…? What… what happened?

(Featuring @ask-tks-gems‘ Blue and Red Obsidians, @ask-adbs-gems‘ Jet, and @sentaiaddict and @lupineskyes‘ Watermelon Tourmaline)

I fed myself with like… $30 and random stuff in the cupboard for the past week and a half and it was really bad
but I did it
and now I have money and it is so nice to be able to buy food


  • Consult with your doctor
  • Be diligent about prenatal vitamins (take them every day)
  • Drink a lot of water at iftar
  • Consume fruits and vegetables that have a lot of water (cucumber, watermelon)
  • Utilize yogurt for hydration as well
  • Consume a complex carb at suhoor (oatmeal is the best) to keep sugar levels constant
  • Focus on a wholesome diet as much as possible. Make sure to meet daily caloric needs throughout the night and morning.

Fatigue & Energy

  • Monitor your baby’s movement; count kicks. If they decrease - move around and count again. If the kick count is still low: break your fast & drink juice
  • If a low kick count becomes normal, stop fasting. Or fast every other day or every two days and then one day off (depending on the situation)
  • Extreme fatigue means sugar levels are low - break your fast
  • Try to relax as much as possible, do not exhaust too much energy
  • The first 3 months will be the hardest for a pregnant women (due to morning sickness)


Don’t push yourself. You’re excused from fasting. Do what’s best for your baby and your health. Every woman is different, some may be able to fast & others might not. That’s ok. Ramadan is more than just fasting :D

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hi there - I'm currently preparing to celebrate the upcoming Solstice, but I'm having difficulties preparing activities etc for the people coming, I've found some colouring in forthe kids to do, but they're normally quite good at entertaining themselves, I'm just more worried about the adults. Out of the 20 who are attending, only 2 of us really follow the Pagan path, and she seems to think that we should jump over a fire pit - I've been on Google, but can't find anything - HELP :( <3

Hi there. This might get a bit long but bear with me.

The Bonfire
Traditionally people stayed up all night on Midsummer’s Eve to welcome and watch the sunrise. Bonfires were lit on tops of hills, by holy wells, at places held sacred, to honour the fullness of the Sun. At Litha the bonfire really represents a reflection of the Sun at the peak of its strength. The chosen wood would often be Oak and aromatic herbs were scattered into the fire. People danced around the fires and leap through them.

All herbs are reaching their peak at this time of year and thus the fullness of their healing and nurturing potency. Giving a bunch of herbs as a gift on Midsummer Day is wonderful.

All of the flower kingdom is reaching its peak, wide open, full of colour, surrendering their perfume. Pick flowers, make bouquets, arrangements or flower crowns. Give them as a gift or use them as decoration.

Have a barbeque
Invite all your family and friends over. Decorate with colors of the sun – yellows, reds, and oranges. Feast on lots of summery food, like watermelons, strawberries, and fresh green salads. Add outdoor games like horseshoes, ladder golf, and backyard volleyball. While you’re at it, set up some kind of water activities – water balloons, super soakers, a pool to splash in. All of these are great outside activities in the heat of summer, and help celebrate the balance between fire and water.

Some food and drink
Honey Cake. Bees are so special, and make that golden nectar we know as honey - a reflection of the life-giving Sun. Honey itself is full of life-giving properties, and a Honey Cake is a perfect way to celebrate Midsummer, or to give as a gift. Make it with locally produced honey if you can. But wherever the honey has come from, think of the land and blossoms and bees that made it.Ingredients:225 gms Butter
250 gms Honey
100 gms Dark Muscovado Sugar
3 Eggs, beaten
300 gms Self-Raising FlourCut the butter into pieces and heat slowly, adding the honey and the sugar. When fully melted, turn up the heart and boil the mixture for one minute. Remove from the heat and allow to cool.Add the beaten eggs to the cooled honey mixture. Sift the flour into a large bowl and beat the liquid honey mixture into it until you have a smooth batter.Pour the mixture into a round lined sponge tin and bake in a preheated oven at 160C for about 50 mins - or until the cake is well-risen and springs back to the touch.Cool on a rack and glaze with a few tablespoons of warm honey.

Midsummer Passion Punch from Hearth & Home Witchery

Leaves from 4 sprigs of mint
¼ cup sugar
4 cups seltzer water
6 cups passion fruit juice
1 lime
ice cubes

Bruise the mint leaves with the sugar in a mortar and pestle. Transfer the mix to your punch bowl. Pour seltzer water and fruit juice over the leaves. Squeeze in the juice of the lime. Add ice cubes. Substitute club soda or sparkling water for seltzer water if desired.

Fairy Nectar

2 cups milk per serving
1 tsp. honey
½ tsp. vanilla extract

Warm milk, be careful not to boil it. In each mug add your honey and vanilla. Sprinkle with cinnamon.

Bright Memories Litha Parfait from Hearth & Home Witchery

1 (2 ¾ ounce) package vanilla custard powder (no bake)
½ teaspoon vanilla
2 cups milk
1 (21 ounce) can pineapple pie filling
2 (3 ounce) packages cream cheese, softened

In sauce pan prepare custard according to the package directions using the milk. Remove from heat. Gradually stir cheese into hot mixture, mixing well. Stir in vanilla. Chill custard mixture and pie filling separately until ready to serve. When ready to serve, spoon alternate layers of mixture and pie filling into parfait or juice glasses. Top with some type of berries if desired.

These are just some suggestions. Being outside and with friends and family is already enough of a celebration. Put on some music or have a drum or dance circle if everyone wants to. Remember to include the children in your activities as well, being together is important.

Hope this helps you a bit.


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I am sitting here eating watermelon chunks and thinking of Bill. Do you think they have an inside joke about watermelons??

hmmm maybe, I bet whenever she has watermelon she thinks of him and smiles

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Awesome! Thank you! :D Then for my request, can you draw Yasuhiro and Aoi with their talents swapped please? Like Yasuhiro would look like a professional swimmer and Aoi would be a fortune teller. What do you think?

Sure thing! I really dig this talent swap actually! <3

Saturday @ my crib
I’ve been eating a lot of watermelon because it apparently helps clear pimples. Currently organising notes I plan to bring into exams - only pinning possibly necessary articles. Also wishing my friends taking exams today and onwards all the best.

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hi love! :) So I just read your ss childhood best friends au and holy shit! akshkahskjhajkshajkh <3 so soo good! do you know any other fics, one-shot or multichapter, of them like this? :) i love the best friends trope so much you have no idea xD

Awe, thank you anon! So glad you liked it. :) Clearly, I myself had too much fun with the AU given that it was supposed to be a SHORT story but ended up being 2.5k lmao. 

And yes fortunately, I do know a few other stories of them with the best friend/childhood friends trope! But not a lot :/

and that’s all im afraid!

OK but summer is the worst. The heat is unbearable, no football to watch, transfer rumours messing with your head, bugs everywhere. The only good thing is that i’m free from uni and summer foods.

Andre Burakovsky - Oh Baby!

Originally posted by welbecks

“You’re not going to the game,” Andre frowned.

“Why not?” you protested.

“It’s a week before the due date! What if someone bumps into you and you fall or the game is too stressful for you or-” he babbled on.

With a laugh, you gently tugged his arm so he looked at you. You laid a hand on his cheek and pulled him in for a deep kiss, which was pretty awkward considering you were heavily pregnant.

“If it’s going to worry you that much, I won’t go,” you chuckled, burying your face into the crook of his neck.

Like the air rushing out of a balloon, his shoulders sagged in relief as he rested one hand on your back and the other on your huge stomach.

“I’m only worried because I love you and this baby more than life itself.”

“More than hockey?” you hummed, absentmindedly playing with his short hair.

“More than hockey,” he affirmed, “Now, take a nap and when you wake up, I’ll be at the game. Y/BFF/N is coming over to watch the game with you,” he pressed a kiss to your forehead before adding another one to your lips.

“Go kill it out there,” you grinned, “Isn’t that right, Baby? Daddy will crush those Maple Leafs. I mean, duh, they’re the Maple Leafs.”

Andre leaned against the bedroom doorframe and watched you talk to your unborn child, a smile perched on his lips.

“I love you very much, Baby and so does your Daddy. He’s the best Daddy in the entire world and he will always love and protect you. We’ve waited a long time for you and even though it’s only a week, we want you to be out already. But, I want you to be safe a perfectly healthy. Can you do that for me?”

You stretched out along the couch and with the NHL network playing softly in the background, fell asleep.

“Hey, how’s it going? Hi, love your work. Nice to see you. Is the fridge stocked?” Y/BFF/N’s voice floated from the kitchen, pulling you out of your sleep.

“Nice to see you too,” you grunted, “Yes, the fridge is stocked. I have one hockey player living here full time with two others appearing at random, of course it’s stocked.”

You took a deep breath and rolled yourself over enough so you could grab the remote, turning the volume up. It was a struggle to move around with your huge stomach.

The game was into the second period and Toronto was up, two to one. You weren’t dismayed, however, because you knew your boys were the best. Y/BFF/N joined you on the couch, eating some jell-o.

“Latts is going to kill you for eating his food,” you snorted as she shoveled more in her mouth.

“I’m sorry, is his name on it?” she smirked.

“Yeah, it’s written on each cup. In sharpie.”

“I know,” she gave you a wicked grin, “Now, how is my godchild doing?”

“One more week and then they’re here,” your groaned, burying your face in your hands.

“Still don’t know the gender?”

“Nope. We agreed to be surprised.”

Your attention was drawn back to the screen where Nicky and Ovi did well….what Nicky and Ovi do and scored. You and your BFF cheered and hugged as the score tied. Your smile faltered, however, as you felt a sharp pain ripple along your spine and stomach. You ignored it, dismissing it as Braxton-Hicks and decided on just breathing through it until they went away.

They didn’t. They got worse.

“Y/N? Y/N, are you okay?” your BFF asked.

You gripped the back of the couch and stood, a pained expression painted across your features. Then, it happened.

It felt like you peed yourself and when you both looked down, it confirmed your suspicions.

“Y/N, did your water just break?”

“I’m going to assume so, yeah. The hospital bag is in the nursery, can you go get it?” you were scarily calm in the present situation.

“Oh my god. Ok, yeah. Oh my god. I need to call Andre,” she shrieked, dashing into the nursery.

“Can you stop yelling? I’m the one in labor,” you whined as she helped you walk out, turning to lock the door. Another contraction hit and you focused on breathing in and breathing out while blocking out her hyper ramblings over the phone. She called the hospital to let them know they were coming and she called the trainers of the Capitals who said they would get Andre.

“How ya feeling?” she asked as she pulled the car into the hospital parking lot.

“Like there is a watermelon coming out of my body,” you hissed.

All you could focus on was the pain as she ushered you in and you were put into a room. Nurses bustled around you, poking and prodding. You grabbed Y/BFF/N’s hand and pulled her closer.

“Is he coming?” you whimpered out as another contraction hit.

“Yeah, he’s coming, don’t worry,” she nodded.

“Alright, Miss Y/L/N, you are seven centimeters dilated and have progressed quickly. If we give you an epidural now, it probably wouldn’t help much with how fast you’re progressing,” the nurse looked apologetic.

The pain was so bad, it felt like you were getting ripped in two. The silver lining was the fact that you were progressing faster than most women, so it should be time to push soon.

“What did I miss? Did it happen?” Andre burst through the door, eyes wild and hair messy. His suit was thrown on haphazardly and it was obvious he didn’t take a shower before changing.

“Nothing has happened yet. Just…a lot of pain,” your friend said, “I’ll go get some coffee and stuff and hang out in the waiting room.”

Andre came to your side, grabbing your hand tightly. He bent down, whispering sweet words in your ear as you nodded, the pain slipping away along with the room until it was just him and you, looking into each other’s eyes.

“I love you and you’ve got this,” he grinned.

“Let’s go have a baby,” you joked.

One hour and three pushes later, the two of you looked at the sleeping baby boy in your arms.

“Welcome to the world, Kristian Andrew Burakovsky,” you smiled, “I’m your mommy and that’s your daddy and we love you very, very much.”