lots of unnamed characters

AU where nobody dies, absolutely nobody

  • Flora lives happily with her parents and her village full of very real non-robotic people.
  • Bronev makes Targent a better organisation without all the kidnapping and murder. Rachel redesigns the uniforms to looks less threatening.
  • Anton finally reunites with his beloved Sophia. They have lots of catching up to do.
  • Oswald Whistler plays the piano at Janice and Melina’s wedding.
  • Descole’s daughter grows to become a masked vigilante, protecting the city from crime. She is assisted by her adopted sister, Aurora.
  • Claire becomes fast friends with Emmy and has been learning fighting skills from her.
  • Clive has no real reason to destroy London so he doesn’t.
  • Arianna and Tony love spending hours in the garden of healing with their parents and Loosha.

Everyone is happy. The end.

Just. look. at. Eret.

Astrid is cheering for Hiccup, the other Hooligans are holding sheep, and Eret is holding a little Berkian girl with this cute smile on his face matching hers. He’s standing there on Berk for the first moments of his entire life, and what’s the first thing he does? Hold up a little redhead he’s just only met so she can get a clearer view of the action.

Now there’s an endearingly tender side to Mr. Fear-Me-I’m-the-Best-Dragon-Trapper-Around-and-I’ve-Got-a-Sword-and-Bulging-Biceps.

I don’t know about you but I find this outright adorable.

digdipper09  asked:

So first of all I have a suspicion you keep bringing up Henchman 367 because you want me to draw these scenes. >:3 367 was supposed to be like an extra, not like, a main focus person! Somehow they have become the cookie master, too. Also second of all I love how basically Tony's presence becomes a thing where the Villains change their own schedule of evildoing in accordance to. Like it feels like all of the Villains' focus has become Tony Stark and I adore that fact.

Hahaha I swear I wasn’t until now! (Mainly cause I didn’t know that was an option…) Initially I really just brought him up again because at least he’s got a name, you know? The villain AUs already have a lot of unnamed characters because I’m terrible and can’t remember most of them, so I liked throwing #367 into the mix.

And I really didn’t mean to mention him in the Tony Gets Gifts ask BUT then it occurred to me that any villain responsible for the best present would probably cause a war? Whereas if it was a henchman the villains would be pissed because they’ve been bested, but it’s still just a henchman so they don’t see him as a serious competition. (Which makes no sense but villains.)

Also I feel obligated (read: am threatened under life-threatening bodily harm to relay this message) to tell you that while yes, the villains do have a certain, perfectly sensible interest in Tony Stark, this does not keep them from wanting and working towards other things. Like world domination.

So long as it doesn’t interfere with their Tony time.

[Ahem. About #367. I hope you’re growing as fond of him as I am because I’m getting sent headcanons involving him. I have a feeling he’s gonna stick around for a while]

My beef with Eileen’s death

not that she died necessarily, cause fav characters die a lot…that’s part of the show.

-she was killed off like an unnamed character at the beginning of every episode

-why would you use a hell hound, an invisible killing machine, to go after a deaf character?? of all ways..

-anticlimactic death with no emotion to it

-she wasn’t torn apart, she was thrown around like a rag doll with laughable effects…like the way she was being thrown around..I can’t even like put into words how dumb it looked. It was like the level of believability as the green screen with Lucifer at the end of the episode

-she had no lines, she didn’t even scream

-she died alone

-Sam and Dean barely had a reaction, the only time that they got close to mourning her death was when Sam was reading her letter

-she didn’t die a hunters death, she wasn’t protecting anybody or doing something heroic, she was treated like, again, an unnamed character with no skill in dealing with the supernatural. All of the past hunters death went out with a bang or died a hero..she wasn’t even given that

And lastly,

-Where was the hunter’s funeral? 

I’m hoping in the season finale they’ll fix the loose ends…this episode really just fucked everything up and I have a lot of questions that I want answered. I’m holding onto the theory that Eileen isn’t dead. I just hope that they don’t leave this as a gaping plot hole and they give us more information. If they don’t, then it’s just terrible writing and that’s really disappointing.

Pairings That Should Have Happened
  • Non-Imprinting Matches:
  • ○Jacob Black & Leah Clearwater
  • >Both have a lot in common. Hard-headed and stubborn. They both love hard and the both want to do something with their lives
  • ○Paul Lahote & Emily Young
  • >Because Emily has an easy temperament where she could ease his temper and keep him level headed instead of railing him up
  • ○Sam Uley & Rachel Black
  • >He's known her most of his life and she could make him break out of the reservation bubble and see the world.
  • ○Embry Call & Angela
  • >The both have good temperaments that compliments each other
  • ○Seth Clearwater & Renessmee Cullen
  • >Because he was the first and man one to accept the Cullen's for who and what they are. It would have made a lot more sense for them to be together. He's so young and open minded. They would have a more loving relationship than Bella and Edward, but with a lot less drama.
  • ○Jared & an unnamed character after the series ended
  • ○Quil Atera & An unnamed character after the series ended
  • To be honest, a lot of characters should have gone without being in romantic relationships. The series put too much emphasis on finding true love. Most of these characters are actual teenagers. They have plenty of time to figure out what they want and who they want. The series put so much pressure for people to find their true love at all costs. That is not a good way to go about anything in life.