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Whaddya like to do for fun?

Mob: Well… I like to help Master Reigen, look for psychic types with Tome, sometimes read manga, but lately…

Mob: Ritsu & I made a few friends. It’s nice hanging out with them.

(( Kageyamas seem to have a thing friend preference for big ears and fire types… Hmm. ))


3rd year koganegawa & some fellow 3rd year!first years

(worry not… the adidas hair will make a comeback…)

shout out to people who have really morally wrong intrusive thoughts! people who know those things are wrong and can’t stop thinking about them, people who are disgusted by themselves. you aren’t disgusting! those thoughts aren’t you and you can’t control them! it’s ok, you’re a good person.


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The “my little random moments of pleasure” series - Shameless objectification warm-up N°2 - SN:12x11


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ur worrying ppl teru

pls stop teru


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Legitimately though Bill Finn and James Lapine portray a woman both as sexual and a dedicated mom, a lesbian couple as the most together pair in the show, and deconstruct toxic masculinity as well as promoting positive aspects of masculinity while making you laugh and cry and care about their characters and treating serious topics with respect. Falsettos is just as important today as it was when it first premiered and will continue to be so far into the future.