lots of veins and things

I’m going to be honest with you, the last week has thrown me for a loop. Before this much of the hate I saw was from the top down. It was from people with real platforms. The first directly acephobic thing I ever saw was a House episode, the second was Dan Savage’s old remarks. It was always generally a top down dislike or misunderstanding of asexuality. But both of those instances were years ago. Since than more and more national and international LGBT organizations are including or have already included asexuals under their umbrellas. And I was trying to reconcile how I could reassure you that the ace community is making progress when there is a lot of poison still in people’s veins. I’ve seen awful acephobic things from random people who always had a bias before. Attacking asexuality was a way to defend their fandom, or their headcanon, or just themselves in the most misguided ways. And I’ve realized that all of the hate I’ve seen this year hasn’t been from the top down, it’s been from the bottom up. It’s from people who aren’t active in the community apart from existing and labeling as such. It’s from people without a real platform, or change platforms every time they are called out. Hate isn’t more or less excusable if it’s from an institution rather an individual, but these bigots are trying to punch up at us now. They are uncomfortable with the light that you, that all asexuals, now collectively cast. There isn’t two sides of this argument anymore. There is a rock, and there is the bugs that squirm underneath. Those bugs are hard as hell to look at sometimes, but they are just that, bugs. They aren’t pushing for progress, they are pushing for assimilation. And I want you to remember that you never have to fall in their line to be accepted, respected, and welcome in the broader community. If the bigots are uncomfortable with you, let them squirm.