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Sam and Dean had just wrapped up a hunt and were on their way back to you. Dean couldn’t wait to get back to you, practically running to the car. Sam stopped and looked at him like he was crazy. How often did Dean run when a monster wasn’t chasing him? Never.

“Dude, what is going on with you?” Sam looked at his brother incredulously.

“I just - I’m happy, Sammy. For the first time in a long damn time, I’m actually happy. I’ve got a good job, I get to ride around the country with my brother, my best friend, and I’ve got an amazing girl waitin’ for me back home. Whaaaaat?!” He smiled as Sam scoffed.

“You really love her Dean.” Sam chuckled and shook his head.

“Yeah, I do.” Dean smiled, looking at his feet.

“Have you told her that yet?” Sam raised his eyebrows expectantly, knowingly.

“You know I haven’t… I can’t.” Shaking his head, Dean opened the door of the Impala and climbed inside.

Sam just shook his head and lowered himself into the passenger seat, both of them shutting the door simultaneously.

“Luuuucy, I’m hooome!” Dean called throughout the bunker.

“Dean!” You squealed and ran into his arms.

“Hey princess.” He smiled and bent to kiss you.

“Missed you.” You bit your lip and looked up at him.

“Missed you too. Hey, can we talk?” He wrapped his arms around your waist.

Furrowing your brow, you nodded and led him into another room, away from Sam.

“What’s going on, D?” You sat in one of the library chairs.

“Nothing, I just want to talk.” He rocked back and forth on his heels, his eyes not meeting yours.

“Dean.” You chided.

“I - I want to say something, but I can’t remember the last time I said it and actually meant it…” He trailed off.

“Just say it, Dean.” You stood and walked to him, hooking your thumbs into his belt loops and pulling him closer to you.

“I… You know I care about you so, so much.” He looked down at you.

“Yeah?” You looked at him suspiciously. 

“I love you.” He blurted, surprising both you and himself.

“Dean…” You teared up, but hesitated, curious as to if he actually meant it.

“I really love you.” He answered your unspoken question.

“I love you too.” You confessed, having wanted to say it for a long time, but never knowing the right time to do so.

“Good.” He smiled and kissed you triumphantly.

Dean Winchester had fallen in love.

Took him long enough.

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 ahh the q and a is here!!! warning you can hear my voice which is ..uhhhhhhhhhh hh??? 

hufflepuff!percy because @percyyoulittleshit put this idea in my head uvu. the next match is hufflepuff vs. gryffindor and annabeth is torn between who to cheer for tbh

can we just talk about how insane Pewdiepie is?

He recently uploaded a video called Can this video hit 1 million likes? and lets just say that he got well over a million likes. But that’s not what I’m so surprised about. Its the views to likes ratio that’s so mind boggling insane. Like take a look at this.

This is Marks first FNAF video ever. It got about 54 million views but less than 500,000 likes. Only .8% of people liked the video.

Next is Jackseptice’s FNAF 2 Animation with about 57 million views. Sadly it only got about 200,000 likes. That means only about .4% of people actually liked the video.

Next is the ever popular Ever After by Paint (go sub to him he is beautiful). It rightfully got around 65 million views and got an amazing 1 million likes. But that only means that 2% of people liked the video :( still good tho

Now lets take a look at Pewdiepies shitpost of a video. This piece of shit got 6 million views and 2 MILLION LIKES. Around 33% of people liked the video. You’d expect the bigger videos to have a better Views to Likes ratio, and if not that then have more likes.

It’s funny because even I liked his video and I didn’t like any others. I think that really shows how actual content is appreciated less than shitty and clickbaitable content. Thanks @pewdie for opening my eyes and showing me how dysfunctional youtube is. I’m sad now.


WELP … I’m your father! 

alex supporting maggie so wholeheartedly because she knows that mistakes don’t define you. that maggie cheating doesn’t make her a bad person, it makes her flawed, sure. but not bad. 

alex tells her they all do dumb stuff, and alex’s? well, she drunk and she partied and she got arrested. but she realised that it doesn’t define her, that was who she once was. before the deo, before supergirl, before maggie. her past was a seemingly straight party girl failing out of school. if alex believed, even for a minute, that your past is who you are, she’d still be that same girl. she wouldn’t be a top agent at the deo, saving lives daily, working with superheroes, gay as you like and in a relationship with the love of her life. 

maggie was supported and shown care and love and exactly what she needed after a lifetime of not getting that. and you can tell that she felt absolutely horrible about what she did to emily. that she still held that as something that made her feel like she was a bad person who doesn’t deserve the happiness alex gives her. the part of her that made her believe her other ex when she said she was insensitive, borderline sociopathic… after she was outed to her parents, she hid inside herself. she didn’t open up to girlfriends and lost many relationships. her longest relationship was emily and was when she was pretty young (probably very early 20s) and she sabotaged it herself. because she hasn’t believed she deserves happiness long before emily told her so.

but here alex is. here she is telling maggie that she does deserve happiness, love, kindness. that anything her ex girlfriends, her parents, ever said to her, is not true. alex is ready to fight to the end of the earth to protect and defend maggie to herself and to others that may think badly of her. and she knows maggie. she knows what she’s done, what she has been through, and loves her because of that, not in spite of it. and god, does maggie sawyer deserve alex danvers.

Okay kids, how about tagging ME: Andromeda spoilers. Technically the game isn’t even fucking out yet. Have some consideration for those who are unable to play it early, please and thank you.

(and before someone says “yadda yadda you shouldn’t use the Internet if you don’t wanna get spoiled” consider the following: shut up)

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How old do you think nico and pedro are?

ok i’ve definitely thought about this before. so basically the information we get is that pedro & delfi are dating and delfi is 17, no one finds anything unusual about this. nico & jim are dating and she is 16, no one finds anything unusual about this. pedro had a crush on tamara who told him she was too old for him but also dated nina’s father. so if we assume that ricardo is about let’s say 38 and tamara dated him i’d probably guess she’s in her late twenties or early thirties. whereas pedro is probably around 20 or something because he dates delfi but also had a crush on tamara and the age difference was just okay but if she was a bit older, it wouldn’t have been. so i definitely think pedro is 20 or 19 and nico probably around the same age. but once again, i think the fandom is putting much more thought into this than the writers did

Okay 1))) my digital handwriting is BAD
As much as Léo loves his button up shirts he also loves his jackets (and pastels) I feel like he gets jumped a lot for sticking his nose in places where it doesn’t belong (especially when trying to figure out who Conrad is lmao). And the next day when he walks into student council everyone’s like,, “wtf happened to the President,,” “so,, many, bandages,,,???” “OMG WHAT HAPPENED TO HIS EYE” you’d think after Léo showing up like this for a few months it would stop. It hasn’t. He hates it when he has to buy new glasses because his others break :‘c the French says: I’m okay.