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2014 was an interesting year, being my first year post grad. It had a lot of ups and downs, but it was a year of Learning and new opportunities. I did a semester of classes while I was applying for jobs and did A TON of art, and art that I had fun doing. It started out as a lot of my own original work, but then, being the nerd that I am, I began to do a ton of fan art. It was a great was a great way to explored getting a painting style down in Photoshop. I mean, it is not 100 percent there, but I think it has come a long way. Here are detail shots of different paintings i did, which are somewhere on the internet but, hahaha I don’t have the guts to put them here. Anyways, enjoy all the cheesy goodness, i know i did, yasss.

Digital, 2014-2015

Yes. Emma and Killian are hot together.

Yes. They would have hot omg I need a gatorade break type sex.

Yes. They could probably break the captains bed.

But that scene, that short two minute scene is them BONDING starting to form a relaionship on an EMOTIONAL LEVEL.

This is not some fling. This is ALL IN. This is breaking down emotional walls and allowing someone in to love and care for you.


Ficlet: With You In It (4x21 reaction)

 Of course Blaine had known that Kurt was coming to Lima for his dad’s appointment. They talk all the time now. So it’s no surprise when Kurt does show up at McKinley, standing in the middle of a crowded hallway with dozens of people walking around him, and still so visible with his clothes and his hair and his face, strong arms crossed in front of his chest, a small smile on his lips.

Blaine doesn’t even see the other students. Because Kurt’s here, and for a minute, that is all the information his brain can process, his heart leaping in the old familiar way it did every time they saw each other when they were dating, and every time they’ve seen each other since. It’s all still there, has been all this time, the instant smile on Blaine’s face, the need to reach out and touch and press a quick kiss to Kurt’s smile before they pick up their conversation right where they left off the last time they spoke.

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